Nvidia 3000 Series (Ampere) GPU Pricing in Australia - According to Nvidia.com

Hey Guys,

Here is a link to the screenshot I took: https://imgur.com/gallery/SMOpHQw
Here is a link to the product page: https://www.nvidia.com/en-au/geforce/products/store/

3070: $809 Coming in October
3080: $1,139 Coming Sept 17th
3090: $2,429 Coming Sept 24th


            • @matictac:

              Like I said, purely going off a completed eBay listing that went for $550 this time a week ago.

              That was a week ago. Also one sample.

              $405: https://ebay.com.au/itm/ZOTAC-GeForce-GTX-1080-Mini-8GB-PCIE...

              $415: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Gigabyte-GTX-1080-Windforce-OC-8...

              Not trying to steal your thunder - good luck with your sale. But I would say that you'd have to be really lucky to hit $500.

              • @p1 ama: The one I found for $550 is my exact card, so I've got my fingers crossed.

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                  @matictac: Not trying to argue with you, but you literally plucked out sample whilst ignoring the rest. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endowment_effect. You're overvaluing what you have simply because you have it.

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                    @p1 ama: I'm not trying to argue either man, but there's a difference between each individual card. I'm basing my value on the most recent sales value, minus $50. Looking back at completed listings for my exact unit (Gigabyte 1080 G1), there are 6 completed listings that appear between 19 June and 26 Aug. The average sale price is $554, the lowest $475 and highest $650. I think given those values, and the fact that prices are soon going to decline, or maybe have already, $500 is a reasonable expectation.

                    Maybe the difference here is that you're seeing it as all 1080's are the same, where I'm looking at the value of my particular card. Which is fair enough because I don't think I said which exact card I had.

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                      @matictac: Well if you manage to get $500 then well done, hats of to you. That being said:


                      2070 Super just sold for $499. No matter what version of the 1080 you have or how good you think it might be, it's nowhere near as good as the 2070 Super. Even ignoring this particular one, there are others that have sold around the $600 mark.

                      Just think about it for a second. Would you pay $500 for a 1080 today? Be honest with yourself.

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                        @p1 ama: You are absolutely right, and no I wouldn't pay $500 for a 1080 today. But looking back at things I've recently sold, I also wouldn't pay $500 for an Xbox One X, I wouldn't pay $250 for a Yamaha YAS-108b soundbar, and I wouldn't pay $100 for a steam link.

                        Regardless of whether $500 is unrealistic or not, you gotta shoot for the stars. I have experienced many a time people willing to pay me more for an item than I would be willing to pay, so fingers crossed I'll have that experience again.

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                      @matictac: anything that happened a week ago on ebay in this space is not a relevant comparison, what you need to be comparing is sale prices since yesterday. I hope you get your $500, personally as someone looking for a second hand card I would be wanting something in the 2000 series (2070 super or a 2080) at that price. hoping to get one for my older machine in the coming weeks.

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                        @gromit: Given time I think you'll absolutely be able to get what you're after. I've sold enough things for more than I've thought they were worth to know it's worthwhile setting your price high, and then working backwards. Fingers crossed for the both of us.

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                          @matictac: I have no doubt I will get it for under $500, already been opportunities for that today and I think the prices are going to sink further. The value proposition of the new cards basically has decimated the value of the supers and 2000 series. A 3070 for <$900 outperforms cards that till yesterday were double the price.

                    • @matictac: Since the announcement I think you're screwed dude, I feel for you. I have the exact same card, I think you'd be LUCKY to get $300 for it. I'm going to keep mine as a spare given the shit resale value now. But to be fair this card has kicked arse now for 4+ years straight, I'm not salty.

                      • @foxpants: Just sold it for $420. :)

                        • @matictac: If true, lucky you.

                          • @foxpants: Well I mean technically he's picking it up tomorrow, I suppose a lot can happen, or rather not happen, in 24 hours. I'll send you a picture of the cash when it's in my hands. :P

                        • @matictac: congrats, suprised you got an offer above auction with no bids on it and lots selling below 400.

                          • @gromit: I love how sceptical everyone is haha.

                            • @matictac: just surprised given so many selling for less. I guess it proves there are always buyers out their unaware of value, hope I can find some of them when selling my 2 RX 480's

                              • @gromit: Buyer was on FB Marketplace where I had listed it for $500, and I assume maybe location has something to do with the price he is willing to pay.

                                • @matictac: You did well. might have to try the same tactic with my old cards once I get my 3080 and a second hand 2000 series card.

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        5600xt's have gone for around $400 brand new. Unless you manage to find someone terribly uninformed, i'd say it's worth sub $400.

    • will sell out in 1 min

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    I bought my 2080ti a year ago, almost to the day, so I don't feel too upset.

