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Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB $779 @ Phonebot


Not sure whether the website is legit. Has anyone bought from this website, who could share their review ?

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    they're legit, they have a rep that regularly post on here

    • Agreed, my mate bought a phone from them, price was good and delivered quickly

  • I reckoned the recent JB HiFi's S20+ $199 outright better than this…

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      that's not $199 outright, you will have to sign up with Telstra for $99 per month for 12 months (unless you decide to leave straight away, subject to early termination fee apply)

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        Sorry, I meant $199 + the ETC, which works out about $793, $14 extra over this.

        • how you get $800 from $99x12 months? 100x12 = 1200

    • You mean $1,387 over 12 months right?

      • $793 when you cancel the next day. So $14 extra for the latest model, and plus size variant.

        • And also deal is over right?

    • Yes but you have to commit to a $99 plan for this deal. It was still a great deal and i purchased it myself

  • Only 1 left apparently.

    • nope - all gone!