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[eBay Plus] Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine $425.02 Delivered @ Mad Electronics eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Spotted this in the sellers items from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/563409, I think this may be the cheapest ever, apply party21 coupon in cart to get pricing.

Been hanging out for one for ages, finally pulled the trigger!

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  • +1

    Wow - great price

  • +1

    This is an excellent price! I absolutely love my UDM!! :)

    I have a AC-LR and an AC-PRO meshing off this and the network has been running flawlessly.

    • Noob question, can the AC-LR this pick up a signal and amplify it wirelessly or does it require a line connection?

      • +2

        You can, it's a setting called Wireless Uplink. The AC-LR need to be on a relatively new firmware IIRC.

        Throughput is not as good as line connection of course, but good when wiring is impractical.

      • I would suggest getting their AC Mesh device. Much easier to setup as this is what it's designed to do. Basically idiot proof. It's also water proof/resistant so good for putting outside.

      • Wireless is fine. Last I recall it was very easy to set up as a mesh device but you will need to connect it to the UDM via Ethernet first before configuring as mesh / wireless uplink. :)

    • Can you explain to me why someone would want one of these?

      • +7

        IDS/IPS and DPI
        Clean and Modern UI
        4x4 Enterprise AP
        Integrated Cloud Key
        Managed 4-port Gigabit
        Honey Pot
        Geo Blocking

        • I bought it but why would I turn on the honeypot . Attracting badies anywhere near my network even if it is a honey pot? Wouldn't it be better just to keep a low profile and hopefully they move in elsewhere?

          • @BoughtTSLAat200: Not sure how the honey pot works on the Unifi but being that this is a machine designed for easy use for consumers. I would expect the honeypot to be on its own private network and VLAN and placed outside the network. The honeypot allows you to see any attacks attempted on your network and from the data you'll be able to determine whether it was a bot or real attacker. This is useful to see if you are a potential target. As having sensitive design/engineering documents or working for a big company with high permission roles would make your data more attractive.

            However the Unifi Honey pot is pretty basic and if you want something better then consider this https://github.com/paralax/awesome-honeypots

      • +3

        For a Gigabit connection.

      • +4

        Excellent product. UI deserves an award in itself. Transfer from shitty laptop wifi went from 10-15MB/s on a Nighthawk to 50MB/s on this.

      • General quality of the product and, what I would call an exceptional UI packed with pro features.

        I am sure you can DYOR on the UDM and UniFi and what the offering is.

        If you don't think it's for you well that's a personal choice, but I'm otherwise not going to try and convince you "why someone would want one".

        • +3

          Thanks I have looked into this as I think it has made the homepage many times. I am currently just on a standard residential NBN connection (~50Mb/s) and I couldn't see how this would be useful.

          I'm just surprised that these has such a big following with glowing reviews for what appears to be would just operate as a wireless router (for me). Not trying to be disparaging just looking to understand how people are using this.

          • +1

            @chid: yeah i have no idea what this thing is but ozbargainers seem to love it.

          • @chid: No worries! :) … overall it's just a good quality product that boasts a bunch of enterprise tier features. For the standard 50mbit user you'd be fine with a much lesser set up, but for me I like to use some of the more advanced features that you wouldn't typically find on a normal router.

            The UDM is an excellent all-in-one solution vs the modular set up (which is what you'd do if you were actually enterprise) and makes it a really awesome choice for home users who just want an all-in-one solution with an advanced feature set. :)

            • @wellzi: Thanks that makes sense. I wasn't sure if I was just missing something with this. I like some of the features but I think would've been better served (or at least cheaper) with a Pi & VPS. I wish my network (upstream) was a bit faster but I'm pretty sure that the WiFi is not the bottleneck currently (as it is about as fast as direct ethernet)!

              Thanks for all the explanations everyone!

          • +1

            @chid: The general feature list is more appealing to enthusiasts and power users or if you want to get into Ubiquiti's ecosystem. It's a pretty appealing set of features in one package at this price point.

  • The LR AP from the same seller has got the same deal on it as well

  • Noice price!

