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[Preorder] PlayStation 5 (Disk) $749, (Digital) $599 & Get $50 Cashback with Zip Pay Payment @ Amazon AU


PS5 is now available to pre order from Amazon.

Also available is a $50 cashback using zip pay and $30 amazon credit with ps5 preorder
Details on cashback can be found here

Edit: Digital version is not yet listed for sale.
Edit: PS5 Sold Out. PS5 Digital Edition now available

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      • +6

        Don't do digital. Honestly, the Sony PS store is an absolute rip off (for the most part).

        • +3

          Games are always like $90 and you can usually find a used copy on scumtree for $30-$40 at any given time.

        • True for new releases. If you don’t care about playing single player games as soon as they come out then digital is fine. Often get triple A games for very low prices a couple of years after release. Not to mention huge library of ps plus games you’ll never get through. Having said that, I’m getting disc version as I have a pile of old PS4 games on disc.

      • Why ps5 over the new xbox?

        • +1

          none of my friends have xbox, theyve all got ps4. so ive decided to join them this time around so we can play together. I actually prefer the xbox x design and controllers.

          • @swxfty: The interface is much cleaner and faster on Xbox - will be interesting to see if Sony fix it this time around.

            • @appxl: Playing games is a much nicer experience on PS, I have had both consoles each generation, and overall playing games on PS is a much nicer experience, like playing spotify, using headphones in the jack, controller battery life etc etc. I do prefer the xbox UI, but after upgrading my PS4 pro to SSD, it's UI is much smoother/faster loading than the xbox.

    • +1

      Me . Love the disks drives I will support physical media until the very end .

      • I wouldn't want to be locked into Sony's store prices. They are often significantly higher than the physical medium.
        If they had some kind of price match policy to physical media, I would get the digital only version.

        • They're always higher than physical. Especially during launches. Not even mentioning no returns. No resale. No customer protections from shit buggy games. Saving $150 for digital is like kneecapping yourself while also losing money even after a few months of purchases.

    • +1

      Paying $99.95 for a game on PlayStation store when it’s $69 at JB is why I got the disc version.

      • +1

        You break even after five games.

  • +2

    So lemme get this clear. If i buy 700$ gift cards at 4% from nib and pay the remaining 50$ with zip. I can effectively get it for 672$?

    • +1

      Yes I just did this

      • So we can load up gift vouchers any time between now and when they take the payment?

    • Same question actually

    • +1

      Zip told me when I called them you need to pay the full amount on zip to qualify for the $50 cashback.

      • I have $10 Amazon credit and $10 gift card I wanted to use. If I use it, and the payment is only $729 through ZIP, i wont get the $50 cashback right?

      • That makes me angry as the rep on here said gift cards were fine. I should have waited with adding gift cards. I'm deleting my ZipPay account. Apart from the bungling of today's new account, can't even get their story straight on split payment.

  • Just paid $450 with gift card and the rest with Zip Pay.


    • +1

      Can’t see ZIP stumping up the $50 if they’re not getting the full amount through their platform….

      • I saw the store rep on the previous page confirm it should work as long as ZipPay is selected as the other payment option. Hopefully it goes through

        • I thought they said split payments wasn’t an option for pre orders too?

    • has the gift card balance already been deducted from your account??

    • +3

      Yeah zip told me when I rang to ask.
      The conditions of the $50 cash back states you have to pay the order in full on zip.
      Split payments will disqualify you from the cash back.

      • thanks - two conflicting messages macleancherry said gc balance along with zip as other payment option. hmmm

        • screwed us all with that statement.

  • Been watching all these preorder deals and waiting for Amazon, in the meantime booted up my ps4 because my niece is visiting and wants to play Dark Souls 3…and discovered apparently out of the blue my less-than-three-year-old ps4 pro no longer will read any disc. Tried some supposed fixes, no dice. Perfect, so now I guess I can't sell it or trade it in, so dunno if I can afford a ps5. What do you guys reckon a ps4 pro with broken disc drive is worth? sigh

    oh well maybe I'll pre-order anyway and see what happens down the track since not pre-charged

    But yeah…poetic, really.