    That being said, I am now thinking I may just need a 3090, for reasons. I don't know what they are though.

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    80% improvement on benchmarks without DLSS and optimised drivers. WOW.


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    Umart has already dropped Galax 2060s to $549 and 2070s to $699

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      I managed to grab the Galax 2060S for $529+delivery last weekend from Shopping Express. No regrets here as they haven't even announced the 3060 yet

      • that will come in November, lower end cards come later

  • Good pricing considering performance gain, time to find the box for my RTX2070 and put on Ebay.

    Going to wait to see the MSI aftermarket cards

  • Time to retire the rx480, I would get the 3080 but my 550w PSU would shit iself. So, 3070 it is.

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      I would advice against jumping to a higher value card on rtx 30 series unless you got a good rest of the system to take the best use of it.

      psu : for obvious reasons with power demand
      pcie4 motherboard: for making the best out of bandwidth
      pcie4 or pcie3 nvme storage: for direct data access to cut down on loading times of games
      1440p or higher monitor with decent response rates: Well, whats the point of using a 1080p screen with a 30 series card :-/

      Ofcourse there are exceptions;

      • Nvidia already said the difference between pcie4 and 3 is a few percent. Most of the benchmarks are done on 3.0 anyway.

  • so, 3060 ~ aud 600 ?

    3050 ~ aud 400 ?

    • what 3050

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        or, GTX2660 and GTX2650

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          no plz… this madness has to stop.

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    Thanks for this OP.

    Very aggressive pricing if the performance is to be believed… you couldn't even go wrong with the 3070 at the moment, unless you desperately need bleeding edge performance.

    My 1080 Mini is still chugging along nicely at the moment so I'll patiently wait and see what the prices do over the next few months and see what Mini cards release (though we'll see if Cyberpunk changes my attitude). I think it'll be very hard to find stock around launch anyway.

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      Not just that, need AIB card performance to truly evaluate. Then there's the kicker of Big Navi and what it'll do to the high mid-end. I'd say Oct-Nov is the right time frame, for everything to be out and to make an informed decision what to get. Ideally, you'd time it for when the Ryzen 4000 series is out - and pair them correctly.

  • So do I sell my 2070 now and go GPU less for a couple of months?

    • Join the club

    • thats why you always keep a spare low grade gpu, like a gtx 680 or so for $20-30

    • It shouldnt take months to ship lol, at most you'll be out of a gpu for a month if you sell right this instant

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      I think you missed that boat already by a few days, if you wanted a decent return on the 2070 you needed to have listed it prior to the release announcement.

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    I'm still on my 970 so this pricing/performance increase is perfect. Excited for the benchmarks and hopefully sale in the Christmas season.

    • Same here. Don't really game much anymore and happy playing BF4 when i feel the need.

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    Just had my Odyssey G9 monitor arrive. Now just need the 3090.

  • Have any GPUs with blower style fans been unveiled? Just wondering as they're a better fit for my current case.

    God I need to upgrade my CPU… bottleneck galore over here if I get a 3070 as I plan to.

    • Yes, pretty much every brand and they're all similar. You can see them on videocardz.com

  • Will be interesting to see what AMD responds with.

    I checked the share price for fun - it's somehow up 40% since June.

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    Me and my GTX 970 are ready for these cards. I'm so glad I waited and didn't jump earlier. I'v been pretty happy with how solid it has been for the 5 years I've owned it.

    • +1

      Same I've for 970 still and had been working great . Need upgrade hough for video editing . Glad I waited to

    • And what prices are our fellowship of the GTX 970 going to get for our old 2nd-hand cards?

      • $100 if you’re lucky. I’ll hold onto mine as a back up card.

        • i have two spare GTX970 water blocks ready for when the right cards drop below $80. keen to test out SLI for the first time.

  • They reckon recommended PSU for 3080 is 750W,
    I'm going to see how my EVGA SuperNOVA G+ 650W handles befor swapping it out as it's less than 5 months old and would rather not replace it so soon lol.

    Anyone know what worse case is if the components draw more than 650w? Does it just shut down the PC?

    spec sheet at the bottom

    • Hmm, I'm on a 750W 6 year old Corsair CPU, hopefully handles it!

      • It can be hard to tell ay until it's tried

        • And yeah, my PC randomly rebooted when I last upgraded about 6 years ago, and it was just the PSU couldn't handle it.

      • The older a psu gets the lower the efficiency performs, anything above 5 years old probably wont handle it.

        • Hey mate,

          Do you have any evidence of that or is that just based on opinion? (Not trying to be a smartarse, just I have a thermaltake toughpower 800w from 2008, was considering using it in a new rig with a rtx3070. Hoping it’s still up to the task).


