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Amazon Fire TV Stick $39 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lowest historical price according to Camelx3

  • An easy way to access content from Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, YouTube and over 4,000 apps and games. Subscription fees may apply.
  • Listen to music, watch live sports and news with Amazon Music, Spotify, Optus Sport and more.
  • Fire TV Stick comes with a dedicated remote.
  • Simple to setup - 1. Plug Fire TV Stick into your HDTV, 2. Plug into power outlet, 3. Connect to the internet and you are ready to stream.
  • Experience fast streaming with a quad-core processor, as well as 8 GB of storage and 1 GB of memory for apps and games.
  • Prime members get unlimited access to Prime Video, including Amazon Originals like The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team, Hunters, Fleabag, Star Trek: Picard, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Grand Tour and more.

PS: Based on a comment from the previous deal post; you can use a 'OTG USB Splitter Cable' to play content from an external device.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • It said this promo code can't be applied to your purchase, from the apps with only this item in cart.

    • +1

      It’s for existing accounts with no prior purchase on the mobile app. Code can only apply in Amazon app.

      You can’t make a new one either.

  • -1

    I wonder if this will work with my 15 year old Pioneer plasma. Chromecast doesn’t work (has sound but no picture) but an old gen 1 Apple TV works, but only for YouTube app and Kayo mirrored from my iPhone. For Netflix, Prime video it says HDCP issue. If anyone knows a solution please let me know!

    • Could always get a hdmi splitter that removes hdcp. You’ll have to google to find one (I don’t know of one off the to of my head, but I do know they exist). That sounds like it’s the problem.

      • Thanks! Will give this a go.

      • @Morien, thanks for this. Just to close this off in case someone else reads this and they have the same issue, I ended up with this HDMI splitter from Amazon and it does the trick! I can now watch everything on the old Pioneer plasma. Thanks for all your help. 👍🏼 https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/aw/d/B005HXFARS/ref=cm_cr_srp_m...

    • +7

      If anyone knows a solution please let me know!

      Buy a new TV. 😉

      • Already have 2 OLED in the house. Just using this in the garage for working out.

  • +1

    Do yousrlf a favour and get the firetv cube or firetv 4k stick. You'll need you ship or shipto but it's well worth it you can have so many things on it

    • Is AU's prime video working on them?

      My older 2nd get fire tv box doesn't work with AU Prime video.

  • +1

    I'd buy if it was 4k, might just get another voda tv

    • Vodafone TV seems to have all apps except Prime Video, Amazon TV seems to be missing more.
      My VTV got updated to Android 9.0, Kayo & Binge seem to be supported officially now too.

      • +1

        was going to buy a VTV but got the Amazon Fire stick instead, I just wanted somthing that would play Plex and this will be fine :)

        • VTV is 4K and has Australian Online Channels, for me it is worth another 23 dollars but if you will not use these this is a better option.

          • @crazyperpman: All the Free to Air apps? Apart from prime, what else is missing?

          • +1

            @crazyperpman: Your maths is off…did you mean another 33 dollars?

            • @Bargainian: Haha, right you are :)

              Still worth 33 dollars to have a higher quality and access to Aussie online streaming content to me But if you had an older TV and didnt care about the channels this would be a good option..

              • @crazyperpman: All good mate. I got a VTV too and so far so good. Ethernet jack and inbuilt TV tuner is well worth the $33.

      • +1

        Amazon prime works great on my VTV, just use Aurora App Store…

      • I have a VTV but I can’t seem to find a way to Watch Apple TV+ Except to chromecast it from a browser where the quality is terrible. Any suggestions? The Fire TV would have been ok but it’s not 4K.

      • Or just cast prime video, as VTV got chrome cast builtin

      • @jim6893 I know Kayo via VTV has been spoken about for a long time but I still can't see via the Play Store as being officially supported with the VTV.
        I was able to side load it and it seems to work fine but I can't see it as officially supported. I can see bingle but not Kayo.

      • +1

        My Vodaphone TV is always losing apps and changing its language to Korean. I think it might be defecting. It dosent help that I move it from a rumpus to an outdoor TV when I want to watch Kayo on the weekends. It dosent seem to like shutting down often perhaps.

        I bought a fire TV stick on this deal for the outdoor TV as I pretty much only use Kodi (and the Kayo plug in) anyway and can sideload that.

      • Prime video works. Don't even need to side load. Just download and install the apk.

  • Any deal on 4k version? My tv is 42" 1080p toshiba, 10 years old

    • +5

      Don’t need the 4K for older tvs. Waste of money I less you thinking of upgrading in the future.

