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50% off Fresh Single Origin Coffee 1kg $18.75 (RRP $37.50), Flat Rate Shipping $6.99 @ Lime Blue Coffee


Tanzania Single Origin Coffee 50% off, 1kg only $18.75 (RRP $37.50), 2kg only $37.50 (RRP $75)

Complimentary, optional gift message on bag/s, simply type your desired message in the "special instructions for seller" box in the online cart

This deal exists because we're gearing up to introduce our next rotating Single Origin offering, so it's time to start saying goodbye to our current SO. This coffee will be dispatched with the same high quality it normally would have, it's delicious and will be freshly roasted 2-3 days before it's dispatched

Due to Father's Day, we'll be dispatching orders on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We use locally owned couriers for the majority of our orders (for rural areas we use Australia Post), hopefully our orders will avoid the delivery delays Australia Post is experiencing. Flat rate shipping $6.99.

Absolutely incredible response once again from the Oz Bargain Community (thank you so much), so happy to announce that together we have achieved the goal of this deal which was to find a new home for what we had in stock from our recently featured SO offering aka we're now sold out of our Tanzania SO. Stay tuned, more exciting things in store for you in the near future!

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • Thanks OP, have ordered. Not too often you see a Tanzania Single Origin, although it looks like it will be a little fruity..
    Score = 86/100
    Aroma = Kiwifruit
    Sweetness = Cantaloupe
    Acidity = Grapefruit
    Brew Method = Espresso & Filter
    Type = Bourbon
    Grown = 1600m

    • Absolutely fantastic, thank you! Yes, coffee grown in that area of the world tends to be on the fruity side. This Single Origin has a nice balance between fruity and chocolate ends of the flavour scale aka the fruityness is noticeably present, but not too overpowering.

  • Haven't tried the coffee from last deal, but shipping was relatively quick within VIC.

    Roasted 19th August
    Posted Friday, delivered Wednesday.

    • Thanks again for your recent order Jonnoyeo, really appreciate you sharing the efficient shipping feedback, glad your fresh coffee arrived in a timely fashion. Hope you love it, when you try it!

  • Good day LimeBlueCoffee,

    What roast level is South Central Blend? does it cut through Milk? Do you guys also put roast date on bag? ta.

    • +1

      Best way to describe our roast profile is Medium, we roast omni so our coffee suits filter and espresso brewing methods. Yes, our blend cuts through milk well. We put roast dates on our bags, as well as recommended brewing guide ratios which slightly vary depending on which coffee you order from us.

      Any more questions, fire away.

      • p.s. nice message opener au123

  • Purchased. Thanks!

  • ta for the detail reply :)

  • Good price for freshly roasted beans!

    • Glad we're on the same page tezza, thanks for your positive feedback :)

  • Love the positive approach from the store. Ordering just to support that. Keep up the good work :)

    • Sending our sincere thanks to you for your order, support and very thoughtful comment, truly means a lot to us!!! Your post put a big smile on our faces :)

      • p.s. we hope you love our fresh coffee as much as our positive attitude :)

  • Can I purchase now and get it sent later in a week or two? I still have 3 weeks of coffee remaining and want to have fresh ones

    • Morning Chylee,

      Thanks for checking in. How about we send your fresh coffee to you on the 7th of September? That way we can reserve the quantity you order for you, from the last day we roast next week. This solution is simply because after this deal is done hopefully all of our current Single Origin will be destined or have arrived at new homes, and we'll be ready to welcome our next Single Origin to the Lime Blue Coffee family. When you place your order please put in the "comments to sell" box "7th Sept dispatch," otherwise send us an email with your order number so we know that it's you :)

      Any more questions are most welcome, as always

      • Done thanks! Looking to try this SO out, I've indicated the notes on my order and if you have any later batch I could get on that'll be good too. Cheers

        • Absolutely terrific, fantastic to see your order come through, thank you! Saw the note too, consider your spot reserved in the last roast of this special (we think it is) SO, hope you feel the same after trying it :)

  • I just placed an order, it sounds much fancier than what I usually drink! I chose to order from you due to the friendly customer service in the comments above :)

    • Woohoo thanks so much DoctorArd, that's fantastic to hear! Hopefully "fancier than … usual…" translates to an incredible experience for you. Life flies by quickly and without you (customers) we (Lime Blue Coffee) wouldn't exist, so whichever way we look at it, friendly is our go-to approach every day :)

  • I just placed an order hopefully it's ok if you can do 7th of september dispatch for me too!

