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[Preorder] Xbox Series X $749 (Suspended), Xbox Series S $499 ($50 Deposit) @ JB Hi-Fi


The wait is almost over! For a $50 deposit, you can pre-order the new Xbox Series X or Series S this Tuesday 22nd September from 8am (AEST) - note South Australian, Western Australian & Northern Territory customers

Stock will be extremely limited so be ready by this time to get your pre-order in.

Pre-order here from 8am AEST Tuesday 22/09
Things to note about Xbox pre-orders

Pre-orders will only be available online and will not be offered in-store
Due to stock demand a pre-order does not guarantee availability on the day of release
Your order will be placed in our priority queue and we'll contact you when it becomes available so you can pay the remaining balance and choose your collection option

Mod 13/9 (copy paste of the report reply): For those reporting that RRP should be in the forum or similar, there is no such guideline. As always the community will decide if it's a good deal or not via the voting system and/or comments. In general, a deal can be good value or of interest without being discounted as such, whilst a deal can be discounted but still be of little interest or poor value. In any case it's up to members to decide.

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        Thanks for posting that.
        Doesn’t change my comment or the validity of it.
        It is not a deal and I stand by my downvote.

    • -2

      You belong in the forums!

      • +1

        Just like someone who gives a positive to troll others

  • +1

    I'd recommend buying through the Microsoft store if you want to ensure you get it release day.

  • The Xbox subscription deal is great, I wouldn’t buy it outright

    • +2

      Is 24 months Game pass worth $355?

      It still comes out cheaper just standalone and buying 24 months game pass ultimate.

      Or am i missing something that makes it better value going on the plan?

      24 x $46(AUD) = $1,104

      $749 for console (over 24 months)
      $355 for 24 months game pass ultimate (over 24 months)

      Game pass can be had for well under half this price with certain promotions.

      • I've dipped my toe into gamepass and I can honestly say the amount of games that you cAn play at your fingertips.. makes me not want to play those games lol!

        It's like netflix - you ain't watching everything on there. Just stranger things or whatever the buzz film/show is at the moment. Except with games, very few people actually go back a replay old games to see what it was like, unlike the timeless quality of movies.

        I think this gamepass model is going to be a big swing and a miss, but hey, like everyone else on the internet, what do I know?

  • I voted up only cos of those who negged it. :)

  • +4

    Do we think Xbox Series is even going to sell out?

    • For certain.

      • +1

        Hmm I felt like it wouldn’t at least not very fast, PlayStation is such a massive market leader here in Aus even more than the UK. I mean I’m getting it anyway…

    • +1

      YEP.. I think it will sell out in an hour or even less in Australia and it will sell out in 5 minutes in America… They really didn't make enough of these things for launch

      • We will know by 9am tomorrow whether you were right…

        • +1

          I was wrong the Xbox Series X.. sold out in under 15 minutes

    • no

      wait for them to price cut or include free games.

      • +1

        Of course it'll sell out lol

  • I feel like EB Games will have the most pre-orders given their trade-in options. Will be interesting to document which retailers sellout first, any posters who had pre-ordered a PS5 like to share some insight?

    • +2

      The main thing with the PS5 was literally just being online at the right time as they were so bad at announcing it. I got one pretty easily. I think this is different as everyone has had time to know the exact pre-order release time.

    • EB sold out the launch batch by 9-10am, I happened to surfing their site at 8 and saw the count down timer to pre order at 30 seconds left, I might've been the first lol

      • +1

        I did the exact same thing. Just browsing and went the EBs site at 7:59am….boom

        • Damn, I was right there and didn’t get through on EB :(

      • More like 10 to 20mins the Series X sold out. nothing but crash after crash. Then all of a sudden they were gone.
        My payment failed for like 10mins and I was ready at 8am.
        Got an email a few hrs ago saying I got one. So lucky
        Some friends haven't been able to get a launch console today.
        some a pre-launch and so on. they're pissed

  • What's the safest bet to guarantee a pre-order? Like EB will get smashed because of the trade in deal.

  • Will pick up be available (for who pre order) on launch day or only delivery?

  • Anyone with a good gaming PC (proposed GTX 3080) also buying a Xbox Series X, for game pass (console) for use on same TV ?

    • +1

      I'm not seeing what value the Xbox brings to this setup? Most Gamepass titles are also on the PC subscription, I'd rather put the $700 towards a nice VR setup or something.

      • I was going to throw the current XB1X on the downstairs (backup) TV, use the XBSX in the main lounge TV for XGP console exclusive titles. But yeah definitely in 2 minds. Already have Quest 1 so happens dipped my toe in the VR waters … Not fussed about immediately getting a Quest 2.

        • +1

          Sounds like you want something new and shiny to play with more than needing it.