      • +4

        I'm curious about the logic though.

        A 4k device won't make your 1080p TV screen 4k. Unfortunately.

        • Was trying to be funny. ):

  • Got it seems like a great price!

  • I already got a Mii device and a xbox 1. do i need this?

    • Not unless you need it for another tv.

    • Yes you do. Buy 5 of them 😆

    • my Mi box was alright but after some updates became unbearably slow and glitchy, had to restart it before being able to use it every single time

      as much as I don't like the idea of further supporting Amazon, but yep Fire TV stick is performing much better

  • +1

    Price drop with the new Chromecast coming out?

  • Can this be controlled with an echo dot?

    • No

      • edit Nevermind, my bad.

  • Is this worth replacing a chromecast gen 1?

    • 100%

      • +2

        Could you please explain the benefit of replacing chromecast gen 1 with this? I'm in the same boat. Thanks!

        • I certainly wouldn't. I bought a Fire stick while in north america. Brought it home. A bunch of stuff is locked down unless you use a US account/VPN, not as many apps as google store. Unplugged and it's been sitting in a box since then.
          Ponied up for a shield, and it's well worth the extra money if you have it. If you don't stick with chomecast so long as you don't mind using your phone/tablet to cast things instead of a remote and UI.

          • +3

            @NigelTufnel: Yours is a US model so there is no comparison, of course its locked down because its in a country it wasn't made to be used in, let someone with a Australian model answer their question

            • @jayboi: You're right. It's supposed to be better than this, but using it in Aus with an Aus based account just turns it into this model. The model I have has a microphone and should be able to be voice controlled, but they just turn that off here, so it's just like this model with no microphone, and other functions. I've talked to friends, and it works exactly the same as theirs.

              If you could get the version available in north america, and it worked the same as it does there, it would be worth upgrading. But the current Australian offering is crap, and I don't personally see it as worth an upgrade. YMMV though.

              At least I could pair the remote I got with my shield. The remote is actually pretty good!

  • +1

    I've got the Amazon Firestick and there is no search function (for apps on the amazon app store), although the US version does have a search function. Its weird.

    • Maybe depends where you initially register your account ??
      My rokus are like that - to get the search function on the device you need to initially register as if you're in the US (with vpn). That's the only time the vpn is needed. Only suggest this as maybe firestick is similar.

  • +3

    Does anyone know if you can get the Binge app on it please

    • You need to install a Kodi add on according to posts above.

    • No, you can't unfortunately (unless someone has found a way to sideload it, but I haven't seen it)

      • You can with kodi

  • +3

    Is Binge available on this?

  • +3

    Wonder how many people with 4K TVs buy this and are oblivious.

    • FullHD still looking decent. Theres still been blu ray deals on OZB recently too.

    • +1

      I have a 65" 4K TV but am still using 1080k sources. Still looks great to me. I haven't switched to 4K yet because I have the 4th gen Apple TV which is only 1080p. But in a couple of years I'll upgrade to the newest Apple TV 4K. Unfortunately my 65" TV is a budget model and doesn't have any HDR. Regardless my NBN service doesn't have the bandwidth for 4K, it struggles with streaming regular HD sometimes.

  • Does anyone know if you can download Foxtel go on the firestick?

    • Apparently you can sideload Kodi. If so, then Foxtel Go should be able to be installed as a Kodi add-on.

  • Is there any reason to get this if you already have a smart TV or Google TV with Prime, Youtube, iView etc??

    • I wouldn’t waste my money.
      I have a firetv to load apps into my projector. A while back I had a chromecast to use with an older plasma tv but when I upgraded the tv I gave the old chromecast to my parents.

  • This or chrome cast?

    • Chrome cast

      • +2

        How people put up with using a Chromecast us beyond me. I can't think of anything worse than continually having to use my phone as a remote.

        Get a VTV and get the best of both worlds, a working remote control and built in Chromecast….or wait for Google's Chromecast replacement (due any day now).

    • Both! I have both, both are good as they serve different purposes.

      • I had the first chromecast and this firetv. Between those two models I prefer the firetv

      • Can you please clarify? What do you use each one for?

  • Not worth, get a Mi Box… it's double the price but so much better.

    • I have 2 and they have been great although since buying a new tv I have been using the smart tv features and haven't hooked up the mi box.

  • Does anyone know what Generation number this model is? The remote looks like the more recent “Basic” Version, but it also looks like the original Gen1 remote.

  • Sucks that it isn’t 4K.

    Anyone know if this is any better than the Samsung built tivan OS? I find the Samsung OS pretty good but it’s limited with its apps. I was thinking about adding this to my TV so I can use VPN.

