Experience with AliExpress Shipping Vs Epacket

Hi all, I recently started purchasing things on AliExpress a few days ago. I noticed the seller offered ePacket for $5 extra. I have used it once and it only took 8 days however with Covid I was wondering if you guys would have any experience with ePacket. If you have recently ordered something from AliExpress, feel free to share your results with shipping!

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  • I had ordered a six pack of counterfet tenga eggs for a friend and it hasn’t come yet. I don’t think sellers send via ehat you choose and ship it the most cheap way possible. Tracking is duff too

  • Last order made 21/07 was received on 31/08 with epacket.
    Most sellers also provide fake tracking numbers because they fail to ship on time. Once you enquire/ complain they will give you a proper tracking number.

  • Ordered something start of July with Aliexpress shipping and it still hasn't arrived. Last time it updated it arrived at a sorting facility in Australia but no updates since 11 July.

    Thanks for the reminder because they actually have a refund guarantee if the item doesn't arrive by a certain date.

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      Yes, this part is particularly annoying. You might get an automatic email from Australia Post saying that its being prepared. But your delivery can still be up to 6 weeks away (from my personal experience). And there's no real tracking. It will just get delivered whenever.

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        I guess it feels like Christmas again when something arrives and I have no recollection of ever ordering it

      • Normally using Auspost for tracking is the first mistake. 17track.net/en is usually far more accurate if you choose the right courier.

  • From the previous comments, that's pretty poor behaviour from the sellers …

    On a couple of items, I have opted to go with sellers because they offer free e-packet. Generally whichever you choose they will usually arrive between 1 - 3 months.

    I will add that on a couple of items there was the option (free or pay extra) for Seller's option but with guaranteed delivery by 'X Date' or full refund. The problem I find with this is that if you choose this option, this will not show up in your order confirmation or in your 'My Orders' page. It will not show up in the crappy auto-generated invoice either. If you go into the 'order details' page, it will show that if you don't receive your order by 'Y Date' (much later than the initial 'X Date', you are eligible for a full refund (looks like the date you would get anyway if you choose the cheapest option). So basically this option is worthless and they can make you pay for it too.

  • Shipping from China is abit like a lottery at the moment - Bought 2 items in end of June, received it end of July, bought 1 in the first week of July, got it just yesterday. Bought another item end of July received it within 2 weeks. All from Aliexpress.

    • Wow youre so lucky, except one package which only took 34 days. All of my others took 40-55 days :C. Might be because of Stage 4 in Vic SE Subs

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