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Dell 24" Monitor – S2421HN 1080p 75 Hz IPS AMD FreeSync - $159.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Definitely a good 24" IPS Monitor for a very low price


Edit 16/9 730pm: Back in stock

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    What's the difference with this one which is $10 more: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dell-24-Monitor-S2421H-Full-HD-1...

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      Can't find anything different on the Specs sheet on the eBay listing, so I just posted the cheaper one lmao.
      The other one is 10 bucks more so if this gets sold out you still have the other option

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      *HN do not have built in speakers.


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        Do people even use built-in speakers?

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          Some people, yes. Monitor+Speaker can be done with only one single HDMI cable so.

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          Yeh, I do, I have the monitor speakers set as my default sound device just for when I need sound from Chrome or to hear error/mail chimes and such where sound quality isn't really a concern… I have a TV and receiver connected to the PC and the receiver is set as the sound-device for VLC…

          Setup like this I can have a video playing through the TV/amp and I dont end up with error chimes, auto-play videos on webpages, or the likes, blaring out the surround sound…

          It's a 2 second job to switch the receiver to be the default-sound device for the times I want Youtube to play out the surround or the likes…

          • @FLICKIT: how do you do mixing?

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              @nsuinteger: There is no mixing..
              -The TV amp/receiver is connected to an old USB-SPDIF dongle because my 10+yo receiver doesn't support audio over HDMI, being a digital output there is no mixing, volume control is in VLC and on the receiver… I just select the USB-SPDIF device as the default audio device in the VLC settings so vlc always plays to there… (I assume this would all function much the same if I was using HDMI audio, I'd just have to select that as the audio device in VLC)…

              -My current primary-monitor speakers which are set as the windows default sound/playback device are an old analog Dell soundbar plugged into the onboard soundcard line-out… I bought one of the $239 27" 2k S2721D monitors yesterday, when that arrives I'll set it's built-in speakers as the Win default sound/playback device..

              My current setup is just using an old Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF i7 16GB, with a GeForce GTX1050Ti 4GB video card… Connected to a 23" Dell monitor as my primary, the TV, and a 3rd monitor for my security/DVR cams…

              In decades past and on earlier versions of windows there were issues with using/mixing multiple sound outputs but with the Optiplex, Geforce, and Win10 it's all been idiot-proof, lol …

              When I click on the taskbar speaker/volume icon a box pops up where I can select the Windows "default Playback device":
              It shows all the available audio outputs, the Realtek analog output (line-out), the USB-SPDIF codec/output, and the couple of HDMI outputs which I'm not currently using…

              In most applications, VLC, Win Media Player and the likes, you can set which audio device you want them to use as default…

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        Good to know the speaker costs only 10 bucks.

      • Thank you!
        Bought the S2421H for 167.20

    • Input options is the biggest impact to use case, with 2 x HDMI or 2 x HDMI + 1 Display Port, it seems.

      • Has a tilt only stand as well.

      • The S2421HS has Displayport input but that's not on the Dell eBay store. The S2421H and S2421HN are both 2x HDMI inputs only, the S2421H also has a 3 watt speaker.

        • The picture clearly shows the DisplayPort on S2421HN but it's not the same picture as Dell's own web site. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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            @bio: Yeah, Dell have clearly outsourced this stuff to muppets and don't have control. Spec details are inconsistent and some clearly wrong.

      • The picture with the Display port looks like it's another monitor, the S2721HGF.

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      Thanks bought that one, needed the inbuilt speakers. :)

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    I prefer the 27 version with height adjustable stand and 300 nits display. 24 version only 250nits

    • Fair.

      Lower DPI?

      • I only use it for work so bigger display I will put it further away from me so the lower DPI doesn’t really bother me

    • There are two 27" ones. Which one has the height adjustment and brighter screen?

      • Both the 27 are 300 nits display, but this one has height adjustable stand and you can also rotate 90 degrees if you want to use it vertically https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/392940931817

        The other one is cheaper and has build in speaker but can’t adjust height

  • It looks like a good deal. I assume this is smilar to Samsung SR350?
    Only issue is the Est. delivery: 1 – 12 Oct.
    But I don't need built in speak anyway.

