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Surfshark VPN: 2 Years $82.80 ($3.45/Month) + 90% Cashback @ ShopBack


Surfshark is offering a 12+12 month plan for a total of $82.8 ($3.45/mo).

Shopback has a 90% cashback for Surfshark, effectively bringing the cost to $8.28 for 24 mths or $0.345/mo.

NB: I used the shopback app (and screen recorded) as after following the link on chrome my shopback extension icon would not hold green. YMMV.

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Bonus 30 days of Surfshark for referrer and referee. Referrer gets extra 6 months of Surfshark after 3 referrals.

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    NordVPN or Surfshark?

    • I have nothing but good things to say about Surfshark. Nord was very inconsistent with me (dropouts, smartdns wouldn't work properly for me). However the consensus seems VERY inconsistent among others, some say Nord is perfect, others say Surfshark is. Very much a "YMMV" situation.

  • Just pray to LBJ your purchase is tracked.

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    To cancel auto renew or close your account you have to contact support, and dealing with them is painful. Would not recommend them.

    • Just pay with Paypal & cancel through paypal

    • Nasty :-(

    • +1

      Previously cancelled within the money back guarantee period, no problem took me about 10minutes

    • Asked immediately after signing up. Typed out all of 2 sentences and it was done.

  • What is the incentive to stay with Surfshark or NordVPN after the 2 year 90% cashback deal is over rather than getting another 2 year 90% cashback deal?

  • I posted this for the last Surfshark deal. Since then I have had to cancel my subscription. Netflix doesn’t work on any UK servers on Android TV. Works fine on phone but will not even cast to android TV. Only was to hook up phone/laptop to tv via hdmi. Spent a lot of time with support trying to troubleshoot different DNS, protocols but nothing fixed the issue. Other locations worked fine, tech support and refund support was no problem at all. Just didn’t work for my needs.

    Signed up for Nord today and happily connected to Netflix UK without a hitch.