    I have a UDM and a UDM Pro… both work great!

  • +1

    Here's a good review for anyone contemplating the move to Ubiquiti equipment for their home.

    I'm personally considering the migration from a Google Nest WiFi setup to one of these.

    • Same, replacing my GW too. I pulled the trigger and got one of these and the LR AP that's also discounted. Primarily because I am a paranoid Cisco engineer and I want to set up a separate IoT VLAN.

    • I have the Google Wifi mesh thing and it's just SO damn reliable and easy to use. My wife is super happy and she hates complicated tech. What's the benefit in moving to something like this over Google?

      • Mine has been good too, but I would prefer a little more control of the configuration, and extra visibility into network performance etc.

        Plus I like how the UDM is an all-in-one unit, whereas currently I have a cheap 5-port Gigabit switch connected to my Google Nest router.

  • Hmm can anyone please shed some light between this and Orbi?

    • There is like 6 different Orbis. Which one?

    • If it helps, I had an Orbi system RBK30 from Costco (the 3-pack).

      I returned it as the roaming between satellites was poor. I have a long house and if I walked from the front to the back of the house it would still be connected to the satellite in the front. It would eventually swap over to the closest but after a couple minutes. This would make VoWifi calls painful.

      I swapped to two UAP-Pros (and have now ordered the UDM from this deal) and the roaming is seamless and there's so much control over every aspect of the network.

      While Orbi is set and forget, it was well short of a Unifi system. The latter of course is nearly 2x the price.

      • Thank you. This is what I was after.

      • Yep and you can control mesh handoff settings on the Unifi AP’s

  • Is it possible to get something like this without the wireless component? I want a firewall with a good UI, highly customiseable firewall, traffic/website monitoring, etc

    I have a gigabit connection, and most of my devices are connected via ethernet. I have an R7000 (with CFW) for an AP which is good enough for my house (phones, tablets, laptops, TVs), although I would consider changing this to a Unifi AP if it integrates well.

    Thanks in advance!

      • Thanks for that, I saw that deal earlier today. Is there something that is a little smaller?

        Was hoping to get a firewall + AP for under $600 total.

        Otherwise will look at some reviews :)

        • What about the EdgeRouter models?

          EdgeOS doesn't integrate with the Unifi APs though.

        • Don't know much about this device but it does DPI and it's only $167.23. Another option is to build your own and load PF Sense onto the machine, a NUC should do the job.


          • @No Username: The USG is not suitable for Gig connection with IDS/IPS enabled.

            • +1

              @Twix: Yeah, had a look at the USG but looks like the speed dies when you turn on the security features. Have contemplated pfsense, but would love something that integrates into a single UI.

              • @ozb1986: Yeah there is no direct USG replacement.

                UDM is the smallest form factor to have decent speeds with IDS/IPS enabled on a Gig connection and under a single UI.

                • @Twix: Thanks for that. If I were to go for the UDM Pro + UniFi UAP-AC-LR, would this be a good combination? Maybe happy to stretch if this gear lasts me a longer period of time.

                  • @ozb1986: I would swap the LR for the Lite or NanoHD or FlexHD.

                    There is Unifi wifi 6 APs coming..

                    • +1

                      @Twix: Appreciate your help. Will do some more research, but may end up just biting the bullet as these get excellent reviews everywhere and my current gear isn't really doing me justice.

                      • @ozb1986: Do yourself a solid and make the investment! Though I would look out for the UXG (the USG replacement) that should be coming soon as well as APs that have WiFi 6. :)

  • Awesome, have been waiting for this. Even worth it after Ebay plus membership

    • I had already burned a free eBay Plus membership so I just made a new eBay account and got it again for free ;)

  • Pulled the trigger. Want that 4x4. Hopefully can remove some of the AC Mesh devices around the house now as well.

  • +2

    Would this be an improvement over Asus RT-AC68U? Thanks

  • Am I missing something here? My price comes up as:

    Buy it now price: AU $599.00
    -AU $125.79
    Your price: AU $473.21

  • +1

    They probably priced it too low. Heres another using the PARTY21 coupon (ebay plus).

