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LEGO Creator Expert Assembly Square 10255 $319 @ Target


Some great sets have back to stock as well
LEGO® Star Wars™ Death Star™ 75159 $639

LEGO® Creator Expert Roller Coaster 10261 $359

LEGO® Creator Expert Taj Mahal 10256 $359

Part of Target 20% off Toys Deal

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  • +2

    All these lego deals…must keep reminding myself the ps5 and xbox are the priority…

    • +1

      The last few days my phone's been going nuts haha

      • +3

        I was getting 50+ emails per hr from Brickhawk for a couple days.. Amazon kept adjusting their prices by less than $1 so another email was sent out..

    • +1

      let's hope you're not needing to buy a new graphics card as well :D

      • Or a console :')

  • Awesome thanks man I got the Taj Mahal.

  • Wow good one OP. Still have heaps of sets to build. I'm sure others will enjoy them. Roller coaster looks good.

  • +2

    Must. Resist. Roller Coaster.

    • better buy it, retirement price for this set will not be pretty.

      • +3

        I did. And the A-Wing. And the Ducati. Now to find a place to hide them from the wife and kids…

    • The roller coaster is a really awesome set. And this is a great price.

  • Thanks op. After yesterday's specials, I'm out of funds. And recently got the Roller Coaster from Amazon for $430. Meh.

  • try your luck here


    could be cheaper if there is any in your area.

    • I wouldn't bother with Kmart, I ordered twice and both got canceled. I purchased $300 worth of gift card only then realized you can't use gift cards online……………………….end up using credit card……………

      Now I got $300 worth of gift cards with no real use……………

      • Have ordered one for Delivery this morning.
        and I am still seeing stock for WA.

        Damn LEGO's Days.. have already maxed out all my credit cards and BNPL accounts..

        Fortunately there is still PayPal's Pay After Delivery.

  • bought the roller coaster finally for $359, i almost pull the trigger on that Amazon deal $430.00

    thanks OP!

  • Already had the cancellation email for the roller coaster - fingers crossed the Taj Mahal actually comes through. Target are pretty hopeless with actually having stock for these Lego deals

    • Really can i see the email? i haven't got any cancellation email from Target (hopefully not).

      My friend just bought 2 Roller Coaster 10 mins ago and he also didn't get any cancellation email.

    • I ordered at 1:55PM… may the lego gods roll in my favour!

  • I have confirmation on Taj , only set I'm interest in .

  • Looks Taj gone.

  • +2

    Finally got the Assembly Square. I know it's not the cheapest it's been but I've been missing the set for months.

    Hopefully order goes through.

    • not much luck with myer mate?

      • Nope got stuffed around with Myer and Big W. Missed the Amazon sale by 5mins or so last week and the previous Kmart one haha.

        Been trying to get this set for months now and always slips through my fingers. Hopefully this time I can finally get my hands on it!

        • +1

          same, been holding off buying it. Being in VIC, there no stores were opened or had stock available. i was lucky last sunday i was on the PC i saw the deal one running. i did a countdown on the number of set available. I think one person had brought 15 units as there was a sudden drop. It really about ~20 minute window.

          • +1

            @godofpizza: I'm spewing I missed that sale on Sunday. I was driving at the time, stopped and noticed the brickhawk email, missed out by literally 5mins. I was not happy haha.

            • @shiprekt: did your gets shipped?

              • @godofpizza: Got my tracking number this morning. I'm in disbelief to be honest. After literally many many tries at getting this set I finally can build it!

                How about you?

  • Taj mahal sold out

  • Cant see Assembly Square being any cheaper before xmas, good price including delivery.

  • I went Death Star too because its finally retiring again I hope this time for good .

  • I have brought so many Legos in these two days. So NOT these~ But wait, just get one more.

    • That' Lego spirit!

  • I just want the bookshop!

    • its available at alot of places including lego online
      but im assuming you want it with a discount.

    • Bookshop is not retiring for sometime. I’d wait for better discount.

      • I want the $199 deal from Myer :) and not all of us buy if it is retiring.

        • Bookshop is the newest out of all current modular and it has only been released this year. It better be not retiring soon or I will burn down Lego’s headquarters! :)

  • All 3 are sold out

  • +2

    All 3 orders cancelled for me. Nice work Target.

    • Just got my Assembly Square cancelled grrr

  • anyone got this set dispatched yet?

    Shipment 1 of 1
    Preparing your item(s)

  • It's showing more stock now.

    • roller coaster too

  • Been removed from the site now

  • buyer beware: in VIC for larger items they use couriers please, if they miss their first delivery, it will become an absolutely pain to follow up/redeliver

    apparently they missed me even though I had no call or door buzz.

    customer call centre will go around in circles, giving you generic answers and they will promise you they will deliver next day.

    5 calls later their latest comment is: we will call you back again within 24 hours, at this stage we are unsure when the item will be delivered (apparently item is sitting in their depot)

    • Yeah they do use Courier's please. Lucky for me I've got my orders. One of it they did just leave it inside mailbox room. Luckily it's a secured room for residents only (apartment block)

    • I got my delivery a couple of weeks ago and there was not one, but two massive holes in the box. The package was so badly handled that my Lego box also sustained the same damage. Absolutely shocking lack of care from Couriers Please.

      Now trying to sort out an exchange with Target but unlikely with no stock available. Got the generic 'send it back in the post' email for a refund :(

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