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Samsung T7 Touch SSD 500GB $99 + Delivery (Free Pickup) @ Bing Lee


1st deal post - hopefully it's a goodie.

Samsung T7 Touch SSD 500gb $99. Discounted from listed $169. 3 days only. Free Click and Collect.

Probably could OW price match but I couldn't find any local stores with stock. Can't complain at $99.

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Bing Lee
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    Very good price, well done op

    • its different, the officeworks one is usb3.1, the one above is usb3.2

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        Nah, wbloodc's link is for the same product. USB 3.1 gen 2 = USB 3.2 gen 2.

        USB 3.0 = USB 3.1 gen 1 = USB 3.2 gen 1.

        The link he posted could be used to price match / beat. Look at the part number in the specs: MU-PC500S.

        • The part number shows
          MU-PC500S-WW, where as the others show the part no you provided, either way I found it misleading.

          Thanks for the info

  • That is a good one, and was just drafting the same post ;)

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    Was hoping they had the 500GB in Black.

  • Was looking at this the other day when it was $149. $99 is amazing.

  • Pulled the trigger! Cheers OP

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    I am touched ;)

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    I have this in 1TB version, and find the touch feature not working properly in Mac, i.e. the software will pop up when SSD HD connected, you can not unlock with finger print, but it will unlock using password. I suspect it is software glitch (known to other mac users too) and I have updated to the latest version of software too.
    Other than that, the SSD is super fast, shame that the touch feature is not working in Mac software.

    • +1

      Thanks for the info.
      I will wait for a T5 deal for my Mac then.

      • no worries, there are T7 in non-touch version too, and T7 is quite a bit faster than T5 (hence runs a bit warmer) if speed is crucial for you.

        Any other mac users can get the software to run please share their experience and tips too

      • I assume you can just run it without the software? If so it’s still a great price for a fast 500GB drive, one that’s significantly quicker than a T5.

        Edit: Page 8 shows you can run it without the encryption, so still seems a better buy than a T5 at current prices. If you need the biometrics then maybe it’s a deal breaker.


        • Fingerprint sensor should work without install software imo.

          • @Nikopol: Person above says there’s an issue on Macs and someone suggested they’ll get a T5 instead. Just flagging you don’t need to turn on encryption if that is problematic in MacOS, and it’s currently cheaper and faster than a T5. Cheaper than the non Touch models too.

            • @Smigit: Looks like you are right.
              "Security mode is optional. You may use T7 Touch without security/update feature enabled.Please follow the instructions that appear on each screen of the Samsung Portable SSDSoftware 1.0. Once you agree to the terms and conditions of the Samsung Portable SSDSoftware 1.0 while it is being installed, you can set a password through the following steps."

          • @Nikopol: the finger print sensor depends on the software, the software encrypt the data and can only unlock it by password or finger print.

            But one can choose not to install the software / not to use the finger print feature

        • Correct I can confirm you can still use it as non-touch version. If it is cheaper than T5 and non touch version, they are no brainer buy as they are very quick SSD.

          I was a bit disappointed un-usable feature in a Mac, some people might pay more for this version.

    • +1

      Thank you very much. You saved me $105

      • Wait for the non touch T7 to go on sale!

  • Thanks OP! Will make a great Bootcamp game drive for my Mac.

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    Welcome and great first deal! Kudos for not saying something like 'please be gentle' too

    • I'd upvote you by 1000 if I could. Also very glad not to see 'please be gentle'!

  • Thanks OP, will try OW PB tomorrow.

    • +3

      They won't price match if it's Out of stock , just buy it now.

      • True thing.

      • i should have listened to u rip

      • Thanks for your advise, bought two.

    • +1

      With Cashback it’s hardly worth it.

      • Thanks for your advise, bought two.

  • Thank you! Bought one :)

  • Such a good deal, thanks!

  • Wow what a find!

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    Touched too!

  • $6 shipping to Brisbane. Not bad.

  • I guess this will sell out soon, right? Or is it actually the price for the next 3 days?

    Can this work with the touch thing switched off, like a regular usbc disk?

    • +1

      Yep. I posted the manual in another comment. You can run it without encryption, password only or password + touch.

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      Yeah don't do the security software setup and it won't need finger print.

      And apparently if you transfer more than 175gb at a time it will overheat and take longer to transfer than the T5.

      • Even then only marginally and without any additional cooling.

        For shorter, burstier transfers it's almost twice as fast as the T5, smokes it literally and figuratively

  • +1

    ripper deal. paid $99 for a T5 about a month ago.

  • Thanks, Got one.

    • Did you get an invoice or did they actually charge you yet?

  • great price , thanks op

  • Are these designed to protect Bitcoin wallets ?

  • Thanks OP! Just purchased

  • Bought one, ty

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    What do people use it for?

    I know what SSD is used for, but I mean personally what do you use it for

    • +1

      All the same reason a portable HDD is used for, except faster and longer lasting.

      • Yeah, but with HDD sometimes people will take it out of the Case and use it as an internal HDD for their laptops, PCs or consoles.

        I was curious if these can be used that way as well because they always seem very popular

    • I edit photos from an external SSD and keep one in my computer nice and clean :D

    • Windows VM for my Mac via Parallels (although next VMWare fusion is free for personal use so I may swap). Not keen on losing internal space to Bootcamp or rigging up a bootcamp solution that uses removable drives.

