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[Pre Order] PlayStation 5 $749, Digital Edition $599 @ Harvey Norman


Missed out on a launch preorder PS5? A second drop of PS5's is now available for preorder at Harvey Norman with the expected December 2020 date. Get in quick as they will sell out fast.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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              • @cc23: Something that is RRP is not the deal of the year! All I was doing is suggesting a better solution. That way people who want to know if an item is in stock can simply check the forums and the front page/deal section can actually be for bargains!

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            @yellowfever: That really opens the "bargain" up to interpretaion and some pretty grey area postings, I'I'mallnfornthe Amazon deal yesterday with $50 off paying with Zip Pay or the other $30 credit. I agree with JRozells that an RRP in stock post belongs in the forums.

            • @eggaz: The Amazon deal was actually a bargain but this one is not.

              • +1

                @JRozells: Yeah I agree the Amazon deal was a bargain, my comment was supposed to read that "I'm all for it"
                but my auto correct failed me and, I didn't proof read :)

    • OzRPP?

      Aussies are indeed PPs sometimes. Harvey Norman especially.

    • Man shut up

  • Anyone know of any other places that'll have stock of the ps5 on this side of christmas?

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      not sure but don't miss out like some other people cause they couldnt decide

      • -3

        You can still pre-order on EB-Games so not sure what you are missing out on?

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          That stock comes next year.

        • EB are only taking preorders for 2021 shipments now.

        • You can pre-order for 2021 stock…

      • yeah good call. Just ordered through HN and that's the kids christmas presents done.

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      Disc version showing able to take pre-orders again for Nov delivery via Big W:


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        It's annoying how BigW charges delivery fee for something that costs $749.
        Why don't they have free shipping above $x amount of spend like most stores do?

        • Agree. Would also love option to pickup on launch day rather than wait for delivery.

      • +1

        Thanks for sharing this!

      • Gone

    • Was nowhere else, Amazon, Eb, Target, JB etc already had their preorders listed and out of stock very very quickly.
      Only place anyone is going to get 1 pre Christmas would be eBay, gumtree etc at an inflated price.

    • No disc drive, so all games have to be downloaded.

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        can we download more storage

      • Cant add USB DVD Drive and install using that?

        If not that would be a deal killer for nearly everyone who already has a pile of games.

        • A standard USB DVD drive won't be able to load PS4/PS5 Blurays

          • @Pandaroo: Thats a downer for many I'd say - but like M$ that might change like the no backwards compatibility with xboxes then that changed later on

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              @pharkurnell: It won’t change.

              Sony would prefer you purchased games digitally as you get a larger cut. You get the opportunity to buy a console day one with the drive, but that’ll be it.

              If you take the bait and buy the cheaper console, they win in the long term as you have to buy all games through them.

    • No cloud gaming, you just have to buy games from the Playstation store digitally for the digital version, so you cannot by discs anymore.

      Playstation store prices are more expensive though.

    • No disk drive, you need to purchase the games digitally and download them.

      Benefits - cheaper console and games*
      Cons - No re-sell value of games, need to upgrade storage eventually to fit games in, probably more..

      *Unsure but it's generally the case

      • +1

        Storage is no different to discs, both are copied to the HD anyway.

        • I'd have thought there is still some data on the disk that isn't copied over.

          • @SnowDragon: Don’t believe so. The disc is inserted simply to prove ownership of the digital content so that you can’t install the game and then sell the disc.

      • Not always the case re: cheaper games. I've often found it easier to get deals on physical games rather than digital, but it's definitely not always the case. And especially if it's a game you'll want to play in the first ~6 months of release, physical is the way to go, with Amazon undercutting every other retailer. They regularly sell new games at $10-$20 less than RRP. Even JB Hifi generally sells at less than RRP.

        • Yeah I agree. Not sure why digital tends to be more expensive on release given it saves publishers time and money AND has no re-sell value.

          • @SnowDragon: I think it's simply politics. Sony can't be seen to undercut retailers by selling the products at less than RRP, but retailers can choose to lower their margins on a product and pass that on to the consumer.

