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Samsung Odyssey G9 C49G95T 49" Curved QLED 240hz 32:9 Monitor $2699 + Delivery (Free Pick up) @ Online Computer


Yes, its still very expensive, but it's $100 less than the previous lowest price.
Free pickup if you live near a store, looks like $60-$80 for delivery depending on location.

Display resolution
32:9 display, 5120x1440 240Hz

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    Waiting for this monitor to drop to sub $1500

    • Honestly me too, I'll get rid of my triple monitor setup for this. Sub $2k prolly

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      Can someone explain to me how these chronic waiters come up with arbitrary prices for these sorts of items to drop to? It baffles me

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        The size of their wallet

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        yeah me too i am waiting for this monitor to drop sub 0.000346 bitcoin and then its a sure buy

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        projected value weighting of new gadget x age of current setup x amount of disposabal income - amount of desk space = the price is right for me

      • Yeah, and in the miracle it does, waiting for $1k

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        I think it’s more of a “if it drops to this price I’ll buy” rather than a projection of the price to come. It’s just based on what one is willing to spend on said product

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        It's already been at a promo price equivalent to $2100 inc GST in the Asian region at launch, and those deals eventually hit everywhere.

        The G7 is replacing the CHG70, which eventually got well below $500, while the G9 is replacing the CHG90, which went below $1500.

        First the CRG90 will drop further, faster, probably down from its current $2000 to $1200 assuming it doesn't get discontinued.

        These Samsung models are barely above entry level in terms of today's feature sets, and in the 27"/32" they'll have a lot of competition very quickly. The G9 will have to follow suit to remain a competitive offering.

        • Why would it need to follow suit when it's not competing with anything else? How many 49 inch G Sync 240hz HDR displays exist? It's actually well priced compared to other niche monitors like ASUS stuff.

          • @DisabledUser139667: Because AUO are updating their VA panel tech and that should go close to this, there's 4k120Hz OLED TVs that compete with this for casual productivity and gaming purposes, and smash it in HDR.

            Away from that, there are dual LCD, miniLED options to compete in terms of offering a much better HDR experience while sidestepping burn-in risk from an OLED. The premium monitor space is about to fill up with options, starting in Q4 and extending through to Q4 next year.

            And then there's Samsung pushing through with QD-OLED next year, and QNED tech 1-2 years later. The former will be targeting 8K for TVs, while the latter will be seeking to reach 16K which means the PPI synergy lines up well initially for 4K monitors and basic phone/tablet screens, but then 8K monitors and a full AMOLED replacement when QNED is ready to go.

            That won't be like normal early adopter tech, because the monitors and the TVs should be using the same modular panels, just 1 vs 4. Phones are a slightly different matter, but I assume they'll just be cut down from substrate sections that can't be used for those modular panels.

            So while that's a roadmap for the next 5 years, we should see competitors using equivalent AUO panels, or this same Samsung panel but with better tuning or a better backlight array, starting Q1 at the latest. The 48" LG CX OLED will also sell for cheaper than current G9 prices in Q4 of this year, as per the normal TV price cycle (read: manufacturing ramp).

            Keep in mind it's GSync compatible, not hardware GSync. I thought it had variable overdrive (which makes hardware GSync basically pointless), but it turns out it's just able to roll through its full VRR range without needing an overdrive adjustment.

    • Will never happen

      • the older version of this monitor is already sub $1500 on the samsung website. maybe when a new model comes out then this one will be sub $1500

        • Yeah, and that was a $2200 or so model that got superseded by a model closer to $3k. And it's obviously gonna be run out.

          So, that's still a huge drop.

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          I think you mean the 3840x1080 C49J890, this is a 5120x1440 G-Sync monitor. I doubt it'll be sub $1,500 when a new model comes out.

        • No its not, its still there for $1999

          Samsung appears to be selling both versions concurrently which would make sense and will keep the price of each of them higher than previous generations where they ran them out at discount. From memory I believe the cheapest the CRG9 ever got to was $1600 odd through a promo on the Samsung EPP store some time back.

          • @Osiris: Here's new US shipments of the G9 dropping down to an AU equivalent of $2250 inc GST:


            The US are usually very slow on price drops because consumer demand tends to be quite high for highly-rated monitors, so this is very telling.

            The G9 has a partial competitor in the LG CX 48", and it's dropped to compete with that release.

            • @jasswolf: Hi Jass,

              Given the complete balls up the negative user reviews samsung has found themselves left with from the launch I am not surprised the price has dropped not sure that proves a correlation with the LG Oled which most would consider a tv first and foremost.

              Regardless this debate is pretty pointless, the price of these devices will come down as they age, will they get as low as $1500? I'd probably bet no on the G9 maybe on the CRG9 but as long as Samsung maintains both models on the market its not going to change overnight.

              • @Osiris: LG are marketing the 48" as a monitor, and they have been since they announced it…

                Going to agree to strongly disagree on this one, and the rest of your points.

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        yes it will.

        • Ok, you wait for it.

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    This is the type of quality bargains i use this site for, bought 5 - thanks op.

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      You can probably get full 360 degree vision with 5 of these. Enjoy!

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        I can get 360 degree vision with 3 normal monitors if I sit close enough to them.

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          not quite how it works my dude, but sure…

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            @wellzi: He gets his wife to constantly reposition to monitors as required to achieve 360.
            Mrs Haj the real MVP.

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              @dalcoud: LMAO this and FireRunner's comments have made my day already. I salute you Mrs Haj. The REAL MVP!!

              FireRunner how could I forgot about the classic triangle arrangement!!!!!

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          It’s not how close you sit, it would how they’re arranged. That would literally be siting in a triangle of three monitors

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    Wondering if this be ok for my nan (for web browsing and emails)?

