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10% off $500 Woolworths WISH/Coles Group & Myer Physical Gift Cards @ The Good Guys (Concierge Rewards)


I just happed to check their site and found this.
I know their shipping period is quite long but at least they arrived. (I use register post to track)

check https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/539674 for previous deail.

As it states: To be clear - several people have had past issues with delivery, but, The Good Guys guarantee all products listed on the concierge pages.

Coles Group & Myer Gift Card provides the ultimate luxury of choice. The Coles Group & Myer Gift Card can be used at any one of the participating stores below. That's thousands of stores and millions of exciting products to choose from!

Shop at Coles | Myer | Target |Target Country | Baby Target | Kmart | Kmart Tyre and Auto | Liquorland |Vintage Cellars | 1st Choice Liquor Superstore | Coles Express and Save 10%

Denomination : $500

Discount : 10%

Please note some conditions and exclusions apply. Please read our Gift Card Terms of Use.

Physical gift Card Only. Cannot be emailed. Postage Required

Note - Please allow 28 business days for your order to be dispatched.

If your order exceeds the Fair Use Policy it may take up to 9 weeks for your order to be dispatched.

This promotion finishes 14th September at 12:00am or until stocks last
This promotion is promoted by Pegasus Group Australia Pty Ltd

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  • How much is registered post

    • $5.50
      compare to the risk, it's nothing.

      • +1

        How can you call this 10% off if you have to pay postage? Especially if you don’t have the option for an e-gift card. Can you list postage costs in the description to be transparent.

        • shipping by ordinary post is free (no tracking)

      • So it's not actually 10% then…

  • Someone DM me your sign-in details

  • +16

    Never again, Pegasus Group Australia Pty Ltd is as dodgy as they come…

    • +5

      God yes.

      They intentionally don't fulfil until you chase up.

      • +2

        I had the same experience. They didn't send my gift card for 3 months and than sent me digital one once I followed up. I think they might be banking on people forgetting and them not needing to fulfill the order anymore.

  • +5

    Don't do it. I used to think people were over reacting until it happened to me. I waited 4 months and got nothing.

  • +4

    Ordered a couple of times both cases required chasing-up. Never again!

  • +1

    Don't understand why they don't just issue digital cards… so much easier for everyone.

    • +4

      Because they do not intend to be honest.

      • It doesn't make sense.

  • +2

    Ordered some woolworths gift card 3 months ago, still have not shown up yet. Since they are based in Melbourne and working from home, there's no way to contact them. Stay away at least until lock down eased.

    • +2

      Even prior pandemic they can't be reach too, call 50 when 100 time to finally got someone one the line and said they will send but not..

      Enough is enough

  • If you have the MCO card, you can get 10% on top of the 5% at CR. I've been cashing in.

    Don't have to deal with these shady dudes any longer.

    • What tier? Don't see it listed as a benefit

      • I see it when you go to redeem woolworths and coles gift cards

  • +4

    Yes ordered some wish physical cards in April and still chasing them. Phone or email are rarely replied to. Avoid at all cost.

  • +5

    Don't purchase from them.
    They have become more nasty than ever
    You will have to push really hard just to get what you ordered
    They don't answer phone and emails
    They play all the tricks including send you fake tracking number, keep telling you it will be back in stock next week etc
    If you've opened a Paypal dispute, never dismiss it before you actually get your cards
    once you've dismissed it, you can never open it again, and that's exactly what they want

  • +5

    Bought these several times. Took me a while to learn my lesson. The pain of delays and dealing with these people is much more than the 10% saving.

    Don’t do it to yourself. Avoid this deal.

  • +1

    Take them to Fair Trading. You will get a quick response once you let them know you are prepared to do it. I ordered the a $1000 Wish card a few days ago and will take them to Fair Trading if they don’t deliver on schedule. Make sure you use tracked shipping so they have no excuse.

    • +3

      Make sure you use tracked shipping so they have no excuse

      Sounds like they still make all kinds of excuses. 7 negs, two revoked positive votes and not a single comment from a positive voter (other than the OP) I will be avoiding this "deal" for sure

  • +3

    It’s only a good deal if you actually get the cards.

  • Anyways to cancel the PayPal transaction ..Did not realize so many negatives and ordered one with normal post …

    • Contacted them straight after the purchase to cancel the transaction and today they have cancelled and refunded the money through PayPal.Thanks folks for valuable inputs

  • +3

    Didn’t received from April.. No answer..

  • +2

    Not again.

  • +3

    Buyer beware, scummy company.

  • Dont think its a good deal after all

  • +1

    They do send the gift card eventually, but you'll have to do a lot of following-up & pushing, and maybe the discount is not worth it, if you're not a patient person by nature.

    I recently got mine from the last such deal. The best tactic is firstly screenshot, or otherwise note the expected delivery date for the card.

    Once the date passes, then you'll need to contact them using their support email & request that they send you an e-Gift card instead of the physical card.

    Personally, I've always received a reply from someone within a couple of days. I am polite (but assertive) in my emails.

    You'll need to keep following-up (politely) and sending them a reminder email once a week, and they'll eventually send it to you after a few reminders.

    • Good tip but I find they act extremely quickly once you tell them about Fair Trading. No need for too much pushing.

    • Did they refund your postage cost when they replace with e-giftcard?

      • They did for mine on 2 separate occasions

  • +2

    Takes to long for delivery and to much following up required.

  • +1

    Great quality control by TGG for having this scum Pegasus Group in their stable !

  • Nope

  • If you think about it, how is it that Pegasus Group is the only company that is able to offer 10% off both Wish and Coles Group cards every couple of months? If it's too good to be true….

  • My order turned up again 4 mths later ( in the past could turn up 3 mths late with no whipping them but those days are over ) .
    Phone calls to TGG concierge were useless .
    Key for me was to threaten with your State Consumer Affairs regulator in writing found at TGG concierge as 1 week after that the cards turn up :)
    I deliberately stay clear of direct contact with the Pegasus Group itself as its not worth the hassle of them playing their hand of trying to change the cards to Egiftcards .

  • PayPal doesn't cover giftcards.

    only option is to open an Credit Card Charge-back, and I think you only have a 60 day window for that.

    fortunately for me, they did send the cards.

    I believe you would have no issue escalating this to the your local state consumer protection as well.

    I don't know why The Good Guys still uses them.

    Try this email for complaints, I believe it's the general Concierge Rewards email and not Pegasus'
    [email protected]

    When I complained through that email, they were contacting Pegasus directly.

  • +1

    I have purchased many of these cards - and just set a reminder to always follow up 5 weeks after ordering - and getting them converted to e-gift cards. I have always received my cards without threatening.
    I stopped posting the deal on here due to the neg experience received by others.
    But for me - I plan for it to take 2-3 months for me to receive - and I manage it. And this works for me

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