HP Envy X360 Ryzen 4000 Series Can Not Be Found in Australia

It seems like jbhifi has the hp envy x360 ryzen 4500u series with 8gb ram and 258 ssd.

I can't seem to find the other varients at higher rams or CPU.

It seems like it must have been sold out or something

Does anyone know when the model of laptops was released?

If anyone has the laptop is it good?


  • Gerry's got some: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/hp-envy-x360-13-3-inch-r5-45...
    On offer too for $1498 ($500 off), although i do think that a $2k RRP is quite inflated.

    EDIT: Added Price

    • It is no longer on sale?

      • Oh bugger mate. Yeah I see its gone up $101. Lucky I nabbed one from HN on Monday (and used GC's so spent $1425).
        Give it your best shot to see if they can price match down to their old price, otherwise like @boomy said, Unidays gives 30% off bringing it to $1400 (with about 10 days to del). My corporate program also gives the same 30% off, so if that's an avenue for you it might be worth going that way.
        The code is HP30% regardless of method but only seemed to work when accessing HP's site via a partner link.

        • Oh that's no good. The HP site is unfortunately out of stock so the 30% Avenue is shut. What are gc's and how do you get them? How would I get them to price match it?

  • GC- Gift Card, accessed via macquarie bank's marketplace (5% off HN, and received instantly). Bought 3 $500 and paid $475 each or $1425 in total.
    Opening an account with Macquarie is free and has no fees so no harm there.

    Price matching wise, you just gotta go in-store and be polite and hope for the best. Domayne (which has the same parent co. as HN) has it listed for $11 cheaper at $1588, so other than matching them there's no other major retailer selling it yet and the HP site has it listed at $1999, so you won't be able to outright price match.
    Given it was still on sale at $1498 earlier in the week, store reps should remember and may possibly bring it down for you, but there's no guarantees that they will. Good Luck!