  • Is it android tv? Can you download apps from the google play store like Tivimate for example?

    • +1

      It's Android based, not Android TV. No Play Store, you can side load stuff but (as has already been explained in the comments).

  • No support for so many apps mentioned above. Not worth it .

  • +1

    As long as you people keep buying this product, Amazon will never bring 4K firestick to Australia.

  • Does it have the NBA app?

    • It seems no bueno. Bought the Stick, got it delivered today, trying to install NBA for Fire TV — it says "You are not eligible to purchase this app due to geographical restrictions". Sigh.
      Need to google for w/a, but quick search shows that app only works in US and for US accounts (so VPN won't help).

  • Mi Box vs this? I reckon the next gen Chromecast may have all these apps though so far it's been only a casting device.

  • +2

    I only see it useful for Apple fans as you can Air play your iOS and Mac devices through a paid app on Fire stick available on Amazon also there is Apple TV app on Fire stick which is not available on Android media players

  • Sorry for a naive question - if I browse Netflix, Prime and YouTube on my mobile normally and cast it to TV absolutely seamlessly via Chromecast just with one click (when I want to watch the content on tv), then which other benefit will this device offer me? I like the price buy I am trying find a convincing use case to buy it. :)

    • Don't have to worry about your phone going flat.

    • Quickly pausing, playing, rewinding and fast-forwarding without having to screw around with your phone/apps.

      It's impressive Google's marketing convinced people a remote-less Chromecast is an acceptable UX. Thankfully they've woken up and will soon be dumping the Chromecast.

      • Makes sense. I reckon Chromecast's main use is to watch your mobile/ tablet content on a 'bigger screen' and it has definitely served the purpose. It has limitations but I loved its simplicity when I bought it 5 yrs back.

  • why is no one mentioning Vodafone box tv?

    • +10

      Vodafone box tv

      • 😂😂 but fr, I think it's a really good alternative which supports 4k, runs on Android and allows you to sideload apps

        • +1

          For $39?

          • +1

            @iShibby: It's $72, with 2 years warranty and this is still cheaper than most other 4k supported alternatives

  • Ordered one. Thanks OP.

  • Cheers OP ordered one for my outdoor TV, should be good to keep the kids quiet.

  • +4

    Got one to play Apple TV+. Annoying that the Shield doesn't have a native app.

  • Thanks Op! Got one for my bedroom tv. Was using a raspberry pi with Kodi and it was a bit annoying with the long search and wait times before getting to see any content. Hope this one helps improve the experience. :-) - atleast for the prime, netflix stuff (and may be kodi, if I manage to side load it).
    Will need to find a new purpose for the raspberry pi - I know theres heaps, just installed the retropie on it, so that still stays :-)

  • Bought the 4K one on a bargain deal from Amazon UK and had it shipped to parents house in the UK ready for me to collect … that was just before Covid came along… Not such a bargain now.

    • +1

      Your decision is still good. 4k model is much better. It's not just the 4k side. This Aust. version is dated in many ways.

      • Except its still over in the UK :)

  • Wasn't going to order because no 4k, but it had a further $20 off for me so at $19 delivered I couldn't resist.

    Tried to see if the $20 discount applied to other items but appears only when I put this firestick in my cart (tried a nvme drive sold by Amazon but it didn't show up)

  • +1

    Thanks OP, bought one.

    Anybody has any success using Surfshark and Hotstar (India) on Amazon Fire TV stick? I really find it cumbersome to go via browser on my laptop connected to my TV.

    • Assuming you already have Hotstar account, may i ask how were you able to create it in the first place? More specifically, how were you able to bypass the OTP? Did you use one of those free OTP services via web?


      • I created the account after connecting to an Indian Server via VPN. I don't bypass the OTP - luckily I happen to have an active overseas sim which I use to receive my OTP.

  • I'm looking at buying one, and I see it has a power cable, not gonna lie, I haven't bothered Googling bc the OzB comm usually knows what's up anyway, but

    1. Can I get away with plugging a micro USB into it's power socket and using the TV's USB port as it's power source? I've got away with this for a PS Vita TV, PS Classic, and NES Mini.
    2. Can someone CONFIRM if Kodi can be sideloaded? I see a fair few comments saying you should be able to, but no one saying definitively. And if so, does it have the right widevine support to watch Foxtel and the AFL app through it?

    Also yes, I know a VTV shits all over it, but for 29 bucks with the app voucher, I think I'll be right.

    • +1
      1. Yes

      2. Yes, and Yes to Widevine

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