  • Can this be used just like the internal hard drive, meaning can we instal apps and other things just like internal drive

  • +2

    Great deal, didn’t need it but bought 1

  • Surprised it’s still in stock, hopefully not over committing sales

  • thanks! ordered!

  • Thanks OP! Also nabbed one

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    I see that price is around 45$ less if I consider $6 delivery fee, and looks enticing but I am not finding any reasons why I may need it (I do have two 1tb non ssds and all my Mac and computers have 1tb ssd). Lol.
    Only the time I needed huge ssd was when I had to transfer my whole Mac files to the Time Machine for the backup.
    Any other probable use?

    • +2

      Buy now, regret later

    • I use one as my iMac boot drive since its not feasible to open and replace the internal HDD.

      Another one I use for quickly transferring files - for example, legally downloaded movies from my PC and plugging into the TV / travelling with my laptop

      Why bother with slow transfer times on expensive USB sticks; the T7 is actually pretty physically small and I don't need it on a keychain

      • yes thanks. Only use i can see is also some quick transfer but i upgraded my whole mac to 1tb for around 240 so have lots of space now. Do not need to transfer much these days. With another 1tb ssd windows computer as well.

        @Anthro nope. That is selling for around 145 in ebay anyways. So not a huge difference until i find a reason to spend 105$. Lol.

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    Thanks OP! Got one!!

  • Can I assume the software to protect the data is onboard and would require no installation on individual PC before use?
    What happens biometric is on, and I plug it into a TV to browse media, how does that work?


  • +6

    Just called Bing Lee Hornsby … someone bought 156 units of these…

    • +2

      Taking the buy now, think later to the next level!

    • thy name is Broden

    • 156????

  • It's 500gb - what are you going to use something that small for?

    • You do realise it’s $100 and the size of a credit card.

    • Shuck it and put it into your wallet sized NAS

    • That’s what she said !

  • +1


    Apparently, commercial/enterprise customers stockpiled due to concerns about covid on production capacities. The impact wasn't as big as expected, and with a softening demand. Prices are dropping.

    Personally, I would wait for deals on 1tb and up drives. 500gb just feels a bit small these days, more a usb flash drive size. Besides I already got a WD 1TB for 140 from the OW deal earlier, and a P1 for 130 from Amazon.

    Also, WD or Sandisk would probably be better, as they would be shuckable, while the new T7s aren't.


  • Bought!
    Now to work out how to install Bootcamp onto the SSD.

    • 9to5mac on youtube has a good tutorial. But it just seems like too much work to install windows on a SSD to just watch netflix in 4k for me haha

      • Do you need to pay for windows to instal? I thinj You can also play 4k in mac os.

        • Currently you cannot play 4k Netflix in Safari in macOS Catalina. Things will change in macOS Big Sur. I have been waiting long enough for this feature. You can just download and install it without any key.

          • @longuyen10119: I use chrome and Firefox , can play 4K in YouTube. Netflix should also work.

            • @Modesty: Haha man. Youtube is not the same as netflix. You can't just "claim" that Netflix should also work if you haven't actually done it. Netflix uses different codec that Safari does not support, only Microsoft Edge browser supports Netflix 4k/HDR codec.
              Did you know you can't even play 1080p Netflix in Google Chrome?
              As I said, at the moment, the only way to play netflix 4k on a Mac is to use Windows and bootcamp.

              • @longuyen10119: Got it man. I use firefox and chrome o my macbook because they can play 4k , safari can't. Thats good to know an update is coming. You have Windows on internal drive or external?

    • +1

      Did it recently. Was a pain in the a$$, but works well once set up!

      • You have to instal windows separately on ssd and select as boot up disk?

        • Something like that but a lot more complicated haha (involving installing VM, install windows, then change the security settings on Mac to boot up from SSD, then install all the windows drivers afterwards). As I said above, 9to5mac has a good tutorial.

          • @longuyen10119: Looks very complicated , do you need to pay for windows as well or is it free?

            • @Modesty: it's def not free. I never used it for long, but my friend said you can just ignore the key enter notification. Apparently you can also shop around for a cheap windows key.

  • What happens when the fingerprint sensor does not work anymore? How do you get access to the files?

    • password, or you're screwed, and the drive is gone for good. No way to reset at all.

  • Didn't the T7 just come out? Pretty good first deal OP. Even if it's 500GB. Good for easy external storage for current and next gen consoles.

    • Announced in CES 2020, so it is the latest version.

    • Good for easy external storage for current and next gen consoles.

      In the current gen, you'll find usbc only in Switch, right? Or is there a "natural" way to connect it to a usba port?

      • +1

        Adapters are a few dollars, single digit. My T3 shipped with both a USB-C and USB-A cable but.

        Keep in mind neither the new Xbox Series X or PS5 will allow new games Aimed at those consoles to run from these devices. External drives can only be used for backwards compatible titles.

        • +1

          I've just realised I do have a usbc-usba cable. So they do exist, even in my cable drawer.

          Thanks for the info!

      • +1

        I can confirm the T7 does come with a C to A cable :)

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