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Philips 275M8 27" 144hz QHD Monitor + $50 Steam Gift Card - $439 ($376 Delivered w/ 15% Catch PayPal GC) @ Catch via Wireless1


Probably the cheapest 1440p 144hz monitor out there, don't know personally the quality but on paper doesn't look to shabby. At the very least you get $50 steam card for your troubles.

Price breakdown as such: buy 5 giftcards (4x$100 1x$20) @ 15% off is $357, then pay the extra $19. There might be other ways to get it cheaper
(referrals etc.) but Unidays doesn't work as it is a marketplace item

$50 Steam Wallet Code with Purchase of Philips 275M8, 272M8CZ or 322M8CZ Gaming Monitors

15% off Catch Gift Cards @ PayPal

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  • Buy 2x$20 giftcards, or is it limited to 1?

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      5 gift cards max

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    At this price point there's nothing much to complain.

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      va and 250 cdm?

      but yeah what do you expect.

      Also nice it has vesa 100.

      • Most people wouldn't want over 150 nits for SDR content, and professional calibration is done for 100 nits.

        You go higher for specular highlights with HDR.

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      It's a crappy VA implementation, worse than Samsung's budget panels that were going for $300-$330 pre-corona.

      Just wait for the Samsung G5, or go for Viewsonic's IPS offering in this price range.

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    1. If there is no stock left, then your left with giftcards.(so need to be quick)
    2. Did you purchase it? and the giftcards stacked?
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    Link shows $439

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      Maybe read the post first?

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        I read the title before it was changed…

        Maybe read the title guidelines before posting…

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          you always get neg even though some of your comments are actually correct lol

          • @ln28909: Nah he deserves the neg I had (w/ 15% Catch Paypal GC) in the title from the beginning

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              @03corlia: Not really, you were the one that make the mistake of not following the title guidelines and people were being hostile when it is pointed out

              It should read something like $439 ($376 with gift cards)

              • @ln28909: I feel like I followed the title guidelines tbh, if it should be written out like that it's not exactly clearly stated that way

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                  @03corlia: the fact is you were not following the title guideline and jv just pointed it out.

                  if you disagree with the guideline then take it up with a mod, no reason for the neg here

                  • @ln28909: "Price. May include discount or saving (e.g. “$2 off” or “half price) if space allows. However, the price should NOT include any referral discounts or cashback (commission refunds) - include that in the deal description instead". What part of that did I not follow? I understand that they might prefer that the original price is shown as well as the discount, but I don't see it specifically stated. I genuinely want to know for next time I post a deal

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                      @03corlia: purchasing using gift card is considered as a form of cashback, as when you are paying the merchant, in this case, they still received the $439, the gift card discount is subsidized by Catch.

                      Why is this really matters? Say you bought 15% off gift card, there is an issue and your gift card won't get to you in 30 minutes, and the item sells out, then you are left with $400 in gift card. Probably the worst case scenario, highly unlikely but still plausible therefore there is risk involve, etc.

                      If you look at past posts history you will see that including price before accounting for gift card discount is the norm

                      And also this is not the cheapest for 27" QHD 144hz monitor, Samsung 27 CJG54 was always available for ~$330 until it got Ozbargained 2 months ago, so yeah

                      • @ln28909: 1) I would at no point consider a gift card to be a form of cashback, one is a relatively instant discount where as the other can take days or weeks before thast money is back into your account. This seems like reaching, it even says commision refund in brackets which a gift card isn't.

                        2) Yes, this is the risk of gift cards.This doesn't mean it's a form cashback

                        3) I understand that there is a prefered way on how to post different deals, it is my fault for not knowing the preffered method

                        4) Cool….it's not as if I wrote probably or anything

                        Overall my issue is with people saying that I did not read or check the title guidelines, I wrote the deal title the way I did because the guidelines stated I could include the discounted price in the title. Yes my title has been changed by a mod because they have a preference on how the title should be and i'm fine with that, but I think thats a preference and not stated in the guidelines.

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                          @03corlia: Feel like I'm talking to a wall, it doesn't matter what you think should be or should not be, it is just part of the guidelines. Don't like then talk to the mod

                          To me seems like the type on those cop shows lol

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                            @ln28909: You're the one talking to the wall? I've asked numerous times to show me where in the guidelines it states my title was incorrect, and the only thing you've given me is that you think a discounted giftcard is a form of cashback. At this stage I can only assume you can't find anything to back your point.

                            • @03corlia: the idea of the guideline is to ensure buyer that get caught out and make misinformed decision, you arguing the technicality of the wording (something lawyers do which are not constructive arguments), paying with gift card represents risk similar to receiving cashback and that's why you can't just list the price after gift card by itself.

                              So the right thing to do here is try to understand why the title guideline is there, instead of focusing on minor details and missing the bigger picture

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                            @ln28909: It's not worth the effort getting caught up in semantics like this, especially when the source is jv. Technically the others are correct, but I totally get why you don't think so.

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                              @Hinee: I completely get why my title was changed and why you might want to put in the original price in the title, i'm not here trying to challenge that. My issue was always JV and you being like "ReAd The PoStInG RuLeS" when I followed them.

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                                @03corlia: You're only making him grow stronger…

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              in the title from the beginning

              A mod has corrected your title to follow the posting rules

    • "(w/ 15% Catch Paypal GC)" (?)

      • +1

        read the posting rules.

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    VA display folks. Giving this one a pass.

  • Has freesync too. Pretty good price.

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    Philips 275M8 27" 144Hz QHD 1ms FreeSync Gaming Monitor
    - Panel Type: VA LCD - Backlight System: W-LED
    – Screen Coating: Anti-Glare, 3H
    - Resolution: QHD (2560 x 1440)
    – Refresh Rate: 144Hz
    - Response Time: 1ms MPRT
    - Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
    - Displayable Colours: 16.7M
    - AMD FreeSync Technology (Premium)
    - Input: 1x DisplayPort & 2x HDMI
    - Adjustability: Tilt
    - VESA Support: 100x100mm
    - 3 Years Limited Warranty

  • how do you buy catch Gift vouchers with 15% off?

    • paypal 15% off cards sold out

  • -2

    I would get this instead of the Phillips.

    • not 144hz?

    • That isn't really the best comparison screen…

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