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Ryobi 18V ONE+ Dual Function Inflator/Deflator (Tool Only) P747 (Bulk Packed) $106.35 + Del ($0 w/ Prime) @ Amazon AU via US


This is a replacement for the US model P731 which sells at Bunnings for $109 (CIT1800G AUS model). Looks a good deal as the new model doesn't seem available in Australia.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      That's going to work wonders when you're got a deflated car tyre /s

      • It works fine on a car tyre, as long as you're not in a hurry.

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          If you weren't in a hurry, you probably didn't need the car to be driveable to begin with.

      • Not as bad as you'd think. This guy compared a bunch of battery inflators and a double barrel foot pump. Was faster than some of the battery ones (if you need the leg workout).

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    I've got the 'old' model that sells in Bunnings. It's fantastic!

  • I think I prefer the one that Bunnings sells with the display on top.

    • Here's a review

      with the display on top.

      " the P747 is not designed to operate standing upright. It’s designed to operate on it’s back so the front and display is facing upwards towards you for easy viewing."

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    I bought this model earlier this year for $89 and the price fluctuates significantly. As it is for the US market it measures in PSI only and not kPa. Has to be laid on it's side due to its shape. Other than that a good little unit.

    • Ok, didn't see that price. Good catch…

  • Decent price, I paid a little more earlier this year.

    Compared to the current model in AUS people report this to be more accurate and I have found it great so far.

  • Seems to be thinner than the domestic model by half and will be good for leaving it inside the boot during road trips.

  • what do people use this for? genuinely curious.

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      Bike tyres, inflatable mattresses, car tyres in an emergency

      • Oh okay was wondering if could do car tyres.

        Is it not powerful enough or something for that application?

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          It's meant to be capable of doing it, I haven't tried personally. If you're planning on using it regularly while 4WDing, I doubt it's going to be as good as a proper tyre inflator.

          I throw it in the back of the car for long road trips just in case I need it.

          • @dav3: Not very good for big 4wd tyres, as in it takes a while 20mins per tyre to 36psi and the pump gets nuclear hot.

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          I use the older model to check and pump up my tyres all the time, no issues with it.

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          You can top up car tyres, but wouldn't want to fill a full tyre.

          The most I have done in a car tyre was about 6 psi (to 33psi) and it took a couple of minutes. But set and forget, no need to drag an air hose around the garage so I can live with it. (This is with the Ozito which is like the old Ryobi, don't know if the new Ryobi is any better)

    • Camping, emergcy pump up, beach riding and inflatable pool toys.

    • Blow up doll

  • What with the recent Ozito clearances getting me into the PXC ecosystem I got the Ozito one ($89) which looks like the old Ryobi that Bunnings has. Handy device, set desired pressure and go.

  • Bunnings also sell a $79 one…

    • That's high pressure inflation only unfortunately. And it's listed under hot glue guns? Bunnings….

      • And it's listed under hot glue guns?

        That might explain why they haven't sold many online.

        • Is this one good to top up car tyres or would it take ages like the one in this deal?

  • Cheers! Was just about to buy the older model at Bunnings this afternoon.

  • +1

    Does anyone know the difference between the two models (US vs AU)??

    • The newer one (US model) is meant to be more accurate compared to the current AU model.

  • I have the old model and its rubbish the piston melted inside mine. hope this one is better.

    • +1

      Can you return it?

  • There's an AEG compressor that takes 2 18batteriesV , $339 at Bunnings. Might be worth a look you need it for for than car tyres.

  • I've had the older model for quite some time and it's served me really well on camping trips etc.

    The Large Volume Inflator/Deflator is great for using the Vacuum Storage Bags when you want to reduce the size of your Pillows/Sleeping Bags in the Bag of the Car.
    I generally carry it around in the back of the Landcruiser because it can do the Inflation/Deflation and Pump up the Tyres in an emergency.

    I generally carry around 3-4 of the 18V LED Lamps as well, so we have a good stock of batteries with us etc.

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