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[eBay Plus] Nintendo Switch $385, Ring Fit $95, Xiaomi Mi Curved 34″ $499, Cyberpunk $65 @ eBay


Credit to Press start.

Ebay is rolling out some great deals to celebrate its 21st birthday. There’s four great deals which will be taking place on different days over the next few weeks. You’ll need to be an eBay Plus member in order to be able to access these deals. You can grab a free 30 day trial HERE.

You’ll be able to access all of the deals HERE, but we will also update the below product links below as get them. Obviously, you need to be prepared to get these deals.

Xiaomi Mi Curved 34″ Ultrawide Gaming Monitor – $499 ($250 off) - promo code PNOCO09 - Out of Stock

  • Saturday September 12th at 4pm (300 available)

Cyberpunk 2077 – $65 - Code PRPUC98

  • Monday September 21st at 10am (500 available with multiple drops throughout the day).

Powerbeats Pro $199 Delivered

Expired -

Nintendo Switch Neon Joy-Con Console with 8bit Mario Travel Case Bundle – $385 ($115 off) - promo PJZRD96

>- Tuesday September 1st at 10am (500 available with multiple drops throughout the day). Drops at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm.
> Ring Fit Adventure – $95 - promo code PJZHK98

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  • +1

    If there is no Case, it is even worst than Buying from Catch by Catch gift card

    • -1

      How much is it at catch? I can only find $405 after 10% catch GC

      • +4

        There is 15%off Catch gift card in the next 2 days on PayPal.

        • -2

          Can stack with unidays 10% off. Makes it $450.9.85 $344

          Much better odds than Fleaby's game of chance.

    • +3

      To be fair, there are also people who bought EBay gift cards at discount, which can be stacked with this EBay sale…

      • +4

        Well if it’s like other eBay flash sales then you have no chance to use gift cards as they sell out too quickly

        • -1

          Typing out your code only to find its all gone, what a catch 22, use discount and miss out or don't use discount and pay more, defeating the purpose of the sale.

        • It seems like you're new to this, there's a trick to it

          • @ln28909: Tell me more! I want to use the gift card for flash sale this round

            • +1

              @mongoosss: so it only works if the same product is being sold in several rounds. In the first round, make sure you add the item in your cart and apply all the coupon and gift cards. Then when round 2 starts, just slam that buy button, if it fails just rinse and repeat

  • +1

    Hopefully there's a phone on sale like the $299 A70 from the last ebay event. In the market for one rn.

  • +5

    Here we go again

  • Now I am waiting for the next gen switch.

    • Early next year if the rumours are to be believed.

      • +9

        It seems like they've been saying that for 2 years now though.

  • +9

    Terrible prices.

    • +11

      Look at the monitor and its history of upvotes

  • +2

    The Xiaomi monitor is already sub $500. Tempting but I might just wait until Black Friday

    • +2

      Yeah agreed. $500 is not a jaw dropping price for the monitor, considering the recent kogan deal. Maybe $450.

      Not impressed with the eBay offerings.

      • +1

        $499 is still a really good price considering most places are still selling it for $629. I'm probably still gonna wait since I don't even have a computer capable of running games at 144hz yet.

        • Yeah not disagreeing $499 still is a good price if you wanna buy it now. Think kogan was $560 last week. But they could really lower the price more to celebrate their 21st birthday.

          $99 AirPods was better, if you could get it.

      • what sub $500 kogan deal are you referring to? I've never seen it come down to sub $500 before

    • +2

      Where has it been sub $500 other than if you import it yourself (which has added costs anyway)? Kogans latest deal is the cheapest I've seen it at $569 and before that, the common 'good price' was $599. So $100 of an already good deal is pretty freaking good, I don't think even black friday sales would be lower than that.

      • What? I'm saying that it's already below $100 when it's only been around for a month. I'm saying this is a good deal

    • Is the monitor any good for the next gen consoles?

