Pants Waist Size Not Accurate

Hi Guys,

I bought some jeans from jeanswest and followed the size guide, when it arrived i tried it and it was too big. I measured my waist it was 34 inches, so i bought the pants sized 34 inches. Why would they have a size guide if it's not accurate. I can't think of a reason why the sizing is not accurate. Thoughts?



  • It's all about fit, designers will differ in fit to suit their ideal wearer.

    The truth of the matter is, despite the fact there are standard sizes, people commonly come in all different shapes and also find themselves in sizes in between those of the standard. The differences between a person's posture, how much of a muscle bound person they are vs the spare tire they have.

    Clothes will always fit differently from person to person.

    So there are three ways to solve this, find the right designer with the right clothes to fit you, find someone to do alterations on clothes that are slightly looser fitting, or change your body shape via exercise or lack thereof.

    Lastly, it's also possible that a person's body shape does not lend themselves to the clothes that they want to wear. While that is unfortunate, that can happen.

  • Some shops make the clothes bigger than they should be to make fat customers feel better (rivers and target do this, for example ).
    I am fat enough to be ok with this, but I agree it is dumb to have a lying size guide.

  • Are you complaining because you are larger than a 34? Is it by much ? You could always not button it up and use a safety pin instead.

    • It's in OP's first sentence…

      I bought some jeans from jeanswest and followed the size guide, when it arrived i tried it and it was too big.

    • The OP said that the 34 inch jeans were too big for them, so they are obviously not "complaining because they are larger than a 34".

  • Krispy kreme 6 packs for a few days should sort this out.

  • Sizing should be standardise, very annoying if you cant try on clothes and have to rely on size guides and they are not accurate.

  • I mean, I get it, but females have it far worse than guys in terms of sizing…

    Covid is really bringing out the worst in people who have too little to worry about that they write forum topics over missized jeans… How would you like this forum collective to solve your issue? Do we all arrange the refund for you?

  • Try a belt.

  • it's called "vanity sizing", some clothing manufacturers would "down size" their clothing to make some people feel better about themselves. So "size 34" could sometimes means 36 inches in reality.

    and even clothings under the same label would be different, Levi's are usually 2 inches more than the label size, but a while ago, I got some shrink-to-fit jeans from them which are actually "true-to-size", and after shrinking, they will definitely be too small for me……….. I guess I will need to off load them on ebay, as they do not offer free return shipping………

  • Send them back. How hard can it be?

  • Garments are also constructed with the concept of "ease" built into the measurements. What this means is that also though your actual waist size might measure 34 inches, a garment might have an inch or two "ease" built into it so the fabric might measure more than the actual body measurement. This allows the wearer to move with ease in the garment eg if you hunch your shoulders the ease in a garment allows your shirt to move and not split down the back, as it would if it was the actual body measurements.

  • Its termed "vanity sizing" in the fashion industry. I wear 32" jeans but my waist size is around 34" and this 32" is pretty consistent across different brands, i.e. gap, levis, armani, jcrew, A&F, etc.

    There are ever so slight variations of course.