Be Quiet! Dark Rock 4 CPU Cooler $113.34 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


This is the slightly smaller brother of the Dark Rock Pro 4. It's a little simpler with only one fan and a single heat sink rather than two, and comes in at about $20 less. Still a very capable CPU cooler and looks pretty good to boot. It's also very, very quiet - quieter than Noctua coolers like the NH-D15, although the cooling isn't quite as good.

This price is about $7 below RRP, but the real deal here is that it's a) in stock and b) in stock somewhere with free shipping (with Prime obviously). As far as I can tell, only Scorptec and PCCG have this in stock locally, and both charge at least $14 for shipping.

Virtually inaudible Silent Wings 135mm PWM fan
Achieves only 21.4dB(A) at maximum fan speed
Six high-performance copper heat pipes
Airflow-optimized, wave-contoured cooling fins
Easily installable black installation kit can be mounted from above
Supports an additional 120mm fan; clips are included in scope of delivery

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  • not worth it - pro 4 much better

    • +3 votes

      The Pro 4's currently at least $30-40 more expensive at the moment.

      EDIT: It's probably also worth noting that various reviews show only a 1-3 degree difference under load between the 4 and the Pro 4, so I wouldn't say the Pro 4 is 'much' better, although it is demonstrably better. That said, the 4 is slightly quieter than the Pro 4.

      • The Noctua NH-D15 or NH-D15S would be the play then.

        • Definitely. For me, I've got a 3600 and the D-15 is a bit overkill and doesn't match my all black aesthetic, although you could jump for the chromax version which I believe is sitting at about $175 at the moment. D-15 is also a bit louder, although it probably wouldn't be noticeable.

          • @Bog: Yup, and this is a cooler that you should be able to move from system to system, just need to update the bracket.

  • $7 below RRP?

  • (Other than this and the Noctua NH-U12S) Is their any alternative decent 'slim' air-cooler for a Ryzen 7 3700x or upcoming 4700x CPU?

    Edit: How about the be quiet! Pure Rock 2? Will be slim enough and decent to cool down the above CPUs?

    • +2 votes

      You could also look at the Dark Rock Slim, which I saw the other day for $89. I feel like it really depends on how much overclocking (if any) you'll be doing. Honestly all of these coolers are a bit overkill for stock Ryzens but I just got one for the looks and the quietness. I was a bit sick of my Ryzen spooling the fan up every few seconds.

      • Thanks, yeah I won't be overclocking the CPU. Still in the market for either a 3600XT/3700x/3800x or upcoming 4600x/4700x
        Preferring quiet cooler plus black colour if possible (planning to build a all black no RGB sytstem)

      • I'm looking at replacing the stock cooler on my Ryzen 3600 for the same reason (fan spooling). Deciding between the Dark Rock Slim and the Shadow Rock 3.

  • Dimensions from website:

    96.3mm x 136mm x 159.4mm

    Too high for an NR200

  • 96.3mm x 136mm x 159.4mm

    Too high for Corsair 280X