    EDIT: can't sign up for zippay anyway - or can sign up, but can't add a payment method, it just loads forever or once or twice stopped loading and said I need to add a payment method and nothing else on the page/no way to do so. I dunno. maybe I'll try the app. Amazon'll probly run out of pre-orders while I stuff around with it

    EDIT 2: Got it to work (add payment method) through the app but now have same problem as others where it won't link my account cos can't find my number

    • +1

      I had the same error after signing up.
      After about half an hour of reloading, it finally let me add a credit card.

      I think you just need to wait a bit.

      I have already submitted my pre-order and will change payment method to Zip once this is all sorted out.
      Amazon is not sending me the verification code to my phone at the moment.

      • cheers yeh I got the payment method to work via the app, and it does send me a verification code when trying to link on Amazon, but then says number not found, as some other people seem to be having; maybe doing it your way is best, thanks

    • If you are brave, look up how to clean the disk drive on ps4 videos on youtube.

  • Anyone having issues with Amazong not finding a number associated with Zip?

    Never mind, other having issues too

  • -1

    Guys im trying to add my zippay account to amazon and it says to verify my phone number. I put in my phone number and got the code yet in Amazon it says my phone number isn't registered with zip pay?

    • -1

      Read above

  • im confused and new at this, already have a zip money account never used it but is this zip money or zip pay also which is the diffience ?
    I also i dont have a credit card only debit.. will this work?

    • +6

      A calculated deception to trick you into not giving them any money….those evil geniuses

      • Just your information which is worthless amirite

      • ….. and they get another customer on their books for free.

        • +1

          You tried again? Worked for me, just had to wait 30mins.

          • @onlinepred: yeah, finally went through.

            I originally purchased with credit card and just went through and changed payment method now.

  • This would look great if come in pink and red!

  • XBox Series X or PS5 ?? Very tempting this one, but confused.

      • +1

        I'm surprised preorders are still up on Amazon. It shouldn't be long now until All is gone

        • Yeah I'm afraid I'm going to miss out as I can't link my zip account as Im getting errors.

          • @viospeed: Make the order without zippay and complain to Amazon. They ended up just honouring the $50. Now whinging to zippay and hopefully getting them to close my account and remove the credit check

            Edit- They also upgraded me to priority shipping for the inconvenience

            • @DisabledUser35827: Yeah I might complain to them as well. Did you contact their customer service number?

            • @DisabledUser35827: did you speak to them via chat or on the phone?

              • @swimmingtoad: Through chat. It was very painful given I was on chat for 45 minutes. Are you guys prime members? I was pretty upfront in what I expected and say eventgough it was zip pays issue they advertised it to me on their website and I wouldn't have purchased it without that discount. I think in the end given he couldn't troubleshoot the issue he wanted to get rid of me.

                They said they've made a note and I'll need to contact them once its shipped (given nothing is charged yet). Let me know if you have any luck

            • @DisabledUser35827: I complained on chat, they wouldn't honour it, just said to go back to Zip pay for support…

            • @DisabledUser35827: Also pre-ordered (just in time) with alternate payment method and am trying it on with Amazon chat right now but they're trying to fob me off to zip pay support - even though pre-orders now closed anyway so..

              Just asked them straight up to honour the discount and said someone else had been but he's saying they have no authorization to honour the discount. Well, that's that I guess. Blah. Guess you got lucky!

    • If you're keen on the PlayStation exclusives, PS5

  • +2

    Whaaat? Are these going to be the prices for games going forward for next gen?
    If so maaan my wallet's going to hurt

    • Placeholders man. Wait for the inevitable $79 launch price special.

      • Hope you're right. $79 seems more reasonable.

      • There's talk already they will be higher in the US

      • nope get used to higher priced games.

    • +1

      Maybe I'm wrong, but I remember PS4 exclusive games were like $110-120 on release of PS4 but after a little bit, they were $80-90

      • I'm not sure, but if that also happened on PS4 launch guess I shouldn't worry because PS4 turned out great.

