Mazda CX-5 - tyre pressure icon on

Hey guys

My mothers 2013 cx5 has the tyre pressure warning light on. We've topped up the tyre pressure and its still on.

Do these cars have a reset button on the dash to turn it off or is it more complicated?



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    sigh what does your owners manual say??

  • Are you sure it’s the tyre pressure light? Does it have a tyre pressure monitoring system? Is it telling you what each tyre is at? If one tyre is not reading, it may need resetting/replace battery. Are you checking the pressures and the light is still on, or does it come back on hours or days later? Are there any other error messages on any display on the dash?

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    Have you driven it since topping up? Many sensors are only active once you've been doing a certain min speed for a certain length of time, ie they're not always on. The other thing could just be the sensor battery has gone. 7 year life is wiithin normal range.

    • Thanks. Yeah they were on a day trip when they topped the tyres up. The manual does say what u did though, that it can take a while to go off- or could be a puncture.
      But for starters I'll try the reset as suggested below :)

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    Button on right next to steering wheel with same icon as your tpms light (near i-stop), hold for few seconds till blinking is all done.
    Needs to reset every time you top off the air. It has indirect tpms thus won't turn off till you do so

    • Cheers mate, will give that a go in the morning.

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        Why not now?

      • Hold it in for about 3-5 seconds and it'll go away

  • Lol. I imagine the dealerships get this a lot.

  • Youtube or google

  • blinker fluid

    • We're not talking BMWs at the moment.

      • BMW blinkers are filled with special “fill for life” fluid due to them being a low use item, and only on those BMWks that are fitted with the optional indicators.

  • It depends on the TPMS system - some systems will provide an actual reading for each tyre and some systems won't provide it. The latter type only monitors the tyres for changes in pressure. So after adding more air (or releasing air), you have to reset the monitor it so that it knows what "normal" is. The alert will sound when there's a set deviation from that pressure you've set as "normal".

  • Once the light comes on it needs to be reset once you top up the air in the tyres.

    Press and hold the TPM button on the rightt hand side of the steering wheel.
    The sensor light on the dash should flash then turn off.

    This will force the sensor to do a reading, if this does not work you have a faulty sensor so its time to go to the dealer.

    (CX5 Owner here)

    • Thanks Jimbo