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[VIC] 6L Tubs of Gelato $25 (RRP $55) ALMOST GONE + Free Delivery >$50 (Melbourne Metro Only) @ Zio Glens Mini Mart


Mod Edit 1/9: Additional 10% off stated prices with code GELATO10. ABOVE $50 SPEND Thanks samehada

Hi Guys

We are up and running again, I may tick over to click and collect only if there are too many deliveries.

Stock Levels:

Lemon Sorbet
Black Sesame
Mango Sorbet
Strawberry Cheesecake
Activated Charcoal
Tim Tam
Cookies and Cream
Golden Time
Raspberry Sorbet
Lemon and Lime
Passionfruit Sorbet
Blood Orange
Mint Chocolate
Rum and Raisin
Strawberry Sorbet
Salted Caramel
Fruits of the Forest

Please leave a comment with your ideal delivery times to make it easier for us to fulfill, there are a few deliveries that failed due to people not being home etc, which is cool but we would like to avoid

If you haven't received your order yet please send me an email so we can contact you and organise

We truly appreciate the support that we have received from this community, viva la ozbargain

We will fulfill all orders within 2 weeks

May contain traces of nuts but we do a deep clean before running nut flavours

Mod Edit 1/9: Additional 10% off stated prices with code GELATO10. Thanks samehada

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    • Thanks for the feedback Tunafish, nice username too

  • Got mine today. This is legit good!!!!!

    • Im happy that you are happy

  • +1

    Delivered today. Driver was a good guy. Very happy .

    Hope the lockdown continues so we can get great deals like these..


    • The drivers are great. Glad you had a good experience.

  • +2

    I can't speak for anyone else, but what a positive experience.

    I ordered over the weekend, got Bounty and Fruits of the Forest. Arrived about an hour ago. Was not expecting it to arrive so quickly!! In fact I was thinking I'd be waiting around 2 weeks.

    Great service, text message to let me know it was an hour away and the taste… My God, what a product. I spoiled my dinner because I got stuck into them. The Bounty in particular is amazing.

    Can confirm, I'll be stocking up on a few more over the next few weeks to hold onto for summer.

    Great stuff Bukkake.

    • +1

      That’s great, enjoy my friend

    • Ohh i was wondering what the bounty was like .. Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep an eye out for that :)

  • Order #1692

    Home after 2pm on Tuesday this week.

  • What is the difference between $25 6L durian and $40 5L durian. Apart from doubling the price and in stock position? Do not get me wrong, I love you guys. It is just that Durian and Green Tea only available at $40 5L. Just wondering what value we purchase with the dearer price. Thank you.

    • +4

      The runoutstock is all gone, in those flavours, I have listed the balance at a discount off list price, these are our regular lines and are not on clearance.

      I have a few more durians that are in a warehouse that should arrive in a couple of days. I will list these when they’re available.

      The durian is more expensive than the other varieties as it costs us 32$ a kilo and we use 15 to 18 percent. We use real fruit. There is no flavouring at all

      The next time I post I will limit the durian to one per customer

      Does that clear it up. The Asian inspired flavours sold out very quickly, I’m trying to get more for you guys so please bare with me,

      • Further to this, if anyone wants durian let me know or sign up to the newsletter and I’ll make an announcement when the new special is released.

        • I would like a durian one :)

        • I'm also hanging out for the 6L durian. Sounds really good from all the reviews here

  • +1

    Do you know when hazelnut will be available again? My mother is after some after trying the black sesame that I bought. Cheers.

    • +1

      I’m not too sure at this stage. I’ll keep you posted check your dms

  • +1

    Stunningly quick delivery! As others have noted, the driver is a bit of a legend.

    I ordered Mango and Activated Charcoal. The Mango sorbet is great, though I think I was given the wrong flavour for the activated charcoal (got coconut and was expecting vanilla).

    That said, the coconut tastes nice so I can't really complain! :) Will defintely be making another order in the future.

