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2012 Wynns Black Label Shiraz Giftbox: 1 Bottle for $11 (RRP $45) Incl Delivery @ Wynns (New Users Only)


This aged Wynns Shiraz is currently available to new Wynns members for $11 using the instructions below. For an aged, quality Shiraz, this price is a no-brainer.

  1. Sign-up for an account at the following link and then login.
  2. Add one bottle of the 2012 Black Label Shiraz to your cart from the following link. Make sure you don't add a 6-pack to your cart.
  3. Go to the checkout page and enter the code WYNNS25, which only applies for new users.
  4. Shipping is free as a Wynns member. If your order summary includes shipping, simply make sure you have selected Australia Post Standard under Shipping Method.
  5. Enjoy

NOTE: Some people have reported having issues with Paypal, I would recommend purchasing directly with a credit card.

95 points from Halliday: Another vote of confidence in this relatively recently introduced label, sister to the Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon. It deserves to be so rated, with a particularly complex palate in terms of texture, structure and flavour. Red fruits lead the band, and there are some darker, savoury, earthy nuances, in turn enhanced by quality oak and fine, but persistent, tannins.

This deal is kindly brought to you by the Australian Frequent Flyer forum, notably the thread here, which contains many amazing deals on wine! I strongly recommend you sign-up for an account if you want more great deals on wine like this one.

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  • +3

    Did my hammy reaching for my credit card

  • +1

    PayPal failed.. going to wait don't want a double purchase

  • I apply the promo code, then show me: coupon cannot be added to your cart

    how to apply it?

  • +9



    • +12

      breathe and relax

    • +1

      Just send cust support a message. Or ring them tomorrow. The automated email from support request has this:

      If your query is in relation to an urgent matter such as changing a delivery address on your latest order, please call 1300 768 074 between 9am and 5pm (AEST) Monday to Friday to speak with a representative.

    • How many accounts did you create?

    • +3

      At least you'll have enough alcohol to drink away your regret

  • +1

    Done, thanks OP.

  • Website says payment via paypal failed but showing -$11 on paypal, anyone having same issue?

    • +3

      Yep lots of people including myself.

      • I sent cust support a message about this. In case the charge does not just drop off, at least they are aware, and won't double charge (or will refund).
        Not sure if lodging a dispute with PayPal (someone mentioned it on the last page) is a better way to go. But on the face of it, it appears a bit harsh since we just got a good deal :-)
        Anyone who is more accustomed to PayPal can weigh in?

        • +1

          Just drop customer service (Wynns) a line and state the invoice number that was used for paypal.

          If in 2 days you haven't received word proceed to dispute via paypal.

    • Payment should automatically reverse, mine did.

      • That is quick, mine still says pending.

  • +1

    Looks like a great Coonawarra Shiraz, right up my alley. I'll take a punt on this working.

  • +1

    Cheers OP

  • +1

    Made the payment with credit card and it worked. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got one.

    Great Vintage from a classic winery. Cheers!

  • Like everyone else PayPal failed, used amex instead.

    • I saw only Visa/MC as available card methods. So they accept Amex too?
      Not that it matters, just curious, since I have already purchased.

      • +1

        I expected it to be declined but it went through

        • Good one. My daily use card is an Amex, and I had to especially look for a Visa/MC to use.
          Next time I will try the Amex anyhow - as long as no surcharge. I take it that is the case?

  • +3

    So looking at order numbers (I ordered two bottles 1 hour apart after learning about the second code) it seems like they had well over 3000 orders. Likely this will be all for the same bottle. Deal will very likely not be honoured for either all, or most of the latter orders.

    • Once again people ordering multiple times and people who arent members of ozbargain going crazy on it.

  • +1

    Ordered, easy peasy, so now I wait..

  • +1

    Atleast now they will know the power of ozbargain and will give us better bargains directly like tractor shed :)

  • I got billed twice on paypal even though both payments never worked an di had to pay by mastercard…

  • I wish the OP would acknowledge he lifted this deal off Australian Frequent Flyer and didn’t acknowledge the source. Unfortunately now there are more than 6000 clicks the deal is surely doomed.