      • Don't think ps4 was like that. But PS3 certainly was. $110 games at launch in 2007. Maybe PS4 was too.

        • Oh yeah Ps3, man time flies

    • Imo they are testing the water to see if people will pay it. Ps5 games in Europe are 80 euro, equivalent to $129 aud.

  • +1

    Cbf screwing around with Zip Pay for another hour and potentially miss out on a spot. Ordered one anyway, thanks OP.

    • +1

      you can still edit the payment method after ordering. sort out your zip pay and edit them asap.

      • Good call, cheers.

  • +1

    I just pre ordered one! Woo hoo !

    Can anyone confirm what the interest free period for the PS5 is with Zipmoney, I cant find it mentioned anywhere?

    I've been using Zipmoney for a couple of years now, it is very convenient but like everything else you need to make sure you keep on top of your payments and make sure you pay off purchases within the interest free period.

    To confirm You can nominate weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. Interest free periods vary from merchant to merchant. E.g. 3 months for some, Lenovo offer 17months interest free with Zip.

    Will be interesting how this BNPL space goes, Paypal is offering only a $600 limit at the moment in the US so if it does come over dunno what the limit will be here.

    Also NAB and CWB have introduced interest free cards with a limit of $1k , not sure what the monthly fees are.

    Im sure a lot of youngsters are going to get drawn into this!

    • Hi Chinthakaj, Mac from Zip here, purchases on amazon.com.au made with Zip Money are 6 months Interest Free.

      • +2

        "Hi Chinthakaj, Mac from Zip here, purchases on amazon.com.au made with Zip Money are 6 months Interest Free."
        Maybe woth acknowledging the fees and not going around them

        • -1

          I answered Chinthakaj's question.

    • pay as little as $10 per week and pay the remainder by the end of the following month. this way you wont get charged any fee.

  • This is OUT OF STOCK now !!!

    • +2

      Sigh I missed out cause of zip pay :(

      • Same, took too long to sign up to their shitty system. Now they'll be able to show how many 'new customers' they signed this month and boost their stock prices even more. Genius.

  • +1

    And it’s gone.
    Thanks heaps ZIP PAY for failing to confirm mobile number #clowns


  • Zip pay fail far out

  • Same here waited over a hour for zip pay now gone

  • How the hell can a pre-order run out of stock??

    • Pre-Orders aren't unlimited, there is a set allocation because of demand.

    • TSMC fabs can't keep up with the demand.

    • +3

      Australia will only be allocated so many launch models. They have to divide it up for the whole global market. Plus they have chip yield issues. Something like 50% failure rates. So even making the ps5 is a problem for them. They're also having trouble shipping them with ships. So they're actually paying for expensive airfreight. Which apparently add $50 costs for Sony per unit. It's kinda complicated for a bunch of reasons.

      • +2

        Any links? Those rumours were debunked a few days ago.

        • They weren't debunked. Just that Sony denies the allegations specifically that they lowered production projections. Chip yield issues are universal new fabs and tech. Flying units by airfreight was done with the PS4, as well. It's been talked about for a while that the cost per unit has been going up more than Sony wanted due to various issues outside of their control.

          I don't think production is actually the problem here though. It's the fact demand is sky high.

  • I called it 19 mins ago . Sold out.

  • OMG I waited for Zip Pay to be fixed and now its sold out

  • That's annoying, just fixed my ZIP verification issue…and its gone!

  • Not going to get the digital edition. Not worth saving $150 for something that doesn't take disk.

    • just ordered the digital. I dont own or plan to buy any physical blu ray movies. You can purchase 4k movies on itunes.

      I also find it annoying to get up and change discs when i want to play a different game, i know this is minor but i like changing games instantly via the home screen.

  • +1

    Fingers crossed that Amazon didn't sell out but rather stopped selling it until the Zip Pay issues have resolved.

    • Yeah. Hope so XS.

      Cant find any information regarding PS5 on any of their official accounts.

      • +1

        Well I doubt that the reason why they stopped selling it. They are selling the digital edition now.

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