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Huawei Y5 $40 (Expired), Seagate 2TB Hard Drive $49.99 (in Store) @ Australia Post


A large number of markdowns starting 14th Sept in-store (possibly online as well but am not able to confirm on weekends). These are all clearance items, prices are nationwide and there's more than just the below but these are interesting ones to me:

Seagate 2TB Expansion Portable Hard Drive $49.99 - product code 36005
Phoenix Gold Iron $34.95 (originally $129.95 but more recently $69.95) - product code 47056
Logitech Wireless Mini Mouse $2.99 - product code 65774
Huawei Y5 2019 Arbon Unlocked $40 (was $199) - product code 44177
Huawei Y5 2019 Black Unlocked $40 (was $199) - product code 48663
Sandisk Ultra SDHC 32GB card $5 - product code 65763

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    • It scans at $40, none of the staff are aware of the markdowns, apparently.

  • Just went in for the phone. They were really surprised by the price… But no stock in metro area. Closest Rockingham… Then like Broome and rural towns.
    No online order possible.

    • Freo to Rocky in 10 minutes. There were fewer patrols back then.

  • Can confirm that I came over to palmyra and none exist. Myaree is closed for the foreseeable future
    Can confirm that palmyra has 1 of the sandisk ultra 32gb it’s ya chasing that

  • Interesting that stock level wise this deal probably isn't far off some of the better eBay Plus deals (I.e. Airpods for $99) and that this one requires you to physically go in store, but there isn't the same backlash…

    I know eBay Plus is a member program, but very few people out there would be full fee members. Are people more okay with being disappointed in person than online?

    • Price of Y5: $40
      Satisfaction of finding any clearance low-stock item in your local store: Priceless :)

  • Cheers OP! Snagged a Y5 in Morley just then. Thought there'd be none left

    • I could have gone to Morley, it's closer!! And then had a $5 Vietnamese pork roll from Coventry Village :)

      Morley wasn't listed in the OP, well done. Oh well, drove a bit further to Bassendean, first time I've been out there since the 1990s.

  • Sorry boys WA got ozbargained (Y5) before 9:15am

  • Went to Hamilton hill LPO to pick my parcel. Saw the Y5 in the case. States $199. Asked politely for price check. The owner says it’s $199. I said it should be $40 and she says nope. It’s $199. Refused to sell it and kept it behind the counter immediately.

    • Guaranteed the sales person wanted it for themselves! :D

    • Probably kept it for himself πŸ˜‚

  • went to few stores around Brisbane southside finally got 1pcs but @ $36 with staff ID (10% off) .. ha! that price can't go wrong..

  • +3

    Showing as $159 on website now. I wonder if they have adjusted store stock price to be the same?

    • Would be interested to know this too. If anyone manages to grab one this afternoon, could you please comment on the price?

  • +2

    I just checked the website.

    It's now been updated to $159, which is $40 off the original price.


    • its a price error. its should be $159 off! not $40 off.

      • +1

        oh yeh baby, this is the type of ozbargain that doesn't comes around very often, enjoy!

  • Any 2tb hard drives available in VIC?

  • That phone seems to be marked down by 40. Price is 159 from 199.

  • Just got 3 at my local post office! It is not a lie! Thank you very much OP!


    • You bought 3 to give as gifts, right?…

      • Parents told me about it and to buy one each for my grandparents who currently use oldish nokia phones.

        • +1

          Good stuff. They will be super happy with grandson/daughter :)

  • Uh Oh! So it was supposed to be $40 off, not $40 RRP.
    What about those who managed to get it? :P

    • Well since Aus Post do not allow phones to be returned for any reason apart from manufacturer defect… you will have no choice but to keep it.

      • Lol, for once the clause works in the customer's favor.

      • They do list it with NFC, which it doesn't have. So there is a reason to return.

  • Mine just updated to August 2020 security updates, nice.

    • Yes, confirmed by others as well. Cheers.

    • How did you get the update? Mine says Your software is up-to-date but it is on EMUI 9.1.0 Security patch September 2019

      • I just updated everything as it wanted, including the Huawei core software.

  • The online price is updated to $159 ($40 discount)

    • Yep, OP may confirm if what exactly was the price error. Markdown by $40 or Markdown to $40?

      • It was supposed to be marked down by $40, not to $40. Confirmed with local APO.

    • +13

      Oooh damn I might be in trouble now lol.

      Proceeds to take name badge off.

      • +1

        Bro! All eyes on you.

      • We wont tell, keep up the good work!

  • My Ozbargain pricing error cherry just got popped, so glad I managed to get 3.

    Father, sister and nephew going to be stoked.

  • Kingston 128GB microSD $5 off, going for $25 at Aus Post, if anyone's interested:

  • The in store price is also updated to $159

    • Woah! OK somebody will have some 'splainin to do

  • So I was told, no stock anymore in the following VIC locations:
    Sunbury, Watergardens, Sunshine, St. Albans, Gladstone park, Footscray (1 left, but already reserved for a customer).

    Source: Friendly Auspost Employee who tried to help find stock.

    • Sorry to say , its all over now (see above)

      • I managed to grab the last one, but the box was already opened. Took it anyway.

  • +1

    In hindsight, I'm not sure why I only bought one as there was plenty of stock here.

    • -3

      Yep. I cleared out my local of all stock. I asked if there were more and was told yes, so I said I'll take them all thank you with a big smile.

      • And then 15 minutes later the price went up to 159

  • Got the last one at my local at 9am for $40.
    Thanks OP, you're a legend!

  • Damn, checked my local on the way into work and none in stock. Was about to shoot up and check another at lunch now but then I just saw the pricing error/$40 off comments.

    Maybe I'll check the classifieds here or something.. =(

  • Any HDD's left in WA? None at warnbro

    • Nope, sorry they're all gone

  • Thanks OP! Picked up the last one from Ringwood this morning.

