Ozito Battery Deals

Hi all. Picked up two of the ozito jet blower skins for $29 (thanks ozbargain!!)
I now need to get some batteries and charger for them.
I’m in no rush
Do these go on sale from time to time or are they pretty much fixed??


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    They do go on sale from time to time, search the site to find good historic prices. From memory its around $40 for a 4ah battery.

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    The batteries usually go on sale every 2 or 3 months co-inciding with Aldi's powertool sales. The charger once or twice a year and due for one in October. This year, shipments have been sparse due to covid so the sale might be skipped. Easy enough to set up an alert on this site or pricehipster.

    • How do you set an alert on this site ?

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        In the search bar on the top right, type in the search term e.g. ozito batt
        In the search result that appears, click the "Create Alert" link in the top right hand corner of the results.

  • Bought the trimmer kit. Got a faulty fast charger. Twice. What are the chances of that happening?

    The charger makes hissing noise and flashing green and red lights.

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    They usually have a 4ah battery on sale for $39. Alternatively there is a 3ah battery with fast charger for $59. They usually come on sale a few times a year so well worth waiting for.

    • How do you come to know of the sale as I am in need of batteries too

  • The 2Ah is $25 now. I bought it for $35 a few weeks ago =/


  • Aldi selling batteries again. In current cattledog.