This was posted 1 year 1 month 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Blackvue DR900 Dash Cam $559.30 or $479.40 with RAA Card (Expired) @ Repco


Hi guys,

Was after a blackvue camera deal for a while. Happen to stumble upon a deal at repco.

30% off for the DR750 & DR900
Add your RAA/NRMA or eligible road side member acc and score another 15% on top

I’ve purchased the DR 900 myself and paid $479.40

Power magic pro on sale for $48.30 too and additional 15% off with card

DR900 :


Power magic pro : Proof I’ve purchased with extra discount with my RAA card

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      • I have heard the same.

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        The 900 shits on the 750 in daytime quality. They fixed the overheating issue years ago.

        Source: Own both and experience 40C summer days.

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      900 has better wide angle.

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    For that price just run a bunch of go-pros

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      Not sure why you voted down. Why pay for lots of cameras for different tasks when you could use one for them all? This is supposed to be OzBargain, not OzWaste MoneyOnLotsOfDevicesThatAllDoTheSameThing

  • Hi, can anyone please pm me their RAA discount code? Much appreciated!

  • Not working for the NRMA discount for me so yes that part may have expired.
    If anyone has a RAA code for me to use please feel free to send :)

  • Hi, Could someone please pm me their RAA code! Would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi I would also appreciate is someone can pm their RAA code for me to use.. Thanks

  • Finally got my RACV card to accept (by entering as NRMA number) however no additional discount :(
    Anyone able to still get the additional discount?

    Any recommendations on a professional quality install for a SUV?

    • In Sydney, $180-200 for a professional installation. Try searching online on FB or whirlpool.

      • I got a quote for $165 via AirTasker for an Suv install.

  • How do the BlackVue DR750S and DR900S hold up when parked under the sun and parking mode is used? The website says max operating temp of 70 degrees but internal car temperatures can easily exceed that in summer.

    • The 900S recieved a firmware upgrade a few years ago to fix overheating issues. Also keep in mind most insurers needs a person's address and name, in addition to the rego, for you to avoid an excess. You'll need to go through the police to get that, assuming they'll hand it over to you.

    • I was told that once car becomes hotter than 70, these stop recording.

  • Can anyone please PM me their RAA discount code? will be much appreciated!

  • Hey all, has there anyone here actually had the order go through and pick up the stock? My order went through but store has no visibility, I'm thinking high chance that due to the volume this might actually get cancelled. Would be good to know how others went.

    • I ordered on Friday night and picked it up the following day.

    • I ordered Friday night, got the sms and email sat morning 9am that it was ready for pick up. Picked up and installed already

      • I ordered Friday, still haven't received a SMS for collection…

    • i am also waiting for my SMS, haven't heard any thing from Repco yet.

  • Picked up mine today. Just wanted to say thanks to the OP for sharing this deal. This by far has been the best deal out there for this unit. Just wish I bought another. If anyone is interested in selling theirs…let me know!

  • picked up mine and repco said they were popular over the weekend, sold 8 aat Balcatta Store hahah, Ozbargained! Thanks OP!

  • Went to Repco Lidcombe to pick up the DR900 this afternoon after getting the ready message yesterday, but failed. They could not find my items. After staying for > 1 hour, they found out that they gave my DR900 to another guy who only ordered DR750, but they could not find another DR900, and have to order it from the manufacturer!

    Just cannot believe it as I also ordered the Magic Pro pack and they also gave it to that dishonest guy who just picked my item and gone. Apparently they did not check the identity such as driving licence with the name on the invoice, despite the items have been fully paid. How can it happen?

    They said the dishonest guy unlikely will return the wrong dashcam as mine is a higher model. ? Dishonest Guy? It is not clear whether they have contacted the other guy.

    Have to wait under they get a new machine, and has to cancel the car mechanic appointment tomorrow to install in the car.

    A Dark day for me!

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      Bugger! Don't fret, karma is real. When I picked mine up, they checked my ID against the invoice.

      I hope you get yours soon.

    • Take a deep breath and relax.