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50% off Big Burritos at Mad Mex When You Order via Menulog (One Day Only - Sept 16), Plus Free Metal Mad Mex Water Bottle


From Facebook post:

The Big Burrito Challenge 2020 is on from Tuesday 15 - Sunday 27 September! We’re also celebrating Mexican Independence Day (Wednesday 16 September) with 50% off Big Burritos when you order via Menulog!

50% off promotion is only available on Wednesday 16 September, exclusively on orders via Menulog. Must use promo code BIGBURRITO at checkout.

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    I couldn't find how much they normally cost :\

  • Looks like they have "small burrito" and normal burrito on their menulog menu. So I assume the big burrito refers to the normal sized ones? They are $14 for Mad Mex - Canberra

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      Says something about a 1kg one for the 'big' challenge burrito. Not too sure of price though. Probably $30 or something is my assumption

      • Ah you're right, looks like big burrito is not available on the menulog menu yet

  • hope we can use our $5 credit

    • Wouldn't be able to use two coupons at checkout unfortunately

      • :-(

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    Excellent deal… now we just need menulog to bring back the free delivery after 8pm

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    Is it delivery only?

    • It should be available in store as well. That's what it says on the FB messenger promo.

  • Wouldn't it be all soggy by the time its delivered?

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      It’s soggy once they take it out the microwave

    • I had a breakfast burrito delivered the other day and it was fine—delicious, even!

  • Looking forward to this! Hoping price is ~$30 before discount.

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        Seems like original price is about $60?

  • Let’s home this is nation wide unlike last night’s offer

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    Y'all know if there's any referral codes for menulog? Or any promotions for someone who's not signed up b4?

    • Yea, I was also looking for one of those.

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        I got an email recently from unidays with a first users deal:

        Menulog just launched on UNiDAYS with two big deals

        Never tried Menulog before? Get 25% off your first order* when you spend over $25.

        Already a Menulogger? Get FREE DELIVERY when you spend $20 or more!

        Would be interested to see if there's anything better out there

  • Dammit I just remembered there aren't any Mad Mex stores near me 😭

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      Same here mate… :(

  • Mad max is pretty nice, cheers O.P.

    • Mex*

  • +10

    It's $19.90 for it delivered with the 50% off.

    From the website it's $29.90 pick up or $39.90 delivered.

    Menulog is $39.90 regardless of delivery or pick up.

    $20 for a burrito, I might pass.

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      I see, thanks.

    • +2

      It's $20 for a kilo of a burrito, that's pretty good value.

      • And you get a water bottle too

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        The desc reads 'The Big Burrito is 2 servings of our world famous Burrito, it includes 2 soft flour tortillas rolled with……' ,
        Regular burrito is $14 on menulog, so 2 burritos should be?

        • $14 + $14 = $40 :D

      • +3

        Half of it is rice and beans, I can't justify paying $20 for that. $15 and I will buy two.

    • +3

      wow biggest jack yet

      150% price increase for 50% off =.=

    • Where does it say $39.90 delivered? Trying to pre-order and it is charging me delivery fee?

      Your order

      Big Burrito


      Pork - Slow Cooked (GF)

      Mild Sauce (GF, VG)

      No Extra Protein

      Fresh Fuel for Life Bottle: Yes



      Delivery Fee


      Voucher Discount



      $ 22.45

  • Looks like the Menulog price is $40, so the half price will most likely be $20.

  • Welp , just realized the local Mad Mex shut down and the closest one is 20 km away .

    • +1

      Just put in an address close to the one 20km away and order for pick up.

      • +2

        I'm in Melb , cant travel past 5km

        • +9

          Then price of the burrito will be $1672 or so

          • +1

            @bazingaa: Take my money.

          • +1

            @bazingaa: original price: $1672
            coupon: SHUDDUP&TAKEMYMONEY for (98.6572966507177%) discount

            = $ 22.45

  • +5

    looks like this the code is a straight 50% off anything from mad mex on menulog, including delivery

    Just tested it with 2 x combo and code still worked!

    • There is a minimum spend. Didn't work for one combo

    • +1

      ahaha think there's a glitch for nachos combo - when choosing the sauce, menulog also lets you choose small corn chips + salsa + drink.

      So you can end up with:

      Nachos Combo (GF)
      Pork - Slow Cooked (GF)
      Small Corn Chips + Mild Salsa + Pepsi Max Can
      No Extra Protein
      No Sides
      Small Corn Chips + Spicy Salsa + a Churro + Choc

      • Doesn't work for me. I tried on the laptop and on the app.

        • Must just be Canberra city store then, thanks for checking!

          • @CodeXD: I'm in Canberra and it worked for me, hopefully the honor it in store!

            • @dave484: They honoured it for me!

              $21.50 for:
              2 x pork nacho bowl
              4 x small corn chips with salsa
              2 x churros with chocolate (I got 2 x 2 churro, not sure if that was right haha)
              2 x cans of drink

              Amazing deal! Only issue is I pre-ordered in the morning for pick up at 12:20pm, but when I got there, they asked why it took me so long to pick it up and that the food could be cold :(

              • +1

                @CodeXD: Wow that is great!!! I was getting an error "you have not met min spend" when i tried to get 1 burrito and the Nacho bowl, but then changed it to 2 Nacho bowls and it accepted that!, ordered for 3.20pm pickup which is the last pickup time today as they close at 3pm!!!!