  • Pixel Pitch 0.2745 mm - wouldn't you get that pixelated / grid look with this?

  • I want to connect two external monitors to my laptop. I already have one external monitor connected and add this one.
    There is HDMI output and VGA output. My display adapter is shown as Intel HD Graphics 4600 in device manager.
    it sees like this 4600 supports 3 displays.
    Is that possible?

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      Yeah man you'll be able to use the VGA + HDMI on two seperate monitors. The HDMI will look considerably better though.

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    I opened the DEAL link but it shows at $199. I'm a simple fellow but I though the deal was still on.

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      apply the coupon my dude

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      Never used a coupon code mate?

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        Sorry, been a long time since I used OB so a little rusty. Thanks.

  • Stuff it - bought one. Need another screen for WFH it's cheap enough to get and buy a monitor arm if the stand is as crap as i suspect.

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    It has only tilt adjustment… no height adjustment.
    So not for me..

  • This or the P2419H for $210? (have a discount code). Stand looks to be pretty bad on this. Will be using as a vertical monitor

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      Get the s2721hs. 239.2 . Got a height adjustable stand and you can use as vertical screen as well. A bit more expensive but you are getting 75hz and 300 nits display. Which are better than p2419H


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    wow, dell ebay sold 45units of S2421H

    I'm still thinking if i should get this, really seems like a decent monitor, built in speakers and Dell 3yrs warranty…. very attractive at this price point

  • does it support VESA 100*100? I mean what is the square in the back?

  • Can you rotate this monitor 90 degrees? so that it is in "portrait" mode, with the default stand.
    Searching on Google has a different stand than the one on the Ebay listing

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      No you can’t , you can get the S2721HS which is also on sale on eBay which has a height adjustable stand and can rotate 90 degree. Or the P2419H

      • just realised my main monitor is only 24'' (144Hz) and the S2721HS is 27'', probs gonna skip this one.

  • How does this compare to the samsung sr350?

  • any height adjustable 24 inch for sale at the moment? Need something for work at home.

    • Search for Dell P2419H

      • Thanks… but expired.

        • Also check out Dell Outlet. They had this monitor for $219 "As new" but it is just as good as brand new.

  • Is this backlit or edgelit? Dell AU says back, Dell.com says edge?

  • Would this be the cheapest 24inch Monitor out there?

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    I believe it is back in stock.
    16 Sep, 2020 17:13:03 AEST Quantity

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      The S2421H is back in stock too. I missed out earlier, but just bought one now using the PDELLME coupon for $167.20

      • Thank you, just purchased. I kept missing out. I'm over the poor quality of my 27" BENQ GW2760. This should my much better for my working from home Setup.

  • these all seem pretty cheap, how do they compare to the trusty UltraSharp U2412M 24" IPS , got 2x of them for $215 delivered start of covid, were perfect for the job. Sitting on the floor now since i got the S3220DGF but only work 1 day a week at home. The 32" is just enough for split screen for some stuff, otherwise replaces them for everything else

    • Probably pretty basic compared to the Ultrasharps, especially in colour accuracy, but I nabbed two for my wife because they're bound to be infinitely better than the ancient Viewsonics she was running.

      • Agree mate, any Dell monitors are good quality compared to generic stuff, can't go wrong for the price.

  • Can anyone tell me how the bottom bezel is for double/triple setup? looks like it's rounded but i can't see properly from online photos/video. Need that edge flat so it buts up against another monitor.

  • Is this good for casual gaming (RX570 here not looking for high FPS) and how does it compare to U2419H?

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      Dell's Ultrasharps (U-series monitors) are designed for colour accuracy and are ideally suited to professional designers, photographers, videographers, etc. You won't be losing much by grabbing an S-series if gaming is your goal, and don't have colour-accurate creative requirements.

  • very low price

  • I dont know why but my macbook shows blurry text in 1080p monitor

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