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Project Nursery 4.3" Video Baby Monitor for $99.00 (Usually $259.99) @ Myer


Was looking for a video baby monitor and came across this one. read some good reviews. Ordered one, hope it helps :)

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    Am in the market but lots of terrible reviews by the looks of it. Might pass.

  • I wiuld pony up and get this one

    Excellent price. I got a used one from gumtree with 1 screen and slightly smaller screen. Like 4.7 inch rather than 5. Much better than the vtech going for like 230 on sale. Better battery life and no annoying battery dead sounds and such. I rate the project nursary units at this price.

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    I ordered this and returned it - the quality of the hardware isn’t great & the app is terrible to use as well.

    Instead I’m now using this as a baby monitor - which just means there’s less “baby-isms” in the experience.

    The setup was so easy and the device is super compact and capable.

    TP-Link Kasa Cam, 1080P HD, Night Vision, Motion Detection, Magnetic Base, Works with Google Assistant and Alexa (KC120)

    • Sorry clarification - this was the model without a separate screen & just phone app

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    Someone bought us a baby monitor for the first kid, so we used it. Second kid we just used a wifi camera, picture was astronomically better and now that we don't need it I use the camera elsewhere (currently trained on the dogs kennel so I can tell them to go back to bed when they start barking). Software and usability is a million times easier.

    It was a Xioami $50 operation, can't remember the exact model.

  • I want a camera to constantly monitor my driveway from the living room, so I need a small screen and a separate camera with a wireless connection. Baby monitors seem like a good way to achieve this, assuming that I can place the camera where it can see out of the window.

    Is there a cheaper way to achieve this? I am happy to DIY a solution if it has substantial advantages.

    Note I am aware that I can use a phone (possibly at both ends) but I'm looking for a cheap solution that's always on.

  • I got a security camera to use as a baby monitor Hikvision DS-2CD2443G0-IW. Works really well, very reliable and good quality, use mobile phone to view the feed, but if you're not tech savvy might not be a good idea.

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    Personally I just run a $20 Xiaomi XiaoFang Cam and watch on phone. Great image in lit and dark rooms and wide image.
    Plenty of deals if you just search.

    • Agree!!!

    • Where can you find one for that price? I can't find one for less than $40

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