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Palmolive Foaming Hand Wash Refill Antibacterial Lime 500ml $3.47 (S&S) - Min 2 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Order) @ Amazon


Minimum order 2

Kills 99.9% of germs
Dermatologically tested
Lime and Mint Fragrance
Liquid Hand Wash

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    They also have the 1L Liquid Soap version on sale. This is crazy good value because you can easily make your own 'Foaming' version by combining the liquid soap with water. I've found anything around 1/3 to 1/2 soap to water mix works really well. Works perfectly with other brands too.

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      Thanks for the tip. Will give it a go

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        My pleasure :) Just pour a fraction of the the liquid soap into the empty foaming dispenser then add about twice as much water then 'swill' the container around so the two combine as best you can. Repeat another 3-4 times until the dispenser is full then shake it a bit more to combine all the 'combinations' and you'll be set! I did have a few thick mixes when I first started but tipping a bit out then adding water fixed that no probs. 1L of liquid soap seemingly never runs out :) Far less plastic waste to boot!

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          Regular version dropped down to $5.00 normal $4.50 S&S last week. Still good price but I cancelled my pending order from $5.80 and reorder with discounted price. Ozb spirit lol.

          • @Cpt Archer: Yep, got 2 bottles for $9 yesterday. Price has changed now though.

    • I tried with my automatic battery foaming dispenser and it broke it :(

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        Too thick I assume. I found it's best to make it thinner than you think it needs to be… even down to a quarter or even a fifth liquid soap to water mix.

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          I find 1/3 works pretty well. Also using warm water seems to help it mix a little easier.

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            @Rod71: Nice! I've only used cold water but yes, warm water makes sense… or should that be scents… or even cents!

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      This comment deserves to be a deal by itself.

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        You can also do this with dish soap. It works great to save money but also way nicer for washing dishes by hand. I do like a 6-1 or 10-1 ratio with hot water. It's so convenient for doing a quick wash of one dish. I found the Dove body wash pump to be way stronger than the normal hand soap pumps.

    • Glad to know others are doing this too. I just started myself and just like you said, 1/3 soap 2/3 water is the right ratio for me.
      it will take a few mins to come together after a good shake

    • Which pump do you use? I had trouble with mine not working after about three refills.

      • I'm still on a 2-3 year old Palmolive 'Cherry Blossom' pack… and probably a good dozen or so refills have passed through it since it was new.

    • I have been doing same and can confirm it work well with warm water 1 to 3 ratio.

      Only concern for me is it dilutes the anti-bacteria strength when diluted, I heard you need at least 70% alcohol in it to kill germs, so it could lost its anti bacteria purposes when diluted (?).

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      I do 1:5 soap to warm water but mix water in bit by bit.

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    Only grabbed two. Haven’t tried this scent before

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      Smells like BO

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      Not good imo. I grabbed some last deal.

  • Kills 99.9% of germs

    0.1% are the ones that get you.

    • Should be killing viruses :)

  • Have they changed the ingredients yet to make sure anitibacterial stuff doesn't result bacterial resistance? I know that antibac stuff was banned in the US but us laggards over here are always behind

    • tell

    • very few soaps in Australia have triclosan luckily.

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    Darn why don't they have the cherry blossom

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    OOS for me

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    Yep gone :(

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    Big W has the Palmolive Foaming Hand Wash Refill Lime 1L for $5.95

    • sucks there's no big w near me

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    I found the Coles branded (Coles Lime Fresh Antibacterial Hand Wash Refill) better than Palmolive. Made in Australia too.

  • What is the advantage of foam?

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      I find it quicker as it skips the few seconds required to get goopy soap to foam up in your hands to provide enough coverage.. It's also far easier to use much less soap because a big dollop of foamed soap only contains the smallest amount of actual soap… the rest is just air & water.

  • Looks to be back in stock