Any Vitamix deals out there? Lookimg for sub $400

Looking for the e310 or e320 or equivalent. Trying to avoid the newer smart ones as ive heard if it doesnt recognize the jar it doesnt work.


  • Where can I find out which model is best for me? Their website is surprisingly bad at showing all the options in one view

    Also new food processor attachment released yesterday funnily enough. I think it only works with digital versions

    • Yes apparently it only works with the Ascent series as it needs to recognise the jar (possibly others too) but not the Explorian.

  • DJones had a very good vitamix deal back in June. I totally regret not buying one.

    Lets hope for another good deal soon :P

  • I've got an older one that is brilliant but I don't use it any longer, since I have a Thermomix now. They really are a great product, but I'm confused by all the different options they have come out with in recent years. They all seem to have gotten smaller. I don't completely understand this except when it's for individual use. You might be able to get a second hand one, they last and last.

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