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[Pre Order] Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros $138.99 Delivered @ OzGameShop


A little pricier than what we have seen on other sites that are now sold out, but still considerably cheaper than eBay scalpers.
This company is based in the UK so expect a week or two for delivery.
Limit 1 per customer.

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    you better put your flame suit on

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    Another greedy merchant.

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    can someone advise me on what the laws are surrounding selling well above rrp as an official store?
    I would have thought this wouldnt be allowed. Individual resellers I can understand, but these guys are a registered business…

    • I have seen HN sold printer ink 50% above RRP

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      I don’t think it’s illegal. RRP = recommended retail price so nothing legally binding, just what the manufacturer recommends selling at.

      • I thought there was some laws around marking up a certain amount above RRP. I guess Its just one of those things I heard once and took as truth.

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        Clearly we should be rewarding retailers looking to rip people off and who are complicit in driving up prices by charging double the RRP.

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      I can’t imagine it’s illegal but it’s not a good look. Only issue I could see was if there was any sort of commercial agreement with the distributor. No doubt companies enforce street dates, not sure if they do anything around pricing however.

      It’d be pretty rare that a company would buy a non exclusive item and want to sell it well above other retailers anyway. This is just opportunistic due to the demand.

      • This is the unfortunate side of “capitalism”, not saying it is bad, there is always 2 sides to a coin.

        If we remembered earlier in the year with soap, toilet paper, masks, and hand sanitizer… :(

    • Ozgameshop is a grey seller. They don't buy directly from Nintendo and presumably don't have any contract with Nintendo that could enforce RRP

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    Terrible price

  • Anyone who buys at this price is nuts; this is twice the price of what it retails for. Even if the initial shipment is sold out right now, there will be more waves of stock before Christmas

  • …damn thats alot…was thinking of getting one, but seeing the hype this gets and the rrp above normal, i guess it wont be cheap

  • "a littler pricier"?

    Tell him he's dreamin - The Castle

  • Hahahahahhahahahahhahaha

  • This is such a non-deal that I have to wonder if the OP is associated with the business?
    Member Since 15/09/2020

    • Sockpuppeting?

  • Wtf…..

  • Limited stock doesn't mean we should be ripped off. Normally it should mean "to wait in a queue".

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    Half price than eBay sellers

    • Well i have seen some go for $150-180

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    Wasnt this @60$ on Amazon a few weeks back.

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    Oh crap did I accidentally sign onto Ozscalper?

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    This deal makes me miss Ozrrp

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    At twice the price of retail, I don’t think this retail preorder price has any place on this site. Deals at RRP are open for enough debate, putting items that are twice retail because some other places have it at 3x retails a pretty slippery slope and I’d hate to see stores promoted that partake in such practices.

    Should be a forum post at best and even then, I wouldn’t want to give this retailer my money in this case. Basically, they’re part of the problem now.

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    Ozgameshop added to the blacklist for never buying from

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    Looks like OP has already become DisabledUser365531 with L plates.

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    Not good the 1 limit but you get $3.48 in pts for each order .
    Order twice ( have access to 2 names )
    Tks OP .
    Boys I bet it OOS soon lol

  • Is it just me, as this post has be delisted (eg doesn’t show up under New Deals), but we can still see it as we are a commenter or voter?

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      Default user settings on new deals page means deals with net -1 or less don't show, you can change it if you want it to show lower.

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        Found the setting, Thanks!

  • OOS hehe .

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    Rrrp $80

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      Lovely can I have some at RRP and where the link ?

      BTW I know the answer :)

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      My brain hurts just trying to understand WTF you are trying to say.

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        I think they meant they have preordered two and waiting to flip them by next xmas.

        The nice profits they make from both units can buy them 5-7 turkeys.

        All I can say is good luck!

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        Yea and don’t forget the cranberry sauce!

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    What a ripoff. Posts like this should never be allowed on OzB.

  • New account used to troll everyone. GG Op.

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    ReEeEeEeEeE bEiNg PoPuLaR MaKeZ iT a DeAL…

    So now, scalping gets posted as a deal?

    Negged because: serious issues with retailer. (ie: price jacking and near scalping)

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    Just shows if someone was selling AFL tickets at RRP $200 for $400 sellable at 5k for a Rich / Coll GF the people who would whinge above RRP .
    Please don't try starting a biz folks you would have no clue on the risk/reward equation !
    Yeah my free lesson for the day :)

  • The highlight of this post for me isn't the price, it's that this seller is in the UK, therefore it will take "a week or two" to arrive!
    It is taking 1-2 weeks for local packages to be delivered within Melbourne at the moment as they are going via Sydney to be sorted. Good luck getting this in under 1 month.

  • A little? Try almost double! lol Was $80 at EB and JB when they had stock.

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