          • +3

            @SnowDragon: Because they know there's a captured group of suckas who bought the digital-only PS5, and have no other option except to pay full RRP for games. No incentive to pass on discounts to this group, since they have no other options.

          • @SnowDragon: Because there’s no competition. If they sold titles at the price they do today where all customers still had access to physical copies, one can only imagine how bad things could get price wise when 2/3 of the customers are locked into using the digital shopfront.

            No doubt publishers still compete amongst each other on that one shopfront, so there’ll be sales, but I’d expect generally higher prices. That’s aside from the fact Sony has already noted that many games will see a $10USD base increase over last gen.

      • +1

        It's impossible to get cheaper games on a console that only has digital games compared to a console that has both digital and disc-based games

        What you are saying just doesn't make sense

      • For the benefit, the $150 saving over the life-span of a console is negligible IMO and for cheaper games, for new releases probably not.

        The main benefit is the convenience of not having to insert discs to play games. Switching between games as easily as switching tv shows on netflix.

      • +1

        For major releases the norm is that physical is considerably cheaper for new releases, often by around 30%. Go look at how many preorders for current gen games are $59 or $69 on Amazon and selling for $99 on the respective digital shopfront.

        Down the line there will be sales, but that applies to physical stores too.

        Competition for physical releases have kept prices much lower for people willing to deal with discs. I’ll be disappointed to see them go all digital in the future. This is very likely the last gen for Xbox and PlayStation where physical game purchases will be available.

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      Nah you get a neural implant and need to book in surgery with Sony. You play games all in your head digitally via wifi.

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    I know there's a lot bigger shit going on, and I'm not like genuinely bummed or anything,

    But I'm a little bummed with all the hype and shit surrounding the new consoles that we won't have a midnight release for them. They were always fun. Games are hit and miss with what, if anything, the stores will do for promotions, but console launches have always been fun for me (admittedly I've only had 2 midnight consoles though)

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      I miss them too, even game launches. Fond memories of the halo 2 midnight launch

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    Wow stiff. Asking for full payment upfront on an estimated ship date.

    • +2

      Other stores are sold out, so they really do have the ball in their court.

    • +4

      What do you expect it's Harvey Norman. You should be thankful that it's not above RRP!

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    full $749 for pre order, no thanks.

    • Yep, was happy to get the amazon deal, not sure if will be that cheap for quite a while given how quickly it's sold out across the world.

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    Doesn't look like u can return it due to change of mind even if unopened.

    • Annoying, but legal.

    • +2

      You will have no problem selling it at cost before Christmas if un-opened.

      The money-obsessed masses here probably pre-ordering lots to sell at a profit.

  • Be quick people… You snooze you loose

  • I thought 2nd drop was next year?

  • +5

    seeing scalpers ask for $1200 on FB and gumtree really upsets me. and i am really considering getting one.

    On the other hand i really think the price is too high and would wait for a $500 price range ( yes it would a few years) but i have a massive backlog of games to finish.

    • +4

      Don't support scalpers; also warranty/invoice could be a mess

    • Blame sony and eb games…

      • Why Sony and EB in particular?

        • +1

          contrary to what sony wrote pre launch the launch models were sold without notice in just over 2 hours by eb before 7.15 am WA time.

          lot of gamers never had an opportunity to purchase because they were never informed.

          • @petry: I think surprise drops result in more regular people buying them. If the date/time is announced earlier it gives scalpers more time to prepare bots, etc

            • +1

              @profounddominator: Fact is the vast majority of gamers never knew of the pre-orders going live because sony had written they would be given advance notice.

              When they went live in WA soon after 5.00am few were even awake.

              If people aren't awake they can't participate, if they aren't informed they can't participate, and when they are told they would be given notice but they are not, well they won't be around to participate.

              Your notion then 'surprise drops result in more regular people buying them' is at best illogical.

              Scalpers had a field day because the competition - the interested gamer- was quite deliberately blindsided by both Sony Australia and EB games, and was absent for much of the very brief launch offer window.

