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No Minimum Delivery Spend Every Monday @ Domino's


Received an email telling me this afternoon. If you were lucky enough to get a free pizza voucher a few weeks ago I just used mine to have it delivered for free from Dominos Revesby.

No Minimum monday - Order as much or as little as you like & Get it delivered! Selected stores only, for a limited time.

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  • Who tips delivery drivers? Is it a thing?

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      I've worked as a delivery driver before for an independent pizza shop. A tip is always appreciated but never expected. Seeing as Dominos provide their drivers with bikes 90% of the time, I don't really see the need to tip. Maybe if they're riding in the rain that could warrant a small tip? If a driver is using their own car it's a different story though, will always chuck them some good shrapnel or a fiver.

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      I have tipped a few delivery drivers but it feels weird to tip delivery drivers from big chains like Domino's or Pizza Hut but I guess I should tip them too.

      Nice feeling making someone's day or your own really.

      And yeah in crazy storms or weather or even sometimes dead of night a tip could probably make someone's shift from a bad one to a good one and that is good enough for me.

  • Awesome! Going to use my voucher for this now.

    • Does it work? Still have mine

      • Yes, pre ordered for 6pm delivery. Great deal for those with free pizza coupons, but otherwise just another con by Domino's.

  • Dinner's sorted. Thanks!

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    i thought i'd put an order in for a $5 value pepperoni… came up as $17.95 just for the pizza. fair enough, maybe it doesn't work on the value range.

    put in a premium pizza, double bacon cheeseburger to be precise, came up as $22+ just for the pizza.

    what a joke!

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    If anyone wants to try, there's also free garlic bread for delivery using the coupon 766261, doesn't seem to work for me (comes up with the $22 error) but worth a try for those that can order with no min spend..

    • Thanks! Haven’t made the purchase but it’s taken the code!

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    seems to inflate puzza price by $13 or so. no bargain

    • What if you use the free pizza code?

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    Is it just me or even a plain cheese pizza shows up as $19. Ridiculous pricing, looks like the shipping fee is baked into the Monday prices.

  • Damn, got mine for pickup only yesterday! Not the best pizzas, but for free I can't really complain.

  • Damn my store doesn’t offer it unfortunately. Was just about to order two pizzas and garlic bread for 13.95 delivered.

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    Just a note as there seems to be a lot of confusion. It's no minimum spend for delivery. Not free shipping, so delivery is priced in (standard practice). Minimum cost of order for delivery is normally $22 or so

  • Works for my local store with the following codes from the Domino's offers app.

    TRADITIONAL PIZZA $13.95 - 679394
    2 SIDES $7.95 - 105242
    1 CHOC LAVA CAKE $3.95 - 147564
    CHEESE & GARLIC SCROLLS $5.00 - 451386
    THICK SHAKE $5.95 - 605427

    Also if the codes don't work for you maybe try download the Domino's offers app as sometimes the same deals are offered for different stores using different coupon codes.

  • does work with free pizza code for deleivery need minimum spend of $21.90 for my local

  • Just ordered a free pizza with free delivery!

    • Hey mate! Trying to send you a message but im unable to. Apologies, been super busy due to month end. PM me if youre keen. Thanks!

  • So does this mean with the voucher from last month you'll get free pizza delivered straight up? Or do you have to put in $22 worth of pizzas as well if you want the free pizza delivered….?

  • Happy Hour Thicksake - $2.95 delivered on no minimum delivery spend Monday. (between 3pm - 5pm)
    Coupon code: 841719

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