  • Quickly pick them all up, because i believe it is a Pricing Error.
    It should have been $40 off, not $40 for the phone. See the aust Post Website:

  • Can anyone confirm its $159 in store now? Wont bother trying if so

    • I can't confirm what the price is in store now, I can confirm before I bought it the website still said $199 (I refreshed before I left to the post office; transaction went through at 11:37). Now the website is updated, so something changed (maybe instore price too?).
      Hopefully somebody can confirm it for you.

    • Wen't back during lunch to purchase another - scanned @ $159. The guy at the counter mentioned that I was lucky to get 2 @ $40 earlier in the morning :)

      • Thanks :)

      • @ $159 better off buying the A20

    • +2

      Price was still $40 for each code for the y5 2019 (half an hour ago), although I believe it's being taken off sale until it's corrected.

      Just remember snitches end up with no deals, seriously glad I didn't identify my branch *nervous laugh

      • +1

        Yeah good call on not sharing your branch. Thanks for your post OP!

      • +1

        Yep, snitches get stitches

  • -1

    Managed to purchase 4 before they swooped in hahahaha…..Much Love Former Auspost Employee ❀️

    • +4

      Maybe upvote the deal (green + at the top), since you clearly enjoyed it ..

  • Got two Y5 phones and SD cards. Thank you very much for the post :)

  • I know where the local stock went, the facebook marketplace listings are popping up for the Huawei Y5.

    On another note: anybody experience with turning the Y5 in your personal helicopter for 11-7 fuel lock?

    • Now a price war on marketplace! How low can they go…

      • -3

        Offer them $40 if they say no, report it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Cant see any on FB.

  • Is the seagate 2 TB compatible for ps4?

  • Gah had trouble sleeping last night and now I missed it!

    • +1

      Use Alarm feature on existing phone.

      • Yeah considered it but didn't expect the price error >.>

        • +2

          Price error or not, I'd certainly expect it to be sold out in minutes. Hence, I had an alarm with Label "Huawei Y5" Lol.

    • -2


  • I wonder how many Y5 phones were sold at $40 nationally? I'm guessing around fifty, maybe a few more.

  • +2

    After reading all of the comments, I just realised that the local post office blatantly lied to me.

    I wanted 2 and they said they only had the one on display, although I had confirmation from 131318 (called for another mater) that 5 were in stock. I was the first to be served at 9am… Guess that they shopped for themselves before opening time

    Well, at least I know where I stand with them!

  • Just asking out of curiosity. This phone doesn't have Band 28 (not that I'd expect it to have for this price point). But will Boost Mobile VoLTE work on this phone? My current phone has all the bands that the Y5 has but I don't get VoLTE on Boost. Tried everything but it will not come on.

    If anyone is already using, or has used now, please let me know. Thanks!

    • from GSMarena

      2G bands GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 - SIM 1 & SIM 2 (Dual SIM model only)
      3G bands HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100
      4G bands 1, 3, 7, 8, 20
      Speed HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps, LTE-A


      • Thanks, I did read the bands supported. My question was, does Boost Mobile need Band 28 (700 Mhz) for VoLTE to work? Boost's website also mentions this (sic):

        Telstra will be switching off 3G in 2024. After switch off you will still be able to access the Telstra Mobile Network provided your handset is 4G voice enabled and 4G 700MHz compatible.

        Does this indicate that Band 28 (700 MHz) is a must for VoLTE to work on Boost Mobile / Telstra?

    • +2

      It's the SE Asia version Y5 2019, and it does have band 28. Model is marked on box AMN-LX2.

  • +2

    Might be just some locations, but still scanning as $40. Family member just picked up two in Brisbane area at 4pm.

  • Been to 4 post office shops today - none of the items are marked down. Am I missing something?

    • Did you mention the Product code to the teller and ask them to check the price for you? The display prices are still the non-marked down ones. No idea why. All of us who got, still saw the phone displayed at $199, but when it scanned, it was $40.

      • Thanks will go back tomorrow

      • +1

        "djoz" Although at 4pm this arvo I did not like my chances of finding any stock at local PO and saw that the

        price went up to $159 now, I found the display advertising them for $40 and scanned at $159.

        Stood there with blank look on my face, and they gave me one for $40 anyway, alst while three staff were

        talking about this being a price and mistaking the $40 discount for $40 sale price.

        • +2

          Really? That's so amusing! $199 scans at $40, and then they print $40 labels and it scans at $159?

          • @djoz: Yeah, well they did say they sold one earlier in morning for $40 and scanned as such ( not sure if tickets

            were marked that though ). My Post Office is in regional NNSW postcode 2482, close to Qld boarder.

    • Edit: As djoz said

  • +1

    Don’t be surprised if greedy people start selling those phones on eBay for double the price soon πŸ™„

    • -1

      If double the price includes delivery I think that is still a good and fair price for both, as ebay/PayPal would cost more than $10

      and freight another $8 + box and time. Win win at that price, but I bet some real greedy people will try to get $130-$150 +.

      • +1

        Saw one advertised for $170 about two hours after AusPost opened.

        • Haha, getting in early before the stampede. I knew I was being kind/conservative with my figures, there is no end to Greed lol.

          • @ozhunter68: Considering that they're now $159 at AusPost, I think he/she is being optimistic!

            I wonder if it is the person mentioned earlier in the thread who scooped up a pile of these phones in one store? I hope she never sells them.

            Until yesterday, I'd never heard of this phone. Now I own one :)

            • +1

              @Charlie Dont Surf:

              I hope she never sells them.

              Let's start a campaign not to buy this phone from any individual seller. They're probably making 200% profit by unfair hoarding of phones which could have been taken by others.

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