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      https://outervision.com/power-supply-calculator has already been updated with the RTX 3000 cards. I've got a 650W Seasonic and I'll be going for a 3080.

      Usually when your PC draws more than your PC can handle it'll lead to system instability, random reboots ect.

      • Didn't think calc's would get updated so fast, neat.

        It reckons my system will pull about 580 W with a 3080,

        It's looking safe, but yeah aslong as it doesn't create an electrical storm and it just turns off etc, worth the risk at least.

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      GamersNexus did a video on power supplies just the other day. Even a 2080 Ti barely broke 500W (whole system usage with CPU and GPU hammered in synthetic tests). You could get away with a 650W on a 3080.

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        True! Forgot about that video will give it a watch

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        Good shout. An don't forget, you want to add somewhere between 15-25% capacity (depending on the model of PSU) in order to be hitting max efficiency at load.
        To piggy back off your example: 500 x 1.25 = 625, so yes 650w is perfect, for the vast majority of people.

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    I'm on a six year old GTX 770, the time is right to upgrade I think. Got the MSI Tomahawk motherboard the other day, and one of the 32Gb RAM offers recently, so just a CPU left to purchase. Hoping the AMD Zen 3 CPUs are out soon.

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    happy to see this 3070 price , just sold 2070super for 815 bucks weeks ago…..

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      Perfect timing

    • +2

      whoever purchased that card from you wasn't looking at the tech news!

    • +1

      Same here. Gpu-less gang!

    • Hope you took a cash payment and didn't do this via eBay + Paypal mate.

      I'd be very wary of selling cards on ebay at the moment - there's bound to be lots of salty buyers who try and get a refund by abusing the 180 day return policy. They'll make up some BS reason why the product doesn't fit description (or worse mess with the card themselves) and Paypal will more than likely decide in their favour.

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    Gotta love seeing the salt in the wounds of so called "ozbargainers" not waiting for the 3000 cards. Obviously with the competition of ps5, xbox and big navi, price drops were inevitable.

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      SO TRUE, but no one could really tell the future.. i was expecting Nvidia to charge $1000 for the RTX3080.. the biggest news of today is the pricing.

      • people went crazy over rumors on the 3090 pricing when it was clear that it was a Titan-level card…no one needs 24gb VRAM for gaming

      • you dont need to tell the future to know that competition would force nvidia to pull out all the stops.

    • I'm feeling a little salty dropping $610 on a 5700 XT a few days ago. I knew it was coming but the price and performance is a lot better than I thought. I guess I can get the price down to $500 on the 5700 XT with the games+Steam promo, but still. The 3070 is still out of my price range despite having incredible price/performance. The 3060 will be an amazing card if it comes in at $350USD…

      • +1

        My friend also bought that,

        Honestly mate it's up to you, I explained to him he's got a new gpu (his died) for 2 months while waiting for the 3070 and that's assuming he gets in the first batch for an extra 300 bucks.

        Imo I think your still fine.

        • I think for someone who really needed a gpu, i wouldnt laugh at them for buying especially if they needed a computer. What really makes me want to rub it in was i remember one comment on a 2080super deal who was so arrogant and cocky and said he needed a gpu and couldnt care less about the next gen or something along those lines.

  • I think its time for me to Upgrade my GTX980.

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      Same here, time to upgrade my 1060 3GB :D

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    No one's saying 'omg wait for big navi' anymore lel

    Also do people actually order from the Nvidia website if they want one at launch? Or is it better to wait for the partner cards from our local stores? MSY and the like always charge a lot more in my experience…

    the 3080 cooler already looks really good if it does what it claims

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    EBAY listing for 2080ti's are still $1200 LOL

    These people have missed the boat when trying to sell their cards and anyone who buys one at that price now is a complete idiot when its cheaper to buy a 3080 that's going to be at least 40% faster

    • +1

      Idk, not everyone does their research and stays on top of all the latest tech news. If you hop onto Ebay and they're all selling for that price, then you might be led to believe that's what they're worth. Good luck to em :P

    • +1

      why not?

      • Ehhhh I'm a stickler for only buying things I 'need'.

        Too much tempt on OzB

        • +1


          it depends if you care too much about visuals and playing the latest titles at optimum settings

          if all you play is casually play FPS games then not worth getting any of these, maybe wait for the 60 versions

          if you are more competitive i'd look at 3070

  • I bought myself a 5700XT (Red Devil) Brand new for $600 recently.

    But i'm ready to sell for this.

    • +1

      Prepare to take a 50% loss. Probably better off returning it to the retailer.

      • although brand new, it was purchased from 2nd hand market. lol


        • I'll buy it for 300…. jokes

  • +4

    Can justify a 3090 by factoring in savings on your heating

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