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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro OLED Display AU Version $225 Delivered (Was $499) @ Mi Store eBay


Another day another ebay plus deal.

Similar to this global version deal.

Quick Overview
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro | Effective Activated Carbon Filter | 3 Layer Filter For High Efficiency | Easy And Fast To Install | Larger Space, Faster Loop

OLED Display
Laser Particle Sensor
500m3/h Particles CADR
60m2 Application Area
Comes with 1 year of warranty

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  • Is it good?

    • -1

      Definitely works.

      • +1

        Got dust mite allergy and this seems to an only option.

        • This - air purifier

          • +1

            @b0nd: My hayfever and allergies have decreased a lot after getting one of these for my home.

            • @SpeedRunnerLink: Makes sense then !! Ordered one.

              • @b0nd: You will be surprised how much crap it sucks in after a week.

            • @SpeedRunnerLink: Does it help with eliminating odours as well or is it only good for dust?

              • @ascorbic: Seen it mentioned before that the regular HEPA filter (Blue filter) may not help with odours very much, but the charcoal-activated one (grey filter) will do a better job at removing some smells

              • @ascorbic: To be honest even if this did suck in the smell it can only do so much if the source of the smell isn't removed.But in saying that i use it in my bedroom and my bedroom doesnt have any odour or bad smell and i have had one for 2 years.

    • have the 3H works very well

    • Yep. I have this. It's great. Started using it when I have my Sunday morning bacon and egg fry ups too. Works a treat getting the greasy air a little less bad.

  • Looks bigger than other versions

    • It is, with greater maximum airflow, the filter itself is the same size though.

  • +4

    I dont get how this is better than the cheaper 3H which has true HEPA filter

    • +1

      3H is 25-44m² vs Pro which is 30-60m²

    • HEPA filter is just something you buy for $30-50 to switch between what you need, barely a point difference.

      • You can add a HEPA filter to this?

        • Yes you can. "Although Air Purifier Pro is not packaged with the true HEPA Filter, the in-box activated carbon filter is capable of delivering qualitied air as promised. However, you can easily replace the existing cartridge with the Xiaomi HEPA Filter…"

          • +1

            @Fiximol: Wonder what the in-box filter is ? Since there's 3 types (HEPA, anti-formaldehyde and antibacterial) out in the market and the PRO doesnt come with the HEPA.

            • @curvesandcubes: All 3 are some level of hepa, the HEPA being H13 and the other two a lesser H11. The PRO must not be either of those filters, and I've tried to find the replacement filter for the Pro with no success.

  • Anyone know if this model FJY4013GL working with Chinese server in mihome app?

    • Yes. Description says FJY4013GL

      • I copy and paste the model number from the eBay description, just wanna confirm if it's working with Chinese server, seen several mixed answer from the past posts.

    • What's the difference?

  • Description says Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro FJY4013GL

  • Clearing out for the Pro H?

  • +5

    This is a greater, cheaper alternative to the LG CX.

    • +4

      Aspect ratio isn't great for most content since it's round.

  • +3

    These are great… I've bought several and like others have said, you'll be amazed how dirty the filters get.

    To eek out some extra filter life, I wrap mine in this kind of stuff: https://www.alibaba.com/showroom/air-filter-material-roll.ht...

    I connect my bedroom air purifier to my smart home and have it controlled via home assistant, you can use the mi app too but I find the mi app annoying.

    I turn mine on pretty high at night, it basically creates white noise and generates plenty of air flow in the room, which I like.

    • Anywhere to get other than alibaba? Never bought straight from there before.

    • +1

      anything specific on the listing??

  • Bought one.

    I wanted to wait for the Pro H but this is cheap enough and I'll probably want another later on.

  • +2

    How pricey is this badboy on power?

    • +5


      Depends on electricity prices but according to this video, running it 24/7 will add $7-9 dollars to the monthly power bill

  • Bought one a while ago. It definitely purifies the mofo out the air on max speed. Sounds like a jet engine taking off. Great fun.

  • Excellent price. I got a global version for $260 last year and that was a good deal.

  • +1

    Should I be worried at all that this isn't a true HEPA filter?

    • +1

      No, read comments above bud. You can buy the filter.

  • +3

    Bought it now based on your <3 for this. I have no idea what I'm getting. Assume it'll be good for 2 kids under 7. Sounds like y'all think it's cheap. I like cheap.

    • +1

      More like a bargain. We love a bargain 😻

      • +2

        We really should do/find a website that focuses on bargains. I'll give it some more thought.