      • +3

        Try asking a 4th time lol

        • +5

          Well, no-one will bloody reply lol

  • +4

    Hope noones buying eBay plus for this unless theyve been in a bunker the past month and didn't realise Switch and Ring Fits are stocked now..

    • -1

      Well they're still cheaper than the switches are selling for currently. (Almost always at RRP) so its good for anyone who wants one under RRP

  • That's expensive for switch…

    • +4

      Pandemic pricing, yo.

  • The prices are reasonably cheap but not ridiculously cheap so most people will have a good chance to get what they want. i.e. not enough profit for flippers therefore no no crazy click frenzies. Flippers will be so disappointed :-p

  • +2

    yo eBay, let's see some 60%+ off deals (ie $99 airpods 🤭)

  • +3

    F eBay

    • +4

      Remember when amazon first hit Australia and it sucked so much?
      Ebay sat there and did nothing lol.

      • +3

        Meh, Amazon AU is still nothing special for the most part. It's pretty rare that they have Australian stock at lower prices than eBay. Plus their search functions are straight up garbage.

        Specials from Amazon US are often attractive but shipping and warranties are still pain points.

      • +3

        Ebay sat there and did nothing lol.

        I actually disagree. They made a huge effort to become crappier, and did very well at that :)

  • +4

    I preorded Cyperpunk from Amazon for $63.

    Ebay used to be decent, they've been rubbish since Amazon came. I used to use eBay a lot, now I buy 2-3 things a year from there.

      • +19

        You buy from Amazon for the effortless return process, that in itself is incredible value

        • +3

          I buy from Amazon because it (generally) arrives in 2-3 days
          My latest ebay purchase (from a store in QLD) took a month to arrive

          It got to the point where I considered repurchasing the same game from Amazon (at ~$10 more expensive), and just reselling the other one when it arrived

          • +8

            @samdiatmh: So many eBay sellers lie about the product being shipped from Australia.

            I’ll happily pay more to buy from Amazon.

      • +9

        amazon is a guaranteed purchase.
        these ebay deals are a lottery and time sink.
        you may or may not get the game on ebay and you will waste and lot of time and stress trying to get it.
        amazon is a looooot easier.

    • When did it hit $63 and/or what was the conditions of the promotion?

      • On Amazon.au it was $68 but they had a promo on preorders for an extra $5 off. Was a couple of months ago.

  • Looking forward to the $1 deals

  • Wonder if I'll be able to cancel my Kogan monitor order from yesterday and get this one cheaper and sooner 🤔

    • The monitor is only on sale for a brief window on the 12th - and there's no guarantee you will get one.

  • Is the monitor any good for the next gen consoles?

  • hi im thinking of getting the Xiaomi Mi Curved 34″ Ultrawide Gaming Monitor I have a none curved one and 27'' but its IPS 2k 144hz is this worth upgrading to ?
    I dont have a amd gpu.

    • Short answer, no. I think it's a downgrade, but i like pixel density.

      • +1

        Pixel density on a 34" 1440p ultrawide is exactly the same as on a 27" 1440p (2k) 16:9 monitor.

        The Xiaomi will be 34% wider at the same height. The VA panel on the Xiaomi should have better blacks but IPS generally has better colour accuracy and viewing angles.

        • Oh true so it will. I was half asleep and thought it was 32". Still not a worthwhile upgrade.

        • Is the monitor any good for the next gen consoles?

  • Want to buy my son a Nintendo. He's 10 and has never had one. Where to buy at a good price?

    • +3

      This is a decent price to be honest.

      • yeah this one or buying the 15% off catch gift cards and then combining that with the first purchase catch flybuys bonus.

  • I hope eBay plus don’t sell me grey imported items. I bought the Apple Watch last year from these events and got a watch with the US charger

  • To be honest, comparing to few eBay deals before, this is very underwhelming sales. Luckily I didn't renew my eBay plus this year. I haven't been shopping on eBay since the last deals, shopped mostly on Amazon these days.