    • +1

      Coconut base but vanilla running through it

      I’ll update from my end

  • +4

    Bought the durian flavour one and delivery was faster than anything I've ordered on Amazon prime recently!!! Driver was amazing and even sent a text 20 minutes before arriving to give a heads up. Durian flavour was really strong and similar to what I had in Malaysia. Highly recommend it

    • +1

      That’s great, happy you enjoyed it

  • Order #1493, 7am to 6pm weekdays

    • Noted, thank you

      • Hiya just wondering what the timeline for delivery is looking like? It has nearly been a couple weeks

  • Ordered yesterday and was wondering what day i can expect it? order#1733.

    • Looking like Friday at this stage

  • Hi Team,
    Is this deal still going?
    Regs Paul

    • Yep

  • Eyy Bukkake …

    For the items where you have combined the 5L + 6L … you get all excited thinking the product is in stock… then you go to the page to find out its sold out in the larger sizes.

    The kombucha sounds interesting .. mm i might need to call up tomorrow and add to my order .. lol

    • sorry mate
      Im trying to simplify

  • Ordered on the weekend and had the delivery today! Thanks for the quick delivery. Yum!

  • Just a warning to others that mine did not come with a lid so now I have no where to store it as I cannot stack it…..

    • +3

      just cling wrap it

  • Ordered monday looking forward to delivery :) Is it the delivery times listed on the website or has it changed?

    • dm me the order number

  • When will you have 6L Ferrero Rocher in stock?

    • +4

      maybe a week or so, it will be 6 Litres but a different container

      • I'm keen on that one too :o

        • no probs guys i will let you know

  • Do you have any 6L mango sorbet left? If not, do you have an ETA on stock please?

    • +1

      Not sure, possibly the end of next week

  • +1

    Received my order today (ordered Sunday) ice cream is first class with great delivery by the driver. A+++ Will be ordering again!

    • Good stuff

  • still waiting for durian to go in stock :'(

    • +1


  • Any chance to see Vanilla Bean 6L back in stock soon?

  • If anyone's keen to split 6L of Ferrero Rocher, let me know. (Don't think I can finish 6L of gelato on my own, lol ) Depending on how many are interested, split will be either 2L or 3L. Pickup from Port Melbourne.

    • That's funny we bought 4 and I was saying to my husband, I was going to share with some of our friends but I think Ill be upset when it runs out and annoyed that I shared.

      I would just get the 6 litres and you'd be surprised how much you enjoy it and then you can share with friends if you still choose but I bet you want to eat it all

      • Any flavor recommendations?

        • +1

          I did a review on a previous page on the 4 i bought sorry I don't know how to link back, its on page 2 near the bottom

      • Oh, don't get me wrong. I love my gelato… but at the same time I try to limit myself to eating it maybe 2 or 3 times a month so definitely wouldn't get through 6L.

  • Order #1854,
    People always home so pickup whenever, would like to receive in later batches of 2 weeks if possible as freezer is quite full.
    Lovely deal

  • +1

    I got my delivery yesterday and quality of the gelato is first class. Soft, rich and creamy… Really enjoyed it.
    Hats off to @Bukake and team. Delivery guy was very pleasant.
    Thanks for the sweet deal.

  • When will green tea come back in stock?

  • +1

    I understand that 1 of them is sold out but is the budget rum raisin different from the bulk rum raisin or are they the same?

    • +1

      different, ice cream not gelato, not as nice

  • Hi there, any idea on when you'll have Rocher back in stock in the 6L? Keen to pick it up :)

    • +1

      There is some up there now buddy

      • Cheers, ordered last night :D

      • What? did it come back in stock and then sold out again?

  • +1

    My order arrived today. Got Rum and Raisin, Blood Orange and Lemon.

    Have to say all 3 flavours are really nice and enjoyable. Mum has already said she wants to get more for Christmas, but currently no room in the freezer to order more.

    @MilkMilk Do you have any idea how long you plan to run the promo for?

    Also: My feedback regarding the delivery process.. The driver was lovely as… But I didn't get any notifications to say delivery was coming today. I thought one was sent out to say the driver was coming?