    • +1

      Interesting that you’d want more people to view AFF - would cause more of your deals over there to get swept up like this one did. Careful what you wish for.

      Anyway, the majority here seem grateful. Can’t please everyone I guess.

      • +1

        They will all be pissed when it gets cancelled and I’m sure you will be to when you don’t get your wine. We have all had our moments, seeking popularity on here and I hope for you sake this comes through. Unfortunately I suspect you are about to learn that ozbargain can stuff a good wine deal quite quickly.
        All I was saying is quote your source if you haven’t found your own deal.

        • +11

          It's an $11 bottle of wine, there are bigger problems in the world at the moment. If it gets cancelled, I'm sure you and everyone else will get over it pretty quickly. If it doesn't get cancelled, well, enjoy your $11 bottle of wine.

          • -3

            @TheWineFamily: I think your missing the point. Quote your source when lifting a deal.
            You will quickly undermine the confidence people have in offering deals on AFF if you just reprint deals here to gain popularity.

            • +3

              @Birdyzone: I couldn't care about popularity. There was a good deal, which I shared here. It seems like you have been able to source a number of cheap Qantas Wine vouchers on OzBargain, maybe it's time you started to give back to this community too.

              • @TheWineFamily: Oh TWF, I offer plenty to the community on ozbargain and I choose not to go down the road of intent of your recent posts on here.
                I have no issue with your intentions, all I was saying is be mindful of lifting deals of others, which you are likely destroying on such a forum. If I’m proven wrong in a couple of days, then we’ll played. Unfortunately I have seen it many times And it generally ends in tears. If that’s the case please show some respect for the original sources.

                • +1

                  @Birdyzone: Please don't tell me you're going to be in tears if this doesn't get honoured? If it gets cancelled, send me your address.. I'll be happy to send you an even nicer bottle than this would have been!

                  • +1

                    @TheWineFamily: If that’s all you can take away from my posts, then I’m done. Hopefully you will revisit this at a later time and get some perspective.

                    • +2

                      @Birdyzone: The offer still stands!

                      • @TheWineFamily: Chill. Have a glass of wine.

                      • +2

                        @TheWineFamily: I think what @birdyzone is saying is that this deal was for the people of AFF and not for the masses and because it has now been sent to not just members of OZB but non-members there is a decent chance this deal will now be cancelled for everyone and its not fair that the AFF users suffer.

                        • @lonewolf: I completely understand that… but as the support at AFF said, this is something that is always happening. I certainly didn't intend for this to blow up here the way it has, but I wanted to give back to this community the same way others want to give back to AFF.

                          • +4

                            @TheWineFamily: Haha don't worry about the haters. It's like the pricing error posts on ozbargain every now and then. People then start complaining when masses start taking advantage saying it'll jeopardise their chance of getting the deal.
                            Anyway if this falls through hopefully will score myself a $7 bottle of Penfolds Tawny 😉

                          • -1

                            @TheWineFamily: Lol, so 'giving back' is reposting deals from others and taking the credit as your own. I will laugh when this gets cancelled as you have zero perspective.

                            • +3

                              @redrum22: Never once took credit for it as my own. The only person that can do that is Wynns. Friends of mine were receiving targeted Instagram ads with the WYNNS25 code weeks ago. I was unaware that deals needed to be sourced like a university thesis.

                        • @lonewolf: How different is this from Goodguys Corporate deals and everything else? Big deal. The code isn't exclusive to AFF. (Wynns25 is pretty generic).
                          So the op grabbed it from another forum. You could say the same to anyone who forwards a deal on OzB to FB or their mates.

                          • +3

                            @Maz78: You are missing the point, as what birdyzone was saying is if the source isnt listed as well as if deals that are offered to certain groups then get spread around. Next time those deals wont be offered to those groups as the trust is lost.

