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$10/Month off nbn Plans for 6 Months (25, 50, 100 & Fixed Wireless) @ Aussie Broadband (New Customers)


This deal is back again for September & October. Appeared on Facebook again today (code was showing as expired yesterday).

  • New Customers Only
  • Does not apply to higher speed plans (150Mbps or above)
  • Promotions cannot be applied retrospectively

From Ad:

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Join Australia’s best nbn™️ broadband provider today and save $10/month for 6 months!*
Are you ready to work from home? Make sure your internet is up to the task!
With amazing speed, reliability & amazing customer service, you don't need to worry about your connection with Aussie Broadband.
Join Australia’s best broadband provider today!
*Promotion available for new customers only. Service not available at all premises. This offer is only available until October 31, 2020. For full terms and conditions see here

Edit 3/9: Related/Alternate Deal: 1 Month Free on nbn100 plans

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            • @jedimaster: Yeah, that's true, I'm currently using Tangerine 50 20.

              Last weekend, there were some issues with DNS, some international services have no response. And after Monday, everything turned back to normal.

              Overall compare between SL and The vocus frame network, the difference is noticeable, gonna think back to SL even SL promo is gone.

  • I moved from TPG ADSL @$49.95 a month, to TPG 50mbps for $69.95 and that includes porting the landline over which I think is $10 a month included in the price. So I'm better off now without having to pay line costs for the phone. I think that is an ok deal but is 18 month contract.

  • Was thinking of switching from Telstra Cable to ABB HFC as I have to switch to someone by Mid November. Checking on the Kogan site, they are offering (address search) 250Mbps at $116.95 and ABB is only offering 100/40Mbps at $109 excl $10 offer. I'd be interested to see what experience people have with Kogan specifically on HFC

    • Aussie BB offer 250Mbps anywhere NBN allows. The Kogan HFC address checker says you can get 250Mbps even when it's unavailable.

  • no issues so far with any provider for my FTTP. over the last 4 years have switched between internode, tpg, kogan, AB, vodafone and now back with kogan. only had to deal with internode and kogan CS (no technical issues). was quick and easy.

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    Thinking I'll leave ABB too after their recent price gouge announcement. What do people think of mate?

    • I have been with Mate ADSL for 3.5 years and can only vouch for their service, I am planning to move from ADSL to NBN, as in the coming weeks, and can see that the best options for benefit-cost ratio are Kogan and Mate at the moment, without any lock-in contracts, I might stay with MATE, as their customer service in Au, minimal waiting time and no hassle experience.

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      I have been with ABB for the past 2 years and never had to deal with them (issues came from the NBN most of the time). Then, I moved to mate approx 2 weeks ago, no issues so far. Connection happened on the same day. ABB was also disconnected automatically on the same day (ymmv).

  • Being on povo fttn maximum speed I get is around 25 mbps, which works for now.
    My issue is ABB have 12 mbps plan for $59(ouch) and then go to the 50mbps plan for $79. So for those like me looking for 25mbps plans they are of no use and would have to pay for something that we can't use.
    Looking to change this month too as my 12 month discounted Belong plan($55 25mbps) runs out, and for those that are interested it worked the same as internode and ABB previously.

  • I've been getting consistent speeds of 53/19 on the 50/20 plan and on their website it said my line could support 73 mbps so I decided to upgrade to the 75/20 plan. I ran a speed test before it upgraded and got 53/19, however three hours later they restarted my service to apply the change I tested again and my speed dropped to 43/18!?

    The best support could do was tell me that it was within the acceptable NBN service level and couldn't explain the sudden drop. Luckily I had line rate tests and speed tests to prove it was better before, which only prevented them from telling me my line could only ever support 43 which they had started claiming…

    I'm monitoring it to see if it does get any better but so far it has not.

    /rant, but moral of the story is that I'm apparently paying a premium for them to tell me I have crap fttn that can at a whim drop 30 mbps and that there's nothing wrong with that.

  • Currently paying $99 for the ABB 100/40 package.

    I haven't had any issues so far. Just looking at other providers for when ABB decide to increase my plan to $109.

    Has anyone noticed any difference with the 100/40 Vs 100/20 plans for video calls with Zoom?

    • 20 up on a Zoom call is plenty.

      Bandwidth requirements
      2.0 Mbps up and down for single screen
      2.0 Mbps up 4.0 Mbps down for dual screen
      2.0 Mbps up 6.0 Mbps down for triple screen
      For screen sharing only: 150-300kbps
      For audio VoIP: 60-80kbps

      The factor is whether you have an SO, kids, flat-mates, torrents, or a cat all using data uploads at the same time.

  • I'm on a 70/mo Exetel-Opticomm 25/10 and the switch doesn't sound as compelling when you consider ABB charge a month in advance.
    Apparently there's a 20 off code expiring end of Oct as per the ABB call centre. I just don't see it anywhere though.


    this code works for Opticomm too…

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

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