  • +3

    Tempting, what kinda life do you get out of a filter before it needs to be replaced?

  • is this really a deal?

  • Dang. It's too expensive for me. Will wait for a deal on cheaper version. My room is big anyway

  • I just got the 3H from the last deal. If only this deal came sooner. Oh well, only using it my bedroom so the 3H is enough for me.

  • +5

    $225 is a good price BUT The original $499 is misleading (as you can get the global model for about $2xx-3xx from many Australian retailers).

    • -2

      Was 213.99 when I purchased it from Amazon two weeks ago

      • Are you sure you got the pro version, and not this

        • Yeah I meant that I got the global model for 213.99, which is showing up as 235.99 now

    • At Kogan it seems this is for about 260 and it seems to say it was about 279 ish or is it a different model? if it is the same model- the difference in price doesn't seem that much (as in comparison from 499 to 225!)


      • Main differences:
        -you can one originally packed with an AU plug…
        -and it is the official AU stock/retailer ? (better warranty issues? not sure since ebay…)

  • Just ordered, hopefully this will help with my fiance's allergies.

    If I put this near the door between bedroom and loungeroom, should it cover both rooms?

    • It would but you'd need it on probably medium speed or something. Really depends on size of rooms, how dirty the air is and how often you want it cleaned. It'd work on low as well provided the air wasn't dirty as (profanity) and was constantly staying/getting dirty.

  • What’s the difference between this AU version and the Global version?

    Any advantage buying global version?

    • +9

      In the global version the CCP comes for dinner. We have tea and play mahjong.

      • +2

        Hahaha - you're funny.

        But seriously, any difference between AU and global version?

        • Power cord.

    • runs on different region/server

      • This is defined by the Mi Home app

  • +1

    I bought mine about $250 for more than a year ago.
    It sucks up a lot of dust and dirt. Like someone mentioned I put one of the wrap filter cover mentioned from Alibaba. Change mine once a month.
    The main filter , I replace every 6months. I run mine 24/7.
    My electricity bill was already high, so could not tell the difference.
    I also have the 2s in the bedroom which I do the same. I run the bedroom on a timer. It's connected to Google home, but don't use for the automation
    I like the white noise. It helps me sleep. It does help with the circulation of air. Keeps the air in the room considerable cooler

  • +1

    How much of a difference do these make to the finer particles that cling to furniture and TV screens?

    • I wipe the tv screens and the furniture and instantly you can see the dust back. Maybe that's just me. Only thing I noticed is, if you use window cleaner ,the anti static properties helps marginally.

  • Mine has never detected over 009 ppm. Even outside during the bushfires (as a test) when the official reading was 1600.

    ie. It's useless unless I set it myself.

    • My 3H goes crazy when I use my rice cooker or toasted sandwich maker.

      • Might have to send mine back. It has kicked in while on auto twice ever… and it's 8 feet from our fireplace.

    • +1

      Have you tried cleaning the sensor at the back? Mine during the bush fires. Opening the windows would get it to 150ppm.

    • Ours used in lounge where wood heater is. When we put wood in to keep fire going it definitely picks up the pollution the smoke that came out while door was open.

  • Do you need to install Xiaimi Home app to use it?

    • +1

      nope but it's a good idea if you have other mi home stuff like sensors or the gateway

  • the one the other day was $185. Is this $40 better?

  • +2

    I have no idea what I have just bought but fomo is really taking effect here

  • +1

    Tempting, but not sure if better than the 3H especially when you have to buy the hepa filter separately…but with 5% ebay GC it is pretty close to $200 delivered which is actually very tempting.

  • +4

    Bought one. Hype was too real.

    • +1

      Alright confession. No longer want it. Bloody OzBargain hype. Anyone in Melbourne keen who missed out?

  • Yeah ,bought one , since my last deal from amazon just got cancelled.

  • Just bought 2! Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Bullshit on the $500 RRP though. I bought this in the middle of the bushfires for about $350.

  • Where's the cheapest to buy the hepa filter

  • -2

    Gotta love air purifiers. If ever there was a solution looking for a problem, these are it.

    • +3

      Na dude… they're like a fan that also cleans/deodorizes the air.

      • 100%. God send for allergies and asthma.

        Also great in apartments cause the carbon layer deodorises the air.

    • Clearly you didn't need one last January.

  • Bought one thanks!

    Get an extra 2% off with Ebay Giftcard @ Maquaire Bank Rewards

  • +2


    ~$30 delivered for 40 extra filter sheets to extend filter life.

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