          Which I totally get lol

    • Here, I ordered RTX 3080 with PLE.

      I've also used the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate hack to get 36 months of subscription for about $120.

      Using the Game Pass on my PC (currently with RTX 2070 Super) while I wait for RTX 3080 and Xbox Series X to arrive.

      • I'm interested to know - what games are you going to play on the Series X that you aren't going to play on your PC?

        • I just want it in my living room, as my gaming rig is in my study.

          I also have a collection of Xbox 360 and Xbox One games I can play.

  • +2

    This will be worth is now. Xbox brought Zenimax who own Bethesda, id Software, Arkane Studios, MachineGames, etc.

  • Guys, will these be extremely limited?

    • +1

      More than likely.

    • Yes. EB sold out in what seemed to be 5 - 10 minutes. They have a 'small' additional batch for post launch 2020 and then it'll likely very quickly slide into 2021.

  • +1

    Well…had JB HiFi and EB Games websites open to hedge my bets.

    Attempted EBs first. Pre-order wouldn’t go through (an error has occurred).

    Tried JB…same thing.

    • Same. had all 3 going (MS Eb and JB) on phone and PC. Couldn;'t get one from any

  • +1

    JB just worked for me. Choose the Parcel Locker option

    • +1

      Home delivery or Click/collect was failing, just said oops, an error has occured

  • Got one, pretty hard to get, many errors

  • I got one but there was a message in checkout saying the order is not guaranteed.

    • Everyone get thats message.

      I got through within a few minutes of it going live. I'll be pretty cheesed if I miss out.

  • Order not guaranteed is better than no order at all at this point, there is a chance at least.

  • +1

    Many Xbox Series X on eBay for $1000+ price, that's ridiculous

    • +5

      Someone should make fake account and bid on them all

      • Some smartass made a bot that automatically bids scaled 3080 cards to the moon

    • Lol at the eBay listing with JB hifi confirmed order. Isn't JB stating that pre-orders are not guaranteed?

      • +1

        With such a limited supply on these and the PS5, I wouldn't trust anything 100% until it's in my hands.

    • finished

  • -1

    Imma be like xbots fanboys from Sony PS5 pre order page.


  • According to Press-Start, JB aren’t accepting gift cards as a payment option.

    Would be very annoying for those sitting on a gift card balance. I’m guessing more than a few have $500 cards as a result of taking up a phone contract or may have jumped the gun and used a gift card purchasing site to stock up on cards at 10% off or whatever.


    Message going to customers

    Your spot in the queue for your PS5 console pre-order is confirmed, We’ll SMS you soon with a link to pay your remaining console balance. Pay by Mastercard, Visa or PayPal. Gift cards not accepted.

    • Yes i got SMS just now:

      Tim, your spot in the queue for your Xbox Series X pre-order is confirmed! We'll SMS you soon with a link to pay your remaining console balance. Pay by Mastercard, Visa or PayPal. Gift Cards not accepted. More info: https://jbhifi.com.au/2020consoles

      Not good, they accepted deposit on gift card with no mention of this limitation at the time. And there is nothing in the terms and conditions for gift cards stating they can just decide to exclude items.


      Businesses must clearly state all conditions and restrictions on how you can use gift cards and discount vouchers.

      Under Australian Consumer Law, businesses must outline:

      the conditions of gift card/voucher use, along with any restrictions

      Are they even allowed to add this restriction now?

      • +1

        I don't think so. Once they accept payment, a contract of sale has occurred, based on the conditions at the time.

  • My PS5 spot is confirmed for launch date but not for my Xbox SX :(

  • Just got the thumbs down from JB for release day.
    Disappointing considering their borked site kept hanging at 8am when trying to complete the order.

    • Same, got my order through at 08.20 but no console.

      • I received the email at 8:23am and no console as well

  • Ended up getting a launch day pre-order for Series X :) Happy!

  • Anyone asked to pay yet for delivery before Christmas ?

    • Yes, for pick-up/delivery 23th of november

      • oh nice! They've only told me i'll get one before christmas. No other info :(
        Is there a way to follow up?

        • Great news, your Xbox Series X Console pre-order is ready for final payment! We expect your console to be available on 23rd November, or shortly afterwards. Please pay at https://Xxxxxxx.xxxx.xxx before 7/11/20 11:59pm (AEDT). Unfortunately, due to high demand, if you do not do this you will lose your spot in the queue, and we will cancel your pre-order and refund your deposit. Avoid delivery delays by choosing Click & Collect at checkout.

          • @rgame: Ah! still waiting for this message. Have only got a confirmation for a spot for deliveries before xmas. No exact date yet

            • @azkvlt: I got this morning, maybe it's coming for you soon :)

              • @rgame: awesome! fingers crossed then :)