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MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GT LP Low Profile Graphics Card 4GB GDDR5 $228.65 Delivered @ AZ eShop eBay


About $27 cheaper than last deal.
The GTX1650 is currently the best graphics card available for SFF builds which require a half-height GPU

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      It's probably the best card you can use on the old refurb Dells SFF machines without needing to upgrade the power supply (in most cases)

      • Yeah that makes a lot more sense. OP's description should be updated to add that extra information, as currently standing it's misleading.

      • Sometimes doesn't fit due the space that the fan need just be careful I had to buy some for a optiplex 7050 and the power supply are on the way so I had to spent 3x in a P1000 which is just one slot. Such a shame.

      • Card needs to be single slot and low profile to fit in most of the SFF machines. Best i could find that is single slot LP was a GT1030. Most cards out there are double slot (second slot used for fans).

        • Just avoid dell sff, hp and lenovo equivalent have the psu on top and the board at the bottom half so they have plenty of height clearance. Best is the lenovo thinkcentre because they have room to fit up to 4 pcie slots

        • Just use the x4 slot in Dells. It makes no difference in cards of this computational power.

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      None of these cards are SFF in the sense fit in a half height PCIe case..

      • That's not what SFF means it's far more broad than that, so being more specific is a good idea. Especially for people that may be looking at building SFF PC's for the first time, and would get the wrong idea from that one sentence they wrote.

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      I mean't SFF builds like the Optiplex 9020 which requires half-height/low profile GPUs

      • Being more specific is a good idea, as SFF covers a lot of ground and means anything sitting in the sub 20L region. As my example, th Ncase M1 is a very popular SFF case.

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          I've updated the OP to clarify it

        • While the term may technically cover smaller volume PC cases meant for custom builds, vast majority of SFF computers (probably over 90% of all SFFs out there) are sold by OEMs like DELL, HP. Lenovo etc. which only accept low profile PCI cards. So when people refer to SFF they usually mean those OEM computers, not the handful of custom builds in small volume PC cases.

          • @opt: I think it’s more a case of the custom PC market highjacking the term that did relate to a specific width form factor from OEMs. There is some length variation but Dell, Lenovo and HP SFF and USFF match up very closely. Aftermarket cases, all over the place and it’s a meaningless term.

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      I would assume that the idea of SFF PC in this context would be with the refurb Dell Optiplex/HP EliteDesk/etc SFF PCs that go on sale here regularly, which would be ideal as they take half-height/low-profile GPUs.

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    Been thinking to put this on old Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF

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      Same, been reading up about it and it should work fine. Mine has the 255W power supply.

      Note that you will most likely need to plug it into the pcie x4 slot, so you'll lose a bit of performance.

      • but the 75 watts power bothers me though

        • +1

          From what I've read, that is the MAX power in the specs and people have used this card without problems.

          It's a risk I guess, but I like my desktop and don't really want to spend too many $$$ replacing it. Need a second gaming PC for the kids so they don't keep fighting over the other one.

        • Don't worrie about that since as mentioned it is the maximum. Normally those cards work around 65w unplug the DVD drive from the power supply and just use 1 ssd all good to go.

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      It'll work fine in the 9020 SFF but as @jv mentioned, it will have to go in the x4 slot. Since it's a double-slot card, there won't be much breathing room and it will definitely get toasty under load. You'll need to run it with the side panel off and maybe even point a USB fan at it..

  • Not bhed
    Small size!

  • wow that I/O sucks, 1 HDMI/1 DVI?

    • +3

      wow that I/O sucks

      Not if you've paid around $200 for the rest of your gaming PC….

      Mine came with 16Gb ram and an i7. Spending $230 more to get a pretty good gaming PC is good value.

      (The Zotac one has more ports, but it is very, very noisy.)

    • +1

      Yeah, it seems MSI preferred a larger air intake over more ports. Gigabyte one has a Displayport but smaller air intake

      • +2

        Yeah, I read the reviews and don't really want a desktop sounding like an F-111 about to take off.

        Especially when the Dell cases do not have much room left to breath…

        I'm thinking about making a cut in the side panel and putting some mesh there to let in more air.

      • I'm waiting for the GDDR6 version to go on sale. https://www.mwave.com.au/product/gigabyte-geforce-gtx-1650-d...

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    for what it's worth these are also available with ddr6 memory which should prove to be slightly better especially if you're overclocking.

