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Youfoodz $6.95, 13 Dishes for $70 @ Youfoodz


racist food sales again,

this time more dishes start from $6.95, use MEAL-DEAL coupon to get 20% off when your total is $89 something,

13 dishes for around $70

l tried it for once, delivered at midnight 2 am.

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  • Gotta get over $90 after discount to get free delivery.

    Thanks OP, I got 15 meals between $6.95-$7.95 for $89.70 with free delivery. That's just under $6 per meal which is what they are worth.

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    racist food sales again,


  • My advice for everyone is please go out and support you local takeaway joint or any of your local restaurant, cafe also been boxing their food selling it for cheap. Plenty of deals for boxed deal $5-6, normally they start at 5pm pre-covid, now they are selling it at around 2-3pm. Bigger portion and taste better than this racist offerings.

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      Ok it all makes sense. Suppose their price point comes at the expense of their employees.

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        Well f***… and here I was thinking that everyone was overreacting for something the owners said on an instagram story.

        This is deplorable.

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        their price point comes at the expense of their employees.

        Just like Amazon, and so many others. This is the modus operandi for many players, celebrated as efficiency and "the freedom to choose" by currently dominant economic paradigms.

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      I like this idea and support this however no restaurants around me are offering any such deals and their prices are still pretty much the same as always and from time to time I order through their own websites now to support them. I do know what food courts in CBD used to have such deals that you are mentioning but considering we are in a lockdown now (in VIC) not sure if any of the food courts are still operating.

      Having said this, I am not a customer of Youfoodz for other reasons. These days we are ordering Hello Fresh. It's bit more expensive (they have recently increased the prices) but you cook with fresh ingredients and the portion size is great. It is however more expensive than prepacked meals but cheaper than takeaways.

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      Think we need to start a thread where these cheap meals are?

      So far I've done (Melb):
      Thai D'elephant $12 boxes (M-Thu >4pm)
      Lucky Penny $10 boxes (Chapel St)
      I know there was a fake meat one in Forest Hill/Springvale recently too

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    It's a shame that they are racist because as far as pre-packaged ready made meals go, these are better than most brands.

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      Try My Muscle Chef. Price wise they don't get close to YouFoodz on a great sale sadly, but taste wise they are amazing.

      That said, for this price bring on the YouFoodz.

      • I had a couple of bad orders from muscle chef, I recommend to check out my-meals.com.au very nice and healthy.
        Brisbane Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Northern NSW, Byron Bay and Toowoomba

    • IMO when I first started on YouFoods the quality was exceptional! They had awesome meals and I really enjoyed them. Then, over time, they took away my 2 favourites (I can't remember what they were) and the quality of the meals just went on a steep decline. Not sure if the quality has made a comeback.

      • Doubt it. Chicken is weird… I bounce between youfoodz and thrive.

      • My guess is every new member gets put on the A quality food, once you have ordered a few boxes they think you might be hooked on the convenience and start down grading you to the poorer quality to save money, Then when you start slowing down on orders they try to entice you back with a deal and then they know what lvl of quality you are ok with.

      • Try make a new account to place a new order and you will probably notice the quality increase a lot.

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    Thanks OP. Just order 15 meals

  • Youfoodz… Glorified microwave food

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    Poor food and bullies

  • Poor quality food,never again

  • Poorly flavored and small portion

  • Haven't seen one of these in a while. Taste good and ill def order again

  • I got 13 meal at $5.60 for $72.80 delivered .

    The already discounted $6.95 meals come down to $5.56 which is no comparison in quality vs the supermarket frozen crap .

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    And another member bites the dust

  • Does anyone know what the op said or did to be placed in the penalty box permanently so quickly? I'm just curious

    • Not sure. Maybe can't even say the R word anymore?

      • If it was that an mod would have removed it from the post…🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

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    Hey over it, don’t like it don’t buy it, too many wingers like always on this forum commenting negative views about racism it is what it is, we have more things to worry about like Covid.

  • Guessing this deal is now over…

    Unless I'm doing something wrong?

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