                            OzB already reaches the masses, so its no big deal forwarding from there to mates…. But from a smaller group that may have received deals from a sponsor of the site or targeted for that group then gets spread screws it up. This has happened multiple times before. Problem with OzB unlike other forums is you dont have to be a member to see the deals so its pretty much guaranteed to hit the masses.

              • -3

                @TheWineFamily: If you didn't care about popularity, why didn't you quote the source?

                I'm retracting my positive.

                • +6

                  @arcticmonkey: I wasn't aware that was even a thing… quoting sources for deals, who would have thought?

      • -4

        Disgusting behaviour if you took the deal from elsewhere without acknowledgement.

        A horrible mentality to take.

        People may be grateful because they didn't know this but it's not a good attitude to have.

    • +5

      Lol get over it.

    • The booze is probably getting to your head mate. Should probably drink less.

    • +3

      This deal showed up on FB as well for me along with the code

    • you mean the deal is highly successful?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Worked fine with the tips you suggested (standard shipping, dont choose 12 pack)

  • +1

    Worked just as described OP with cc payment. Thanks!

  • +9

    When the sales lady comes in to process the orders from the weekend she is going to sh*t herself

    • +4

      Hope she had a relaxing weekend!

      • +2

        LOL. Ozb comments never fail to deliver.

  • +1

    My paypal just got reversed, no double pay here

  • +2

    $1.01 these are getting cancelled. Ordered 1 anyway

  • +1

    I have a feeling we will all get refunded

    • Quite possible, actually :-)

  • +1

    Yeah cracking deal - too good to be true I think. Ordered just in case, I would never buy someone a Wynns as it's a bit boring, but at this price it will do for someone for Christmas that I don't really care about.

    • Savage.. I love it!

      • +1

        My family owns a bottle shop, so I've got a fair degree of idea when it comes to buying wine for people, and I'd always prefer to give someone something that 1. they haven't tried before and 2. they won't see how little I spent when they roll into Dan Murphy's

    • I know nothing about wine and bought one for a family member who loves wine. Should I just drink it myself and get them something else?

      • They will know it's a good wine - it's usually around the $25 mark (special edition is the $44 RRP). It's always a dependable gift, and at $11 you probably won't find a better wine. At standard price you can probably get something better and more interesting.

    • +2

      if it can, we found the cure! lol

      • lol true that

        I am curious if the low alcohol % would have any effect at all on the virus

  • Just ordered, paid by cc. Asking wifey to order as well. Thanks OP

  • This will make the best KK gift

  • +1

    Cheers OP! I was late to the boat but ordered one.

  • Code BIRTHDAY25 also works FYI

  • +1

    thanks op

  • PayPal has been refunded and reordered via credit card. Let’s see how this plays out….

  • +1

    Thanks very much OP. Great deal!

  • +1

    I wish i hadn't got so caught up in this and thought to order something different. I doubt they will be able to satisfy the amount of orders for the shiraz and will probably cancel it. Someone commented earlier that they bought a bottle of Pedro for $29… Should have boarded that train.

  • Hope they will give priority to SA clients…

    • No, I hope they give priority to those who ordered on Saturday or earlier.

  • Thanks a bunch! Always good to have a gift on hand ready to go.

  • guess twe cant dump their wines into china now

  • +2

    Can buy 6 bottles of The Gables Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 for $47 using this code.
    Works out @ $7.83 per bottle delivered.
    I think it makes sense as in all likelihood Black Label Shiraz 2012 will be cancelled.

    • how?

      • I used the same code and it worked.
        Received shipping notification for The Gables 6 pack.

  • Thanks OP, great deal!

  • +21

    manager will be like on Monday morning
    aaahh time for a quiet morning
    wtf, 6000 new accounts and orders
    take that lost export deals
    boom, its on like donkey kong
    ok let's see first order, 11 bucks black label… thats ok, one lost 5999 to go
    after first 1k 11 buck black label…
    Houston we have a problem

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