              A kinghit if you like of your main customers.

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    Sing it with me boys https://vocaroo.com/TWaMAMfGZiV

    • Holy (profanity), this is gold.

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    I swear man, if they cancel this order as well.. I'm waiting on a full refund on my previous order, and I've just pre-ordered again. This whole thing is a circus man.

    • Mine got cancelled from this batch after credit card got charged. Email notification vaguely cited information mismatch, maybe due to my account name not matching name on CC.

      Did a quick check at other retailers and fortunately saw Big W had some again (now out of stock).

      • The reason they gave for my first order being canceled:

        Thank you for your enquiry about your request to purchase.

        Harvey Norman Online endeavours to provide a safe online environment for our customers by implementing routine checks for orders, this is to ensure that no purchase is made without the card holder’s authorization and to confirm order details.

        In this instance your request to purchase has not been accepted and in accordance with section 5 (9) of our terms and conditions.
        5.(9) Harvey Norman Online may, in its sole and absolute discretion, accept or reject any offer made by you for any reason (or no reason), including an error in the advertised price for, or description of, the products on the website, or an error in your Order.

        This situation is just generally frustrating and confusing

  • +14

    Digital edition consoles negates one of the few benefits of buying a console over a PC for gaming. Disc games frequently receive heavy discounts, you can share discs with your friends/even borrow from a library (almost never need to pay for single-player games if you have a library with game lending service), sell your games for almost the same/higher than the price you got it for if you bought it at a discount, install games much quickly (especially with next gen games frequently clocking over 100GB), and the list goes on. Please don't restrict yourself to digital only just to save $150, the savings you receive from discs add up to much more than that over a console's lifespan.

    • +2

      I can make many arguments for Digital too….

      You can share digital games and play them SIMULTANEOUSLY which you cannot do with Physical for one.

      Very useful to those of us with multiple consoles in a house for instance (or trustworthy friends/family).

      • +10

        Yes, what I'm saying is that with a disc based console you have both benefits of digital and physical games and don't have to limit yourself to one.

        • That's fair, but in my case I'm always buying digital only so I'm down $150 which I won't recoup.

          I have a 3yo kid who'll love to play frisbee with them, I hate the clutter (been there done that with collecting), I love the convenience, I don't plan on reselling games I purchase anyway (I'll stick to PS/Switch/Xbox exclusives this gen and focus on PC for cross platform….)

          The more people who buy digital will suit those who don't…. no competition for games on sale for instance…

          I also have gotten PS/xbox credit cheaper for quite some time too.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser139667: We are on OZB though, we like saving money, not wasting it on digital rip offs ;-)

            • @onlinepred: No one's stopping you though….

              When I just preorded both new Mario Switch games for $135 Nintendo Coupons minus gold pts discount (around $6), for that I got not 2 games but 4, sharing with my Switch Lite.

              So 4 copies around $32 each where they are around $60-80 physically….

              And before anyone says… who's selling 1st party Nintendo titles, their timeless.

              • @DisabledUser139667: Nintendos are entirely different. We are talking about playstations here.

                Buy digital game from Sony store = $99.99 for up to a month of release and no pre-order specials.
                Buy physical game for $59.99 with pre-order discounts, finish game, sell for $50 on gumtree.

                If you don't like money, 100% go digital playstation.

                • @onlinepred: My backlog is stretching generations… I can live without a day 1 purchase these days. Also family and life constraints…

                  I ain't a 13yo kid who can devote a week to sitting infront of a TV either anymore.

                  I found Sony the quickest to discount 1st party launches digitally, usually to the $70ish mark within a month or two.

                  Nintendo obviously the slowest…. but MS is good if the games come out around the digital sale periods (Easter/Black Friday etc etc)

                  • +2

                    @DisabledUser139667: Yep, my point still stands. You can actually make money from physical copies.