    • That's awesome, thank you so much for your order! Happy to confirm you've secured a reserved spot for the 7th of September dispatch :)

      p.s. We love your Oz Bargain user name!!!

  • Hey Oz Bargain Community,

    This is only our second experience with you, once again we are overwhelmed with the way you've been so welcoming and supportive of us via comments, orders and even thoughtful comments on orders!

    Apart from sending our true thanks, this is a quick note to let everyone know we only have 30kg remaining of this absolutely awesome freshly roasted Single Origin until it's sold out forever, so if you're keen to get your hands on some now's the perfect time to order away :)

    • Ordered 2kg! I'm looking forward too trying these beans. I brew with a Moka pot, so appreciate any tips for that method 🙂

      • Woohoo thank you so much, every order does make a difference for us! Really appreciate you voicing your question because silent questions are slightly problematic to answer :)

        Moka pot or Stovetop Tips

        Coffee Quantity = The coffee basket size was designed to have 7 grams per cup, for example if you have a 3 cup Moka Pot 21 grams of ground coffee is the magic number

        Water Quantity = In the bottom section (where the water goes) of your Moka pot, you'll notice a little thing sticking out of the side (the overpressure valve), add water to this section up to the bottom of the overpressure valve

        Grind Size = We can see you've ordered fresh beans, grind size is on the finer side, similar to espresso, we'll include a small sample of fresh coffee ground for Moka pot in your package as a loose guide

        Coffee Packing Pressure (the puck) = For a 3 cup Moka pot add your 21 grams of ground coffee, then level it with your fingers, lightly compact the coffee just enough where you can turn the basket upside down without the coffee falling out and creating a mess. A good double check on the packing pressure and grind size is after you've made your coffee, remove the coffee basket (can wait until it's cooled down a bit, don't want you to get burnt), tap the basket once upside down onto a plate, a perfectly shaped puck (hockey puck shape) should fall out onto your plate. We'll email you a few photos of the packed basket, nice puck and the coffee flow speed when the pot is brewing

        With all the above said, if you're not a fan of scales, then you can still make an awesome coffee consistently, all you need to do is grind and pack your coffee into the Moka pot basket the same way every time you make a coffee. Only thing we'd 100% recommend not to deviate from is the level of cold water you fill in the bottom section of the pot, as the whole method works on steam pressure determined from the level of water heated in the bottom section of the pot.

        Any more questions, keep firing away :)

  • Ordered 3kg, one for us and one each for our two coffee loving neighbours that we can throw over the fence whilst in lockdown :)
    Assume it will be delivered as 3 lots of 1KG bags?
    Also as per the order comments, please arrange to be part of your last roast and despatch date of the 7th of September..
    Thanks a lot.

    • Absolutely outstanding, thank you so very much Stephen! Sounds like an awesome way to maintain friendly neighbours, love the treat yourself and pay it forward/share the incredibly fresh coffee approach :)

      Nice assumption, yes fresh is best so there will be 3 x 1kg bags.

      Confirming you've secured 3 spots in the last roast of this special coffee, as requested your fresh coffee will be dispatched on the 7th of September. Please email us if you'd like a gift message on each of the bags, we're happy to put a different message on each of the 3 bags.

  • Delicious coffee! Received it today. Highly recommended.

    Deliciously chocolatey, with milk
    Yummy fruity, long black. tsp of sugar.

    • Woohoo woohoo (those lovely comments require two woohoo's)!!! Thank you so very much for sending us such wonderful and detailed feedback, we're very happy to hear your fresh coffee arrived this week and absolutely thrilled to discover how much you're enjoying it, ear-to-ear beaming smiles on this side of the screen :) :) :) :) :)

  • Overnight delivery up to Brisbane - loving life. Got a brew sitting in front of me - so smokey! Yum.

    • That's absolutely amazing to hear, we're so glad you received our fresh coffee so quickly, thank you so much for the feedback (and of course the order in the first place is truly appreciated by us)!

      We are so thrilled to hear how much you're enjoying this special coffee, ear-to-ear beaming smiles are back again!!!