    $473.21 with free postage


  • Too expensive. Paying less than $100 for mikrotik hex and $300 for Aruba AP is much much better than this one

    • -1

      I'm not sure you can even compare a Mikrotik to this.

      • -1

        I only want to pay for a router which worths every cent like Mikrotik hex not overprice like the unifi dream machine

        • -1

          Personal preference really, some find value in spending more for a supported product with modern features and UI, others are okay with bargain-basement second hand hacks.

          It's not 'expensive' just because you wouldn't pay for it.

          • @magic8ballgag: With Mikrotik hex, you can do everything with it, much more advanced than the Unifi dream machine with a 1/5 cost. All setup can be done by web interface or Winbox tool. Nothing is bargain-basement second hand hack here.

  • I thought this was some fancy CPAP machine instead of a modem 😂

  • So mine arrived today… in an amazon box, shipped and fulfilled by amazon with a broken seal on the box.

    Sussing out pretty hard on it, already lodged a query with the seller.

    • Seller already replied with return details - hopefully just an anomaly :)

      • +1

        Lol mine hasn't even shipped yet. Express Shipping my ass.

        • Same, mine's not shipped. If I had actually paid for express shipping instead of the free Plus trial, I'd be reporting them to eBay. Might even still do that.

  • Mine is tracking but not moving. I was the first to order. ..looks like it is coming from Amazon? Stuck in vico slomo post.

    I had to ask for tracking number as Ebay wasn't updated.

    • Yeah mine came from amazon, was shipped Friday 4th and I received Monday 7th. I ordered mine before posting this deal though.

      Got shipping number in update from eBay

      • some after market quality control sticker not from ubiquity and the seal broken? Looks suss. Is this refurbished?

        I reckon this is an US refurbished product and then added AU cable to it.

        • +1

          Haven't got an image handy but I suspect you're right re added cable, regardless I've sent mine back already asking for a sealed one.
          If I get one back that's been opened I'll be chasing a refund :)

          Can't find a good way to tell if they're USA stock which is super annoying.

          • @millsy c: That's pretty outrageous, considering their listing has the usual eBay description of:

            "Brand New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable). Packaging should be the same as what is available in a retail store, unless the item was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging"

            and the Condition label at the top also says Brand New

            • +1

              @jje: Hey I flagged my issue and they instantly acknowledge it and offered to replace, I harbor no ill will yet, will see what the one they send me after has.

              So far they've been nothing but courterous and helpful :)

              • @millsy c: That's good to hear! I messaged them and they said they were waiting for stock to arrive, so it doesn't sound like any of us will get anything until Friday earliest.

              • @millsy c: Update on this, they've advised me that their distributor (leader) replaces the power cables before sending as they come with the incorrect one, thoughts?

                • @millsy c: Something is suss somewhere. They told me it was AU models with 1 year warranty. If that's the case why would they come with the wrong power cable?

                  • @jje: Beats me mate, if they're truly using leader, leader is listed on ubiquiti's page as an authorised distributor for australia, gonna try calling them if I have time today

                    • +1

                      @millsy c: Hah so I just called leader, the person I spoke to said they don't change the power cables in the box, however some have black and some have white cables.

                      However, despite that, he checked the serial of the one I received and it was definitely bought from them.

                      How confusing!

                      Regardless the seller continues to be highly responsive and I cannot fault them at all yet!

                      • @millsy c: Are they still going to exchange a new one for you since the seal was broken upon arrival?

                        Still waiting for mine!

                      • @millsy c: Umm wow.

                        So mine have been posted today, finally. Armed with the knowledge here from you guys (thanks!) I'll be looking carefully at the box.

                        • @jje: Yeah when I spoke to them today apparently the courier never showed up yesterday and they had something like 50 parcels that missed shipment.

                          I also got tracking data for mine, will see how it goes :)

        • I added some notes below. I'm ok with the situation. Keeping mine.

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