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Collect 10,000 Bonus flybuys Points with $x+ Spend/Week for 4 Weeks @ Coles (in Store or Delivery)


Just received an email from Coles looks like $50 off your next shop is no longer an option just 10,000 points

• Activate the offer before you shop.
• Achieve your $50 spend in one shop or over multiple shops, each week for four weeks, it all adds up!
• You have 10 days in week 1 to shop in-store or at Coles Online.
• Scan your Flybuys card each time you shop.
• Check the bottom of your docket to track your spend progress.
• 10,000 bonus points will be loaded onto your account after your qualifying shop in week 4.
• Eligible Coles Online orders must be placed and delivered or collected within the weekly dates to qualify.

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    I was offered 10,000 points or $50 off, with a $230 spend/week

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      Mine: Collect 10,000 bonus points
      Spend $60 over multiple shops at Coles in each week for 4 weeks!

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    Thanks, I got $90 spend each weeks for 10,000 points, and just for this week $110 spend 4400 points

    If anyone is from Macquarie park (NSW) area, a new Coles shop has open, and they are offering $15 off for $100 spend until October 6th.

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      Same exactly. They just want you to spend over your usual spend that's why different spend limits for different people

    • do you need a coupon/voucher?

      • You need to click on an email you receive or log into your flybuys account and see if the offer is there. No coupon.

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    I got this offer, but I don't think I can spend $50 each week.

    • Are you single living with parents? Retired on pension?

      • I'm single ,
        Can one buy giftcards?

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          No, giftcards don't qualify

        • Spend exclude purchases of all gift cards, iTunes cards, charity items/donations, tobacco and tobacco related products and Coles Online delivery fees.

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          You can buy mobile recharge.

        • If you are single, buy more pringle!

    • You can spend it on booze.

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        Thats not Modest

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        booze buy dont apply for flybuys on this offer

        • It's not on the exclusion list.

          • @nightelves: It just works separately. The Liquarland offers come separately.

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      Buy $50 of refundable products and then return them the next day 😉

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        No refund due to covid? Isn't it?

    • I am also live on my own and was OK with spending $50 a week but they offered me $60 a week. Nah! Aldi is close to me and I am actually enjoying doing my grocery shopping there.

    • I got this offer around 6 weeks back and was hadly able to spend $50 each week, still have many items left from those 4 weeks. I could save more if i haven't spent $50 each week :(

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      To see if its worth, consider the saving. So you're effectively getting $50/4 = $12.50 off per shop. So if you're raising your spend to hit $50, it may not be worth it if you're spending less than $37.50 now. This may be extended if you'll get any extra value out of the additional purchases.

      The trick is to find household items that you'll use but wont perish, and then spend less in the next month. Get another toilet paper or washing detergent (depending what you use, and whats on sale). Look through the 1/2 off sales and see what you can do. Its not worth stocking up if you normally buy stuff when they're on sale, but frozen goods, canned products, lollies/chocolate (if you have a sweet tooth and restraint) are good options. If there is sunscreen on sale it could be worth getting one for summer.

      Ideally in the week after you finish it (week 5) you can do a small shop, or even no shop!

      Lastly, next time you get it they will try to get you to spend $60/week. If its too much you can just ignore than one and it will go back down, but depending on the frequency you can maybe make that one work as well. (it will then increase again to $70 at which point you ignore it).

      Good luck and welcome to the game we all play with Flybuys!

      • Or just alternate on accounts
        For most people, shopping at aldi will save you more than these points ever will

        • Do you have a basket of goods to back up this? The danger 'for most people' always brings in is that people don't buy the same stuff, and have brand preferences.

          The maximum savings you can get from this is $50 off a $250 spend (4x $50 to get the points + $50 to spend them). I don't get anywhere near 20% off shopping at Aldi, even with brand substitution.

          A lot of that is because we show specials. I know a lot of people find their basket is cheaper at Aldi but TBH its never worked out like that for me.

  • I got offered 10,000 points or $50 off for spending $70 in one shop every week for 4 weeks.