                    I ain't a 13yo kid either, I don't have a backlog of games I spent money on and haven't played… I buy a game, play it when I can, finish it, sell it, the most I have been out of pocket is $20. You pay more for digital and can't sell it. You literally cannot beat the savings of physical unless you buy crazy old games through steam. Most of the time I could buy 2 physical copies of the game, play it with people, sell it, and still be cheaper than buying a single copy digitally.

                    If you buy more than 4-5 games on PS, then you will save money doing physical copies and disc drive PS5

                    Anyway, glad you love digital, and glad you try and save a few dollars here and there, and glad you aren't a 13yo who can live without day 1 purchases but are commenting on pre order of a console.

      • +1

        Yes this works great for me, my brother has my PS setup has his primary so I get access to all the digital games he buys as well as PS+ access for online gaming.

        • I got a Switch and a Switch Lite my wife and I use… works for all but Animal Crossing, but that should change.

          Two copies of every game, beautiful!

          If the Series S was the same internals I'd love to get that as a secondary…. would do the same with that.

      • Will this work on PS5 though? I bought disk version just in case this doesn't. I got one from Big w and felt like winning lotto lol. Awaiting cancellation

    • +1

      The negative is the discounts buying a new game and selling on.

      Technically, the necessity of owning a disc is redundant. All games need to be downloaded anyway, and the disc merely serves as a verification of purchase. That system is redundant. The pricing model is not fair though.

      I am happy to go digital only and it has nothing to do with cost-savings. It is the efficiencies and convenience. Also over the course of the life-span of the console happy to reduce the carbon footprint too.

      • Not entirely true. PS4 games are still installed off the disc and can be played completely offline. Those updates are just patches and are obviously required for online play but are not essential to the base game.

        • -1

          That is true. But playing a rushed to release edition of a game from a disc installation can be problematic. If it manages to be stable hopefully you are using the old operating system as well (which again will not be applicable on the PS5 and you'd be using your PS4).

          It's a use-case for retaining the PS4

      • That's not true at all.

        I keep my PlayStation offline. The only time I experienced what you're stating as fact occured was with COD Modern Warfare, as after installing, the disc pings a server to download the game, I believe as a measure to render the game useless to stores that broke street date.

        • Yes of course you can keep your game without bug fixes, build for previous OS releases, and play off-line. It is not a premium experience but you can do it, absolutely. I took it for granted that this would be implied, apologies for not being clearer. If you want to play a stable release of a game, the version printed to disc is rarely, if ever, considered stable now that games are developed with modern agile methodologies.

          The point remains, why is this being used as a stick to beat the PS5 with here, given the nature of the complaints?

          If you keep your PS4 offline (which is remarkable given how bad the original OS was but that's neither here nor there), the PS5 will be emulating how the latest stable PS4 OS operates games (and will likely require an update to the games software to support this). Playing old PS4 games from the disc isn't something that they are officially supporting, and if it works they can have issues.

          If there genuinely are people in this niche, they have a PS4 already. If you want to continue to use an archaic method of authenticating games in a PS5, which will require updates to the game software as it is new hardware, then paying a premium for this seems fair.

  • +1

    Charging full price ?

  • +1

    Nah. I will go with BigW - delivery 12/16 nov.

    • +11

      That month doesn't exist.

      • +1

        12 - 16 November 2020.

  • +5

    Looks like pre-orders for 2nd batch gone too?

    • BigW has release date batch up again. Better be quick ya'll.

      • BigW sold out again

      • Looks like this is also gone

      • Yeah gone already

      • I had 1 in my cart from yesterday that didn't go through quick enough. Tried when I saw your message, it got me one step further but didn't go through. Tried again after everyone said it's gone, somehow worked. Not really liking that the order confirmation doesn't seem to specify the console type or delivery date. But it looks like I can return with Big W so I'm safe either way.

  • Um…other than buying direct from Sony there is no guarantee you will get one on launch from these retailers, probably the opposite as they try to maximise thier profits

  • What the…. Rich kids!

  • -1

    amazing 75% of aus got no job, and people buying this?

    • +7

      because 80% lack financial intelligence.