                2x Nachos Combo (GF) 43.00
                + Chicken - Grilled (GF) 0.00
                + 2x Small Corn Chips + Mild Salsa + Pepsi Max Can 0.00
                + Small Corn Chips + Spicy Salsa + a Churro + Choc 0.00
                + Beef - Slow Cooked (GF) 0.50
                + Small Corn Chips + Mild Salsa + a Churro + Choc 0.00
                Subtotal 43.50
                Voucher discount -21.75
                TOTAL PAID: $21.75!!!

  • Don't forget to minus the pinto/black beans if you don't like them.

    • +4

      Curious about the context of this one.

      • They put beans in my burritos 😫

        • Tricky Mexican food!

  • Reckon they would run out of water bottles by 6:30pm? Hah

  • Seems like Melbourne stores are closed and don't deliver today. Or for the next 6 weeks or longer.

    • +2

      Chadstone looks open

      • Yeah, I meant the ones around 3000.

    • +1

      South Melbourne is open and pumping. I'm regretting the big dog, shoulda gone two smalls!

      • Lucky! Southern Cross Tower, QV and Melb Central could deliver to me and are all closed…

  • I just placed an order which took 50% off the entire order not just the big burrito. At Chadstone! Hope they honor it…

    • Is Chadstone one available right now, can't find it on Menulog now

  • +6

    Instead of a big burrito, you're better off with 2 burritos with sides and extras, although you miss out on a water bottle if anything

  • How big are these Big Burritos? I don't want to be disappointed if they turn out smaller than I expected.

    • +1

      Scroll up and read or click.

    • +2

      1kg, 2 normal sized burritos in one.

    • +4

      I just ungracefully polished one off. It was bigger than I thought it would be. It seemed like one giant tortilla with bucketloads of everything except beans. I hate beans. Pretty pretty good overall for $20. Should have gotten a half price drink too but only saw the comments now.

      Time to break out the rennie.

    • +1

      Here's a video of Nela Zisser smashing down one of these from last year if you'd like a more visual idea of how big they are.

      • Was still small, i just destroyed it without even trying.

      • Damn. Champion *********.

  • +1

    The churros here are good too with the chocolate sauce.

  • +4

    I skipped the big burrito and bought 2x burritos, 1 side and 2x churros with sauce for $21 delivered with the 50% off code. I reckon that's a better deal than the inflated big burrito.

  • +2

    Just ordered it. Wasn't even that big and was more wrap than anything. Ate it easy…. for something that is meant to be $40+

    P.S ate it a lot cleaner than that girl in the youtube video… lol

    • And how's the quality of the bottle?

      • +1

        Yeah, its alight, would i ever use it? No lol

  • Looks only a little bigger than a footlong subway..

  • +5

    https://ibb.co/CnX066G - here is an image of it

    • Nice

  • I wonder if the burrito will fit in the bottle

  • +4

    Just ate it. The one I got was quite decent - it was bigger than 2 burritos. Feel like a long nap now.

    It feels like the bottle is insulated rather than just a metal bottle.

  • +4

    Hear ye, hear ye.

    The big burrito may claim 2x burrito, but really is 2x tortilla and 1.5x filling which is poor value.

    Please, just get 3x regular burritos:
    3x $14 = $42

    Redeem code:
    $42/2 = $21

    3 burritos for $21.

    • +1

      Would you get the bottle?

      • Nope. It depends whether the Big Burrito deal or 3x regular burritos is better value for some.

    • My burritos are $15 in the menulog app.

      • Interesting. I didn't think they would fluctuate especially since that price has been jacked a lot recently. It was $10.50 in stores not that long ago.

  • Downloaded the app only to find out there's no Mad Mex near where I live. Guess I'm not having burrito tonight :'(

  • Ordered one at 12:10 pm at it is currently 1:58 pm and I am yet to receive it.

    I have cancelled my order..

  • They were working hard at the mad mex I went to pick up at. Said they got at least a dozen menulog orders at once and I saw the delivery people lining up.

  • i think i need a nap now

  • Ordered 3 burritos for $24.49 delivered, arrived in 30 mins.

    For roughly $8 per burrito, these are pretty good.

  • Brace yourself for a long socially distanced queue. Typing from the queue half hour in.

  • +1

    So, after eating a normal burrito, i'm full - but it was mostly pinto beans (I ordered black beans) and white rice.
    Not really a healthy meal, had very little protein or salsa.

    For 7-8 bucks I don't mind a "fast food" burrito but this isn't worth $14.

  • +2

    Disappointing, it wasn't as big as expected. I actually weighed it in at 790g in the foil. Far from the 1kg promised.
    Also was mostly rice, less beans, and even less protein or salad..

    • Yeah I thought about it and was I'd rather save my money

  • Thanks! I bought dinner for the whole family and saved $36

    Didn't even get the Big Burrito

  • Got 2 - one weighed in at 890g (no beans + guac), the other 1152g (+ guac + chorizo). The fact that it's 33% off not the 50% advertised is a bit crap. But enjoyed nonetheless and the bottles are seemingly of good quality

  • Got a beef one for lunch. Added chicken for $6. Half price came to $23.45. It wasn't overly big (I finished it and I'm not even a big eater). For $46.90 it is ridiculously overpriced considering I picked it up instead of having it delivered.

  • Ordered from parramatta and it's already over 1 hour late.

    Keeps getting pushed back further and saying driver assigned but not at the restaurant yet

  • -1

    I've never been this close to having a Popular Deal badge! (150 upvotes). Care to upvote the deal to help a brother out?