Coles fuel discount

I don’t understand how Coles fuel vouchers work.
Say you put $20 Of petrol in your car. You have your voucher scanned and then scan your flybuys card.
You are still paying $20.
It’s not like you get a discount at all.
What does everyone else think?
I don’t see the discount at all.

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  • What?
    If you scan voucher you get 4c Per Litre discount so you do not pay $20
    you pay $20 - 4c Per Litre X Litres Pumped

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    I think you have chosen ‘earn 8 FB points ‘ instead of ‘save 4c’ option in your FB account.

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      This is likely it. At the moment your $0.50 savings is being accumulated in your flybuys account rather than immediately at the cashier.

      Change your settings if you want the savings immediately

  • Coles fuel where I live is 10c+ /litre more than anyone else. It's not worth it