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Optus Huawei E5577 4G Modem $10 @ Australia Post


Went into my local auspost shop to look for the Vodafone 4G modem from this deal:


and came out with the same modem (Huawei E5577) from Optus for the same price.

Specs: https://consumer.huawei.com/ie/routers/e5577/specs/

Deal not as sweet as the Vodafone one because:

  • Modem is locked (confirmed with sim-swap)
  • No included data

I'm in NSW. Postcode: 22xx

Some have found success unlocking the device for free via Optus chat:
See: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/9274759/redir

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    Optus 4G service is absolutely unusable. I was getting 0.2-20 Mbps, yes 0.2 megabits. I was unable to even load a search engine at times. Tried to switch the band too, which helped a bit, but it still fluctuated heavily. Cancelled after a month.

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      That's bad. Definitely location dependent though

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        Definitely location dependent. Optus 4G works great for me when I was travelling……those were the days!

        • I was in Westmead Hospital for a few weeks and I was able to use it for almost anything outside of uploading work files. Streamed a movie/TV series every night with no issues.

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            I was in Westmead Hospital for a few weeks


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      Optus works fine for me.

    • I'll clarify that I mean Optus 4G mobile broadband. I have had multiple Optus mobile phone services in the past and their 4G speed seems to work perfectly fine. Note that Optus 4G mobile broadband and Optus 4G mobile speeds are totally different.

      • How is it different?

        • -4

          From https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2681747:

          Optus Home Wireless:
          Speed limited to 5/1Mbit unless in 2300Mhz coverage then 12/1
          200Gb usage, then you are charged up to 5 lots of $10 – giving another 50gb then service is further reduced to 256k
          200Gb is not able to be shared to other services on account e.g. data share
          You have to use the provided router – zero exceptions

          Optus Mobile Broadband:
          Not speed limited unless its your device, network congestion or the host website/server
          Plans as per website for data, all have $10 for 1gb excess but can share data between each service
          You can use what ever router you want – as long as it supports the bands Optus uses if you want descent speed.

          They did up the limit on 2300Mhz from 12/1 to something like ~20/2, IIRC, but it's still heavily throttled compared to regular "phone-4G".

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            @no not me: that is extremely outdated info

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            @no not me: But the deal is for a 4G Modem that will accept an Optus 4G sim card. The same sim card that you can put in your phone.

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            @no not me: I think you're confusing yourself with Mobile Broadband vs Home Wireless (fixed) broadband……

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            @no not me: This deal is for a device that uses Optus mobile broadband.
            Your own information above states

            Optus Mobile Broadband:
            Not speed limited unless its your device, network congestion or the host website/server

            So what exactly is your point?

        • Optus Home Wireless was throttled (still is I'm not sure).. I'm sure throttling was managed at Optus end and had nothing too do with the device

          Am I helping the matter? lolz

          edit: certainly location location location and device makes a difference, withb Optus 4G sim at my cousins place over 250Mbps DL speeds, my place crappy barely 50Mbps DL speeds, of course on my Note 9 which has a Gigabit LTE Cat 18 modem either a seperate chip or built-in in the Exynos proccessor, but the important features is how the Note 9 uses carrier aggregation and how mimo works 🤑🤪😃👍

      • My optus 4g home wireless broadband is working perfectly. I would try swapping modems to see if your service improves. I'm in a rural area and get speeds between 75Mbs - 120Mbs. I used to get speeds of 20ish Mbs with my old Optus modem. I've now got the newer rectangular model from Optus.

    • It's pretty bad for me too in Meadowbank and I have 3 different phones on Optus plan.

    • +3

      Not my experience in country Victoria, use it as my only internet source.

    • I was getting 250+ with the b818. YMMV.

    • I moved to Seven hills and had a lot of issues with it. Had to cancel eventually even though optus site shows good coverage in my area.

    • Yeah it really depends on location. I was only get 0.2 - 1 Mbps before I move to another suburb. Luckily i got 60 - 130 Mbps now.

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    it totally depends on what modem you are using, I am using Huawei B818, speed test is 183Mbps download and 62Mbps upload, but if I am using a mobile phone, it is only around 40-50, so if you want to use 4G data, get a real modem

    • Yep or an old flagship. Something with more than cat4

  • So these are only cat4 no carrier aggregation I'm assuming?