    • Get her onto Facebook so she can watch those funny vids in a 500px-wide box.

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    That is big. I got a 38" Dell Ultra wide last week and is sizable. This G9 is so big your eyes would get stretch marks.

    • That's actually why it has such a sharp curve on it. Too big otherwise.

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    If I buy this and claim a tax deduction will I get audited

    • +1

      No not at all, it's an office expense.

      Just make sure you have an "office" to put it in, if you are working from home and claiming it as an office you might have issues with capital gains tax when you sell your house. If you are renting or working from work lol then no issues.

    • I don't think you'll get audited because you buy and claim this as a tax deduction, as it is over the instant write-off threshold you will have to account for it as a depreciating asset tho.

      If you do get audited just say you need to work & watch DQHD porn (personal use) at 50% of time, so just accept 50% and move on. ;p

    • Tax dept doesn't check what specific product claiming, just how much you claiming vs everyone else average claim in your profession.

      I'll be claiming some % of the Dell 27" gaming monitor…if it ever shows up :)

    • As long as its genuinely an work office expense, then nothing wrong with claiming the deduction. But be aware you wont be able to claim the full amount, only depreciation as its over the $300 claim limit.

  • Lol, I can see one use for this monitor - give your neck some exercise. The thing is so wide that you'll prob have to keep turning your head from left to right.

    • YomamaMonitor so wide … you need to turn your head to see everything.

  • Got mine about 2 weeks ago. Doesn't hurt my neck at all screen curves with human eye, when you have windows open full screen most stuff displays in centre anyway.

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    Cries in 24" TN

  • -2

    The 1000r is the only thing that puts me off.
    Well that and the price.

    • Why would a curve put you off? You can't use an Ultrawide of this size without one without having serious issues on the corners

      I've from the original ASUS 34 to the predecessor of this, absolutely love it.

    • +1

      1000R is perfect curve for the monitor of this size. Think about it… you sit 1 meter from your monitor and this monitor curve has 1 meter radius. So all pixels are approximately the same distance from you.

      • I currently use 3x 27" of a variety of ages (4 - 9 years) and models.. this is only 2x 27" in size really. While between them they are bent in a little they a lot closer to 1800r then 1000r and I'm happy with it.

        I have compared this setup to a 34" 1800r Dell I had borrowed for a bit and that was OK (but not quite enough realestate).. I have also seen a 24/5" 100r in JB-HIFI and its like sitting looking at a screen from inside a fish bowl. I would also loose desk space with the wider screen curving forward over it.

        (also I like how i get negged for expressing a personal dislike. I didn't say everyone had to agree with me.)

        • +1

          Your screen setup is over 70". I really struggle to see how 1800R is good enough so you can see edges of your screens comfortably. I think you are making a compromise not curving your screens more agressively so you don't lose desk space.

          If you find yourself to prefer working on a center screen, then you know your curve is too weak because side screens are a lot less comfortable. Think about it.

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    Ships from Italy for $1095USD +shipping. Click 'available from these sellers'.

    Linus has 2 videos on this monitor, one for his driving PC and one for a decent samsung plug.

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      Not the same one

      • Thanks for the correction. Sorry screenshot looked the same. Just noticed the model number in the title too.

  • Thought the g9 was recalled?

    • Not officially but they're aware of the issues

  • So are these the newer batches without issues?

  • Do people actually notice the difference between 144 and 240? I don't think the eyes are that good.

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      The human eye can't see more than 24 fps

      • -1


        Hell yes it can. 24fps is sort of the minimum to look like real motion instead of a series of still pictures

    • +1

      They are good enough, but what's happened with 240Hz tech is that response times only really started to get good enough as of mid-2019 thanks to a TN panel model refresh.

      That's since been followed by IPS and now this VA offering, the latter of which is showing the most promise. We now have 360Hz IPS options too, but early data suggests that once again, first generation response times are too slow to really bridge the gap between that and 240Hz (and this is a common issue amongst 1st and 2nd gen monitor tech as it hits new peaks).

      Ideally you want you maximum (read: longest) response time to be half of the refresh rate (or for 240Hz, 2.08 ms) to get crystal clear imagery for the refresh rate (and to better support BFI/strobing options), but we're nowhere near this yet. Plus, they'd use such an advance to push 480-600 Hz monitors, anyway.

      As for the question of why 240Hz? The centre of your vision can be roughly estimated as 200-250 Hz in terms of basic object recognition. Motion resolution of the human eye - when you include peripheral vision - is about 1000Hz, and physiological response to flicker (which creates eyestrain and headaches) still seems to be prominent enough up until for this to be driving manufacturing road maps towards numbers like 1700Hz also.

      In terms of the next decade, you're looking at 1000Hz working towards being mainstream, with VR and AR probably leading the push, but even today's typical 16:9 monitors do stray into our peripheral vision, and this 32:9 model certainly does.

  • -2

    No HDMI 2.1. For this price I’d want hdmi connection and thunderbolt 3.

    • -1

      This uses DisplayPort 1.4a with DSC 1.2a to deliver the resolution and refresh rate with 10-bit HDR over a single cable.

      You might find a DisplayPort over USB-C version in the future, but you're probably no chance of finding a dedicated Thunderbolt version. Closest thing might be a USB 4.0 spec connection of some kind.

    • +1

      You only need what it requires to achieve its specs…. Which it does fine.

  • Does anybody know if this is the old batch that was "recalled" or is this part of the next wave? every other store seems to be waiting on stock.

    • It's not even clear if there were issues beyond a specific region. The 32" G7 has had a lot of flickering issues, but there have been several firmware updates and driver updates since launch (and it's a combination of the two that are involved in flickering issues).

      AFAIK, the G9 mostly had some issues with the panel falling away from its reinforcements, which is very easy to spot and get a return for if you run into issues.