Amino Z Supplements - How Can We Improve Our Range?

We've had some amazing support from the OzBargain community over the years. I wanted to reach out and get your feedback on how we can improve our range of supplements (found at

For existing customers of ours, what do you like and what can we improve? Would you like to see new products released, new flavours, improvements or something else?

I'm aware that a number of people shop at our competitors who also manufacture and retail their own brands of supplements. For those that do, I'd love to know where we fall short and what would make you consider trying our range.

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any feedback so we can improve what we have to offer.

Amino Z (Owner)

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    Hi Jay, what Australian made products do you sell?

    I haven't shopped with Amino Z before but have with MyProtein for whey isolate and although i think their product is good, it has zero information on the country of origin/country of manufacture/source and makes me cautious as to what I'm consuming.

    Just looking through the website, is there a filter to see Australian made products? (particularly interested in whey proteins)

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    Compared to BN/ BP etc, price, taste of protein powder. Send free samples when people are ordering (brand name) products from you.

    In the early days you would take a punt on a protein powders taste, not anymore. Samples 1 serve etc at least breaka sown the taate barrier, next is price.

    Same goes for pre workout and Aminos etc.

    PS: i just received my 700 Scitec Protein satchels, thanks. I've already had 1000 of them from the previous orders.
    PSS: if you can get your flavours to match Scitec and the Macros, you'll be on a winner.

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      Thanks for the feedback askme69, most appreciated. Good point here about the taste being key which obviously you can't try until you commit to the product itself.

      Our biggest challenge here is in the cost of production, but it is something we are seriously considering investing into. It's a very good suggestion.

      One question on this as I'd love your feedback. We recently launched a 110% guarantee where you can try the product out and if you don't like it, either get 110% back in store credit or a full refund. We did this so we can eliminate the risk in trying something new. I'm curious for your opinion on this - is this not compelling for you personally?

      Thanks in advance!


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        No, i have to package it up and ship it back etc.

        Venom protein in QLD used to do 10 flavours for $10, may still do.

        They all tasted terrible so i never went any further. Also do a lab test on protein content every so often, that is still lingering in people's minds and BN jumped on that paranoia and used to send out free test kits.

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          Okay good point. If you're just trying out one unit and it's opened, we don't ask you to return it. But perhaps we should advertise this more clearly.

          And good suggestion about the flavour variations and test kits. I'll add that to our list of idea's.


          • @aminozcomau: This is good to know, again the idea of having to send something back is a pain in the ass but the biggest problem I have is finding something new I like - so I end up sticking to what I know and can tolerate.

            • @Baa: Thanks for the note here @Baa

              I guess I feel a similar way too, it's an inconvenience and ultimately we want to make it as easy as possible to give our products a go. I'm going to take this on board and see if we can more effectively communicate this on our website.


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    Bought from AZS one time before - the amount of emails i received from you guys afterwards was ridiculous - I was even receiving them after I un-subscribed.
    The sale was more than fine - you guys just went crazy with the after sale service.

    • Thanks for the feedback Glenningvalley. Was this a while ago? We did have an issue but I do believe that this was fixed up - have the emails now stopped?


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    If folks eat healthy and or wholesome meals, why should they supplement at all?

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      Thanks for the query and this is a fair point.

      In respect to our range specifically, it is targeted towards fitness enthusiasts as opposed to being a supplement for food that you would normally consume in a meal. We don't do meal replacements for example. There are some unique qualities about these supplements that are of benefit over food.

      One simple example could be a whey protein isolate. This is a highly refined protein powder which absorbs quickly into the body with an extremely high bioavailability. The equivalent cannot be found naturally in food and so consumption of this following an intense workout can ensure fast delivery of quality proteins (and hence amino acids). The same is true for other products like dextrose and free-form amino acids.

      Another example could be creatine monohydrate. While you can find this naturally in meat, the amount is so negligent that it does not act as an ergogenic aid. There have been numerous studies showing the benefits of supplementing with creatine to enhance strength output.


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      My mate, who was weight-lifting about 5 times a week, had a free consult with a nutritionist. His recommended protein intake was around 100 g and he said he could not consistently achieve this intake without supplementing. He crunched down the numbers at some point and he concluded that it was cheaper to buy supplement rather than to buy, let's say, chicken to get his protein.

      • 100g of protein is quite easy to get in a single day. A lot of people are hitting 200g per day but that gets very tiresome if not including WPI/C

  • I want to buy peanut flour for recipes and I can't find it anywhere. Could you please sell it?

    Not powdered peanut butter, don't want added salt and sugar. Just pure defatted peanuts.

    • Thanks for the feedback Quantumcat. I'll forward this request over to our lead product developer. I believe she may already have something in the works here.

      Have you seen any similar products we can use as reference, even if it's overseas but unavailable locally?


        • Thanks Quantumcat - I'll pass this on. It is quite possible that we may not get this since our range is heavily focused on sports nutrition and not so much cooking or baking. With limited resources we can't venture too far away from our core range. We will however review it and we'll let you know if we are able to stock it at some point.


          • @aminozcomau: It is usually used for protein in shakes

            • @Quantumcat: Oh okay thanks. I'm not overly familiar with this product but I'll pass this on then and let you know if we can get this in. Thanks!


  • Good afternoon Jay/Vanessa,

    Any consideration to adding pea/rice/other vegan protein blends?


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      Thanks for the suggestion KingLouis.

      Yes we are currently working on that as we have had a number of similar requests. Right now we're in the process of formulating a product that tastes great (which is taking some time, because these ingredients can be very difficult to get right).


  • Enjoying your raw WPI in cold water with a few drops of stevia extract. Have you ever considered an electrolyte mixture (sugar free)? Good amount of sodium, bit of potassium and magnesium and some flavour for mixing in water or even capsules…