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Wahl Easy Cut Hair Clipper Kit White $21.95 @ Myer (Free Click and Collect or eBay Plus Free Shipping)


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16 pieces, self-sharpening blades for smooth cutting, guide combs from 3-25mm for full haircuts, taper lever for custom cut lengths, 2 year warranty.
Product code 448674040

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    Desperately need a haircut stuck in Melbourne iso. Thanks TEER3X

    • It's great when you can cut your own hair

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    I've had one of these for a couple of years. It's pretty good, considering the price, but started rusting very quickly. Occasionally the blades sort of jam up for no reason (probably just clogged, despite cleaning & oiling it almost every time I use it). The cord is really annoying if you are doing it yourself, much easier for someone else to handle for you. If doing it yourself, I'd strongry recommend spending a bit more on a cordless alternative.

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      I had to return mine Early this year. When I went to use it the second time within 2 months of purchase it had rusted bad.

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    kids won't let me near their hair, but the dog doesn't seem to care, or maybe doesn't dare to complain. Don't have this unit but one similar - the cord is certainly a pain but do the battery units have a lower power motor?

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      throw the kids out, keep the dog.

    • "the dog doesn't seem to care, or maybe doesn't dare to complain"
      Why is your dog afraid of you?

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      but do the battery units have a lower power motor?

      Basically YES..

      I had a cordless set years ago, they constantly jammed & pulled hair, after they lost full sharpness.. Also, being older battery technology then (probably NiCD), they generally went flat between uses so had to use them corded anyway, which defeats the purpose..

    • Definitely go for wall powered. I have a cheep Remington HC-824 which have never failed me and it is also very quiet, like those used by hair dressers.

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    Thanks OP

  • I remember a similar deal from shavershop with all these attachments. It was China made and couldn’t cut through thick hair.

    End up buying a better mode during Boxing Day sales (can’t find it anymore on the website) That one cuts through hair like a hot knife through butter.

  • How is this vs the Phillips cordless kit that was posted? Will it be much worse?


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      The item you linked is a grooming kit. They're designed for beards and stubble.

      The item in this post is a clipping kit, which is designed for hair cuts. I think this may be the cheaper clipping kit from Wahl which has less than great reviews. Do what most people should and spend a bit more for a significantly better clipping kit. It'll last much longer and give a better result.

  • Been cutting the family's hair for a long time. Have a specialist in the family who says that if you follow directions right, you can get a very expensive cut for $30 invested—— for as long as the cutter lasts. Keep it clean & oiled.

  • These clippers are just 'ok'. Yes they'll cut hair but they jam or hair gets caught in the blades or between the unit and the comb seemingly more than better units, Wahl branded or otherwise, but the biggest issue I've come across with the cheap Wahl units is the heat. They get warm very quickly and if you're using it for an extended period, say for those that buzz their entire head, they get VERY warm. Not so bad you can't touch it but compared to better units the way these ones heat up is slightly disconcerting. I doubt these units last long.

    If you intend to buy a pair of clippers just as a backup pair or to use sporadically for a trim these will do the job. If you're going to use a pair of clipper a bit more frequently I'd invest in a better unit.

    • Just used mine and they are the same as a pair I've owned in the past, which I used for many years before I gave them away. I'm not sure if you got a dud or something.

  • pay a little more and get something better. for kids its fine i guess. not for adults, it will make you cry as your hair gets caught up in between the blades. the more expensive wahl are better, there budget stuff is garbage.

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      Could you recommend a particular model?

    • Just used this on my medium long hair and kids hair, didn't jam up once and cut very well.

      In stark contrast to a pair of cordless sansai hair clippers with good reviews, that machine was utter crap.

      I've used all sorts of Wahl in the past and these did the job nicely, not saying they've got V8 power, but definitely cut through hair pretty effortlessly.

  • Is it possible to use my Myers gift card for eBay?

    • I think its not possible. click and collect on myer?

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        Thanks. I just rather prefer avoid going to Myers now

        • I was gonna buy via myer as well but reviews above are not good

          • @life is suffering: For the price I dun mind lol. I probably won’t use it frequently anyway. Just once in a while for trimming

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    Ordered this on the 20th, got an email today saying "Sorry your order's been cancelled" from myer.com.au

    • Still available on eBay plus with free shipping if you can get a free trial or something. I suspect there'll be some really good deals to compete with Prime Day (on the 13th&14th of October).

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      Same deal here, sorry your order has been cancelled.
      Relisted same day at a $14 price hike.

      Last time I order from Myer and they wonder why they are failing.

      Better off and I can't believe I'm saying this, from Harvey Norman;