    • Nice one, might have just missed you in regards to call, they have been under the pump a bit with a lot of home deliveries which hey aren’t used to

      • All good

        Any ideas about the promo expiry? :)

  • Hi mate, just letting you know if you do pistachio gelato with a higher percentage of genuine pistachio paste instead of flavouring I would totally grab them even at twice or triple the price of other gelato flavours.

    • get the lavezzi one,
      we use geniuine pistachio in the cheaper range
      the lavezzi range we are using pistachios imported from italy and in a much higher quantity, dm me if you have any questions happy to answer

  • Order #1469 delivered yesterday. Tim Tam and Tiramisu. Awesome. Thanks, OP!

  • Hi OP, will you still be adding more flavour on 6L one or you managed to clear all your runout stock? Thanks

  • Hi, I'm interested in getting the 6L black sesame and 6L rocher but the latter is out of stock. Will you be getting more in? Thanks.

    • get the pozetti

      • Same icecream, different container….is that the only difference?

      • That is sold out too

  • know around what time 6L durian will restock today?

    • +1

      we made them today, I will list on sunday or monday

      • thanks <3

  • Hi OP when will fruits of the forest come back in stock for 6L? Went OOS just before. Thanks

    • +1

      Try the pozzetti, 6L Won’t come back into stock, we may do a
      Sale later on 5s

      • Hi OP if I order tonight, would you be able to deliver this Monday? I live in South East suburbs (around Springvale). If not when would you be delivering if I ordered tonight? Thank you for answering our queries

  • Hey OP, are you guys going to make any new batches of vanilla bean 6L?

  • +1

    The Chocolate arrived today it's bloody awesome! Got the Lemon sorbet as well, amazing stuff….

  • Question to OP, how clean are the lines, regarding allergies. I see you have nuts and stuff as declared as used in the same lines, just wondering what sort of cleaning you do between batches

    • Full allergen cleaning between runs. Still need to disclaim though

  • +1

    Hi there, would you have Rocher back in stock in the 6L? thanks

  • Hi there,

    Just saw your post about more 6L durian ice cream being uploaded on Sunday/Monday.

    Just wondering how much they will be selling for or if I'd be better off buying the 5L tub?

    Thanks for your help! Just looking at other flavours to buy!

    Also do you deliver to Oakleigh?


  • Hi OP, any ETA on vanilla bean coming back in stock?

  • Hi @Bukkake, How does the "Fruits of the forest" taste like, more to sour side or sweet side? Thanks!

  • Well dang - just ordered more sorbet and going to try out the pasta and arancini too! Would like again if I could.

  • mm still waiting on the rocher, been a week now but don't see it in stock still.

    • Clearance stuff not restocking
      Only durian

      • +1

        On 1/9 you said: ssociatedMilkMIlk on 01/09/2020 - 15:51
        +4 votes
        maybe a week or so, it will be 6 Litres but a different container
        So I've been waiting for it to come back in stock… it def won't come back?

        • It’ll come back, just not on clearance

          • @MilkMIlk: Not going to lie. This breaks my heart. I thought the deal was going to continue for a while and was waiting for an upcoming birthday. You snooze, you lose :(

            • @DamonT: Are you after the rocher? You are not missing much.

              I bought the rocher and it is below average. I was slightly disappointed but at least the Durian and the Coffee are good.

              • @HardQuiz: Basically any flavour that I was going to buy is now out of stock and won't be restocked at these prices.

              • @HardQuiz: I was super keen on rocher but after the last comment from milkmilk settled for choc. Pretty good and would have loved to try the rocher but snooze n lose i guess.

      • When will that be for durian?

  • OP, is it worth still hanging out for mango to be restocked (6L, clearance price), or order something else instead? Thanks

    • No clearance stock left

  • Order #2366 please deliver on Friday if you can at any time.Thank you

  • +1

    I purchased 2 tubs, passion fruit, bosenberry and Turkish delight which I gave away as a gift.

    Not sure if this is normal but the passion fruit and bosenberry one is so soft and sticky that I can even put it on a cone. I thought it arrived melted so I left it in the freezer and still can’t get it on a cone.
    My kids will not eat it they keep on saying it’s melted. I thought it would be the like gelato at my local icecream plaza.

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