    What would be a better choice to use as a 4g modem then?

    I'm currently using a Huawei r216 Vodafone and another Optus e5573 and they're both good in my area (20-40mbps dl) but I know I can do a lot better

    My phone gets 100mbps or more with most carriers because I'm close to a tower and I assume there's not much demand on it.

    • @cexing is reporting 183/62Mbps on the Huawei B818. Not as portable though

  • Up to how many users can this handle?

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      On the box: "Connect up to 16 of your compatible devices"

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    According to a comment from other deal it seems you can unlock for free. 👇

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      Check the imei code on the Optus unlock site - it should say “unlocked”. If it does Go to Optus chat and ask them for the code - if they don’t it’s Optus doing false advertising. Mention the ombudsman and they’ll happily Bend over backwards to help!
      Worked for me!

  • Anyone get it? wanna pay$20 for one. I am in Sydney

    • +1

      Where you need this one in Sydney.. I will check and buy one for u

      • I am in Burwood. Msg me if you can get one for me. Thank you very much

  • What's the benefits of this compared to just using your (old) phone for tethering?

    • Longer battery life, possibly better reception if your phone is really old. Also old phone means it will heat up pretty fast.

  • Looks like in-store only?

    Question too can these unlocked easily?

    OP too have you tried a Telstra or Vodafone simcard in your Optus modem?,.. occasionally these could be unlocked out of the box worth a try 👍

      • Yeahp instore only
      • Some people have reported success with unlocking via Optus chat
      • I tried an Aldi mobile SIM and the modem displayed a SIM LOCK error on the display
      • Could it be used with Optus MVNOs, like Amaysim?

        • +1

          Definitely. I'm currently using it with Catch Connect

  • Is this the right one?, SKU #61045
    I now this is in store only, but this shows no model #.

    • +1

      I don't have the SKU for the E5577. Judging by the picture alone, I believe it's not the right one.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        I called the 131318, the guy I spoke to could not find any listing in the system, as ask to look in Box Hill,Vic.
        In the end he said it could have been just 1 or a few stores that had stock that was clearance out.
        Their stock system is a mess, not meaning stock levels, but between different branch types.

  • Tried three post offices today - no luck… its now cost me ~1 hour and a bit of fuel so kind of losing interest in trying more !

    • To be honest I'd only try my local ones and wouldn't bother driving too far to get one unless I knew there was good stocks around. It's just going to be a game of chance on this one!

      • And buying few of them too

      • +1

        Re: @nafe:

        To be honest I'd only try my local ones and wouldn't bother driving too far to get one unless I knew there was good stocks around. It's just going to be a game of chance on this one!

        … yeah, that is my local ones. It's not like i went to the furthest 3 I could think of skipping past post offices on the way! It's just that gamble in your head… well, I could try one more… then it will all be worthwhile, (or you could be getting further out of your way and it could just be another disappointment!)

        • Yeah 1 hour is probably beyond what I would have tried unless I was out doing the groceries etc at the same time. I've got two within 10 mins, and that would have done it for me lol

    • Sorry to hear. It's hard to tell how many are in stock and where they are located.

    • wtf has some clown negged me for providing feedback, which is I thought this was a good deal, went out searching for it, but it is not a commonly stocked item because i'm 0/3 Australia Post stores… The fact that it's pot luck and may not actually be available is useful feedback I would have thought.

      For me, its not worth it to try Post office no 4 that is even further away for a ~$50 saving over getting on sale elsewhere / delivered (because at the end of the day you have to value your time and fuel to some extent).

      If someone could please explain why that feedback is worth a neg - that'd be great.

      • I didn't neg. And I hate anonymous negs but I think it's all in the wording.
        I'm assuming this would not get a neg: "Good deal, but giving up after trying three of my closest stores."

        • Seems like a fair-ish comment from the commenters perspective… you see a deal and are keen but you can't cash in. Can relate to the poster as well though, I found an excellent deal and posted it because I wanted others to share the spoils. My deal got pulled for lock stock (it was on amazon so I didn't realise)…. I guess the best OzB deals are those the masses can access?

  • Any in Brisbane? If anyone sees one on the inner south, I'll happily pay you back :)

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