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Hungry Jack's Vouchers (Valid until 30 November 2020)


The latest Hungry Jack's vouchers are out - received with letterbox flyers today. Can't find the online link yet.

Prices look unchanged from the last vouchers (expiring 14 September) but yes obviously they will be more expensive than a year ago. Hopefully these deals can save some people some money :)

Other items on reverse side:

  • 2 x Whopper Cheese $9.95 (App Only)
  • Rebel Whopper, Sm Chips, Sm Drink $6.95
  • Grilled Chicken, Sm Chips, Sm Drink $6.95
  • (NEW) Mega Bundle 2 x Whopper, 2 x Cheeseburgers, 2 x Chicken Royale, 18 Nuggets, 4 x Sm Chips, 4 x Small Drinks $34.95

Valid till 30/11/2020.

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    • It depends which manager is working. Some enforce the rule of paper vouchers must be physically handed in, others will allow a photo.

  • +3

    I've said this before and I'll say it again.
    If you're after a single meal, buy the burger outright and use the survey chips + drink rather than one of these special "vouchers"

    Can still get a cheesy cheeseburger meal (or BBQ cheeseburger +$0.30 for sauce) for under $3. That's the only reason I still go to Hungry Jack's.

    • use the survey chips + drink

      what u mean?

      • It’s at the bottom of the receipt, to do it legitimately you’ll need a unique code like 1-XXX-XXX-XXX and the time visited and fill them out at myhjexperience - you’ll get a promo code to write down in the space below (or again showing the verification code on phone is fine as well).

        Takes <5 minutes. Its a fun way to spend a few minutes on the train, in the queue or to knock over a stack in a hour lol.

        • How do you do it illegitimately? Asking for a friend.

          • @dv1den: “Illegitimately” is to scribble a random number down and hope it works lol. Atm because of COVID I don’t think they’re checking receipts etc unnecessarily.
            However your friend might become a bit red-faced if they spot a discrepancy.
            It’s worth 3 mins of my time I’m not doing anything anyway to avoid that personally 😂

    • that cheesy sauce is so disgusting not lying.

      • +1

        Take off the cheesy sauce (other sauces like BBQ, Peri Peri etc are only $0.30 or ketchup is free!)

    • Always do this!
      $3 Chicken Royale + Survey (Free Small chips and drink)
      $2.50 Cheesy Cheeseburger + Survey (Free chips and drink)

      Anyone tried if the Survey receipt works with the new Cheesy Bacon Chip Butty ($2) ? I think they've purposely not called it a 'burger' so that we may not use it with the survey. But hey, no harm in trying. Its a full priced item and the survey works on any full priced 'burger'.

  • +1

    yes obviously they will be more expensive than a year ago

    Why is this obvious? We are in a deflationary economy…

  • How come they keep jackin up the prices?!?!?!

    • Cause most of their clientele are on JobKeeper or JobSeeker?

  • These voucher deals no longer as appealing and value as vouchers in a year or so back.

    • Back in my day, all meals were < $5

  • +1

    at least the bacon deluxe deal hasnt gone up.

  • +2

    Op can you post reverse side as well?

  • The good old days of $5.25 or whatever it was for two whoppers really was the good old days. I think they were even less in the late nineties - two whoppers from the HJ at Milleara Mall….. $3.25? Or are my rose coloured glasses playing up on me?

    • I used to pay $3.75 for two double bacon burgers in 1998

  • Number of + get in fast food posts is quite telling…

  • This is getting more and more expensive.
    What a shame…

  • Two vegan burgers will fill you up, definitely forfilling.

    • -3

      Dafuq is a vegan burger?

      • Shshh, they look like two woppers together, so yeah 4 whoppers in two burgers.

        Don't let the name fool you, or vegan girl on tiktok, they good burgers, better then those horrible little mac clones.

  • Thanks OP

  • Has anybody had any luck swapping the Bacon and Egg muffin deal for a Sausage and Egg muffin deal? I really can’t stand HJ’s bacon.

    • I thought I was the only one who thought that. Their bacon is disgusting. Literally cardboard. I stopped eating hungry jacks around 2018 but visited few weeks ago for breakfast, wish I didn't.

  • wonder if you can still go in and ask for a 2 for 1 whopper deal…

  • +3

    True ozbargainer with the Kogan RGB keyboard.

  • that keyboard though, OMG

  • They still have 1$ small fries under penny pinchers

    Remember that too

    • much better name than 'loose change menu'

  • look for a KFC voucher. or if now on app and no more voucher?

    • are KFC still doing free chopsndrink survey

  • Bring back the $5 Chicken Burger Stunner Deals. That was a terrific meal.

  • has anyone tried the Big Jack or Mega Jack? How does it compare to the Maccas Big Mac?

    • Big Jack is bigger and tastier. Quite surprised when we tried it last weekend.

  • Its all franchises and different managers, quality difference can be vast.

    Pitt Street Hungry Jacks felt like cardboard, George Street - miles better

    Nandos Kent street average, Nandos Boardway Melbourne awesome ( I noticed years ago for some reason Melbourne does Nandos much better)

  • I have the PDF voucher with both sides, how to upload here?

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