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      Not sure how much overclocking you'd want to do in a SFF build. Power supply is probably close to limit and overheating will probably be a problem

    • I’ve got the Gigabyte gddr6 in a Dell 9020… works well however heat is a problem… if I crank up the specs To high in game it hits 85 degrees no problem… I’ve not had the courage to overclock because of the heat

      • Have you tried drilling a few large holes on the side panel where the graphics card is to improve ventilation?

        • Yeah i have, and it has helped… however I'm still running most games at medium settings in order to keep the temps around 65-70
          I've also played around with the fan speed to 100% for anything above 60. Not sure if I'm being ultra conservative with the temps

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    best low budget card, can play many modern games at 'ok good' fps :)

    • Yeah, if all you're after is 1080p @ 60Hz, this card is great

  • +1

    I must admit, a little disappointed by the lack of 'wait for the 3090' comments like most other graphics card posts lately :)

    • I was half expecting someone to make a comment like that.
      Luckily most realized this belongs to a different class of graphics cards

    • Low end cards retain its value , I saw a few Rx 580 going for $200+ lately and 2060 super 2070 super going for $400-500

      • +1

        Low end cards retain its value

        There must be a lot of collectors out there.

        • I'm also very surprised by this

          • @ln28909: Probably everyone buying up stock thanks to COVID has driven up even low end cards

            • @FireRunner: I reckon it's because people are selling their expensive card and need a cheap one in the meantime before they upgrade

        • LOL, collectible graphics cards … other than 3dfx Voodoo cards

    • Hoping for a 3050 or a 3030 with the AV1 decoder from that series, but I think that's a minimum year away if not two.

  • Note that this is the older GDDR5 version and has different ports to the newer GDDR6 release. Performance-wise, there's not a huge difference between the two as they had to under clock the GDDR6 model to keep it under the 75W power envelope of a low profile card.

    Also, this card runs quite hot at full bore: around 80-84 degrees. If you're planning on chucking this in an OEM SFF PC that already has bad airflow then it will probably thermal throttle.

    I personally have this card and feel that it's pretty poor value, even at this price-point. You're better off finding a low-profile, sub-$200 GTX 1050ti or RX550 if you can find one. If you don't intend to use this in an OEM PC (must be low profile and under 75W) then definitely look elsewhere - there are way better GPU options to be had.

    • Note that this is the older GDDR5 version and has different ports to the newer GDDR6 release.

      Do MSI do a GDDR6 version?

      • You're right @jv, I don't think they do. I was confusing it with the Gigabyte version of this card. That said, I have seen different releases of this MSI with various port options.

        • I initially wasn't going to get this card because of the ports, then I realised one of my monitors is only DVI and VGA anyway, so these ports suit me fine. Ordered a new gaming monitor for the other port.

          Was more concerned about he noise these cards can make, rather than the types of cables I need to have.

    • +1

      You're better off finding a low-profile, sub-$200 GTX 1050ti

      They're pretty much the same price, that's why I opted for the 1650.

      • A low profile GTX 1050ti, pre-COVID, was down around the $195 mark. It hasn't come back down to this level for almost a year.

        I'm just not a fan of the 1650 given the pricing and its thermal performance.

  • +1

    For what its worth I have this in the 9020. I ahve overcloked it using MSI Afterburner. I have removed the optical drive to improve airflow in the case. Also upgraded to 16G of RAM and a SSD. Runs most games at Medium at 1440. No issues with heating, stay below 80 in most cases.

    • @ruskiromka Hi, are you currently having this card and put into PCI x4 slot (shorter black slot) and it works fine with your 9020 SFF case not the DT case ? thanks for your advice. I have SFF 9020 case, but want to know whether it works or not, can't much video / links for this information.

      • Yes I run it in the x4 slot

        • thank you very much :)

  • I'm tempted to get this. Will this be much of an upgrade from 1050ti? I currently have a HP G1 800 i7 4770

    • 10-15%

      • hrmm, will it be worth it? does it handle 1440p well?

        • Probably not worth the upgrade unless you go for the DDR6 version and overclock it.

        • Both ATI and Nvidia's next gen cards will have significant improvements in performance/watt.
          You should be able to get a lot more performance out of the 75w maximum the pci slot can deliver with the upcoming 3040 or 3050 (or whatever they decide to call it).

          • @Shacktool: will the 3xxx series have low profile version?

            • @Homr: Nothing announced yet. Nvidia only release their hero cards at the start. Their affordable cards usually only release months later.
              But there should be a chip that uses less than 75w. Usually these will be sold with both full height and sff brackets in the box.

  • no display ports on this one, wtf?

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