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Xiaomi POCO F2 Pro 5G 6GB 128GB $534.85, 8GB 256GB $634.60 Delivered (HK) @ TobyDeals


Xiaomi POCO F2 Pro 5G 6GB 128GB - Cyber Grey $534.85

Xiaomi POCO F2 Pro 5G 6GB 128GB - White $535

Xiaomi POCO F2 Pro 5G 8GB 256GB - Electric Purple $634.60

Xiaomi POCO F2 Pro 5G 8GB 256GB - Cyber Grey $645.05

Don't forget cashback for further savings.

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  • How is it compared to Poco X3 which will is released today ?

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    $622 @ mymobile . Drop shipped via HK with AU tax invoice. Not sure how returns/warranty is with mymobile but im planning to buy a phone from here in the near future.


    edit: $622 for 8gb ram 256gb storage

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      Hi, They will add around 35 shipping. But its better to buy from them due to local AU shop with ABN. My opinion…

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    aka Redmi K30 Pro, great price if sourced locally

    NO SD card !!! Why oh why oh Why? Looks like all the K30/Pro/Ultra will not have the SD card but 3.5 audio

    Edit: How does the CASHBACK work?

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      It's slightly different with camera configuration having zoom vs macro. K30 doesn't have Australian 4G bands either.

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    If you don't mind getting it from overseas (like this deal), it is a bit cheaper from BuyBuyBox for the purple and white variants at $518 shipped. I bought one from a couple of weeks ago and shipping took 7 business days from Hong Kong to Melbourne.

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    I would have bought this phone already if it wasn't so huge and heavy. Why is it so hard to find a normal size phone now? Pixel 5 might be ok, but I don't want to spend twice as much as a Poco on something with inferior hardware.

    • Big screen, big battery?

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      I know, right? I have been searching for a new phone to buy for months now but nothing decent under 6.3" and less than 180 g is available.

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        yep I gave up, it does feel heavy, but otherwise great phone.

      • analysis paralysis

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    Its a shame that all Xiaomi phones are using USB 2.0 on a USB-C port. All of my USB-C to HDMI adapters do not work.

  • Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC is the new King of mid range but no 5G which this one has.

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    TL;DR - the only warranty you get from TD is via PayPal.

    Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro Dual 5G 8/256GB Blue $622
    Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro Dual 5G 6/128GB Blue $535 OOS which they tell you about unlike TD

    Add approx $35 delivery if you don't want to go into BNE.

    Australian bricks n mortar store, 1 year warranty, and GST tax invoice.

    • occupational overuse syndrome?

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        OOS means out of $tock

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      I don't believe they have stock in Brisbane. It's ordered online and shipped to you.

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    Cyber Purple

  • This or a $700 7t Pro from buybuybox? All the features and specs for the Poco seem much better and newer but I really don't want to leave Oxygen OS. Are there plenty of stable and clean custom roms for this poco model yet?

    • Honestly I moved away from Oneplus in my new phone and I miss Oxygen OS.

    • I've had the oneplus 6 and poco f2 pro side by side and the op6 despite it been older, was still more fluid and smooth. the pocof2pro i've now used for a few months and pretty happy with it

  • Just compared this phone to my S9+ and it is so much better in terms of: Processor, RAM, Memory, Battery. Only thing i would say is that the Camera is TBC as well as the UI. Any one care to comment on the camera quality?

    Oh and it's 5g also.

    • Same boat with my note 9, in saying that I would miss the SD card reader.

    • Camera is fine once you install gcam

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      Thats true, samsung cameras are far better, specially for the video quality and Super steady. Also, consider no waterproofing, no wireless charging, screen is also not on par with sammy. Poco wins in performance though, even compared to the most recent note 10 ultra (which is 3 - 4x the price haha) because of the shit exynos processor, poco f2 pro will most likely perform better than s30 and note 30 if they continue to use exynos processor.

  • Anyone on Optus or providers that use Optus might have problems with mms. Check forums. Only just got mine fixed

    • I have this issue, how did you fix it?

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        Optus fixed it and they weren't able to tell me how they fixed it. It took about two weeks

      • I've just contacted my provider as well about it and will update with any news.

  • anyone ever have issues connecting to some wifi networks with these phones I had a Xiaomi once and it couldn't connect to home wifi ect..?

    • Which phone was it? Some cheaper/older phones were limited to 2.4ghz.

    • No issues. The phone is amazing

    • yeah i did, but there is a youtube video which will show you how to fix it.

  • This or Oppo Reno 5G?

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      Camera - get the Oppo (it has OIS)

      Bang for buck - the F2 Pro.

      • thanks!

      • there's a lot to be said for OIS, under-rated feature.

  • No stereo speakers deal breaker for me

  • Will this come with play store preinstalled and ability to have Gmail, youtube etc functional without flashing things?

    • Yes

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    Stay away from TobyDeals. I placed my order on 30th Aug. They never responded to me after i sent them five follow up emails until 12th Sep asking the status of shipment.
    Thankfully i paid using Paypal. I escalated to paypal and got refunded within 2 days of escalation.

    • 5 phones the last few years including recently. No issue.

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