  • -2

    Is it me or is the Xiaomi monitor over-hyped and soon to be $400 something or even less

    • Not over-hyped - it's a very good price for those specs.

      The rumours of $400 price point are just rumours at this stage. They're available to buy in China for around that price, but no seller in Australia is going to offer that price considering the import costs, freight for such a large unit, and the warranty implications.

      • +1

        And GST.

    • It is overhyped in a sense that people thought $636 for pre-order was a good price, $500 is pretty good

      Mobileciti should thanks TA for his wittty marketing strategy

      • $600 was already a good price for that feature set - significantly cheaper than any comparable products.

        $500 is a killer deal. Shame they will be snapped up in 30 seconds and probably re-sold for profit on Gumtree.

        • nah, no way, the margin is too small, especially when it was about $520 on Catch the other day and $550 in a few days as well

          • @ln28909: Could you share the link for the sale i cant see it for $550

  • Nothing really stand out this round compared to back in July

    • Agree nothing at all worth getting out of bed for as prices already seen and obtainable recently .
      Worst still not worth the raffle of the bloody drops wasting time .

  • +2

    $65, 500 available, multiple drops throughout the day… what a crock. Make it $49 like TLOU2 and I'll bother.

    It will be $68-69 at launch at HN or JB or Big W and with gift cards discounts I'll grab it for under $65.

    Hopefully ebay offers some real deals in this birthday sale.

  • I assume there is no link to the switch yet?

  • +4

    PJZRD96 switch

  • +1

    Bought one

    • Thanks for that. Got one

      EDIT - Sorry, replied to wrong comment. Meant to thank the person above for the code

  • +2

    Live NOW

    But i'm going to wait for black friday sales mainly for the local warranty etc

  • everyone got a chance today!

  • 95 sold
    More than 75% sold

    in about 5mins

  • You don't seem to need Ebay Plus either

  • Thanks. Got Nintendo switch at 10:11am. Looks like it is either legit or people have lost interest. Any good deals on games?

    • +1

      There's a rumour about an updated model for next year

    • +3

      Go to dekudeals.com for browsing digital games as it’s better than Nintendo’s own website. Lots of good stuff go on sale all the time, check it out.

      For first-party games such as Mario Kart 8 and The Legend of Zelda, Amazon AU typically have the best price.

      For bricks-and-mortar stores, JB Hi-Fi and Big W typically have the cheapest prices. Only shop at EB Games as a last resort or you intend to price-match aforementioned stores.

      • Thanks. Just ordered from big-w eBay - Harry Potter and fifa20. Will keep the kids busy over the school holidays. Will also check the website and amazon

    • It's in stock at most places now, so scalpers can't do their usual business now.

  • +1

    For anyone wondering, it would appear that Cyberpunk 2077 here is the PS4 version (just judging by the image posted on Press Start).

    I ended my Ebay Plus subscription last month, and don't see me getting it back without another crazy discount (I think I only paid $1 for the first year and that's about what it was worth to me). Tried for a few limited deals, only one I managed to get was discounted Doom Eternal PC. Their exclusive discounts (e.g. 15% off tech) aren't site wide, and generally not much cheaper than competitors if they include anything you want to start with.

    • It was available in PS4, Xbox One and PC.

      • By the time I figured out you needed to enter a coupon code (~2 minutes), the PC version was out of stock.

  • hoping for a dyson deal

  • If you're signing up with the trial, after doing that go through the steps to cancel and eventually they should offer a $30 gift card. Not bad

  • Was the switch meant to be back in stock at 12 ? Couldn't seem to get it.

    • It appeared to be instantly out of stock, same problem

      • +1

        Just checked, it's back in stock !

    • Just got one. Didn't come back into stock until around 12:03 pm for some reason.

    • Back in stock now

  • Anyone knows direct page for the jordans?

  • finally got one switch at $355, with $30 Ebay voucher

    • Good one. Sort of pre pandemic price.

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