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Bitdefender Total Security - 5 Devices 1 Year - US$25.95 (A$35.47) @ Dealarious


Save 72% Off on Bitdefender Total Security (Latest Version 2021).
Protect your devices (Windows, macOS, iOS and Android) at the best price.
Offer for a Limited Time!!!

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  • My question is - is it best just to use the default security mechanism your system has? i.e. Windows - Windows Security. - Privacy concerns come into play to, enlighten me an1?

    • there are free products ,e.g antivirus, firewall etc. you don't need above

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        Be careful with free products, there was a bit of controversy recently where the "free" products were making their money by selling your internet browsing details to third parties (the one in question was Avast from memory). You kind of get what you pay for.

        Windows Defender is pretty decent these days but Bitdefender has a stronger track record for zero-day threats, I believe. You get a lot of junk thrown in too, which may or may not be useful to you - VPN (limited data), a wallet to protect your card details, etc.

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    Seems like a good deal, have paypal as well.
    3yrs for 10 devices worth 95.95 usd seems like an excellent value for money.
    Works for android as well as ios, windows.
    recently won a few awards as well.

    • No…get it when it's $25 (or less) per year

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    Check www.av-test.org, windows defender gets top marks and is built into your OS… and FREE

    • This. Couple Windows Defender up with an anti malware tool like Malwarebytes and you'll be protected against most attacks.

      The best thing you can do though is have a solid backup system so you can easily restore data if your device does get infected.

  • Definitely not needed given Windows defender is so strong now. Nothing but bloatware.

    • Windows Defender is a hell of a lot better than it used to be, and the testing results are often better than some other free contenders, but it's lacking features against some of the commercial offerings (if you care about the features). Also, the updates don't come as regularly so it's not as strong against zero-day attacks as some.

  • OP, can you tell me why bit defender is not on virus bulletin ?

  • Worked for me, added an extra year to my existing subscription.

  • Link still working thanks OP, added an extra year to my existing subscription also.

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