  • Thanks for that checked my emails and it was there. "Collect 10,000 bonus points or $50 off your shop Spend $50 in one shop at Coles, each week for 4 weeks! " .

  • 10000 bonus points also equals to $50?

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    • They used give you the option of 10,000 points or $50 off your next shop

      • Yes see my post above some people are getting it

        • Yes I got the option.

    • 200 points = $1
      10,000/200 = $50 … easy peasy calculation for future reference :)

  • I got this offer as well as another 4000 points if I go there tomorrow and spend X amount. Pretty impressive offer.

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    $130 per week yeah nah

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    woohoo 50 bucks spend x 4 for 10k points! Gotta keep resisting their offers to spend $60 or higher to keep getting them!

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      Resisted my $60 one week spend for 2400pts, and now it is down to $50 for 4 weeks.
      Spend $60 tomorrow will collect 2400 pts plus Week 1 qualifying for 10000 :). Week 2/3/4 will be max $50.00 - $50.99

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        I did the $60 for 2400 and this offer is $50 for me for 4 weeks.

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        I used my spend $100 for 4000pts offer last week and still got offered this one for $70 spend x4

    • On the subject of “resisting”, should I not take up the offer, or should I still click the offer, just not bother to meet the prescribed minimum?

      • I always activate…..and either don't shop on it or just do a $10 or $20 shop :)

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        I think the strongest "no" is to view the email (with remote image loading), yet not activate the offer, and then spend a few dollars on milk or bread, making sure to scan your flybuys card and pay with your usual payment method. Then ideally do all of your shopping elsewhere, but if you really want to buy anything else at Coles (why?), use a different register, don't scan your flybuys card, use a payment method that they have never seen before (e.g. a new card) or that's untraceable (i.e. cash). That tells them several things:
        * You saw the offer
        * You were totally disinterested in activating the offer
        * You were in the country, and you were doing shopping
        * You did enter one of their stores
        * You bought almost nothing
        * Therefore you must be doing your shopping elsewhere, and you are voting with your feet
        * Therefore they need to make their offer more attractive, by lowering their required spend.
        * Repeat this process until they reach their minimum ($50)
        * Ignore any flybuy offers to spend more (e.g. spend $60), because the next few rounds after that the min spend will spike up to $60, and they will keep trying to push it higher if they can.
        * When you do your shop, add it up in a calculator as you go. Your ideal spend is between $50 and $53 (don't go over this).
        * If I'm not sure of the total, I take some items I can take or leave (Coles UHT milk or laundry powder are my standard picks), and if it's over $53 I just leave them at the register.

        That's how I play it, and I'm on my ~4th consecutive round with a $50 min spend. Before that I was on about ~8 consecutive rounds at $50 before I made the mistake of falling for one of the $60 offers, and so I stopped shopping there for a few rounds until the it went back to $50.

        It's extremely easy for me to be utterly mercenary towards Coles, because I genuinely don't like shopping at Coles very much (narrow aisles, inflated prices, overcrowded, they removed their change of mind policy and haven't restored it, staff can be a bit rude, their self-checkout implicitly assumes I am a thief even though I am not, their egift cards have to be printed and frequently don't scan and they don't have a wallet app like woolies, and so on and so forth). I generally find Aldi the best (much better value, far more pro-consumer attitude such as no questions asked change of mind for 60 days, efficient staff, quick checkouts, quite efficient once you get the hang of it, not overcrowded), Woolies are in the middle (their prices are similar to Coles, but my local is quite quiet, has wide aisles, friendly staff, woolies has a decent wallet app, their self-checkout is less narky than Coles, and during the height of the first wave they came into their own as an awesome lifeline because they had stock when nobody else did; but they lose marks for removing change of mind refunds from 1 Sept 2020, and because they are generally tighter with their rewards offers than Coles), with Coles definitely at the bottom rung (which somehow manages to cherry-pick most of the worst aspects of the other 2, but almost none of the good aspects). I have easy access to all 3 chains.

        • Last week I did $50.80 shopping at Coles for 1000 points bonus offer. Before that shopped in July $57 for 2000 bonus points. Before that in May $21.

          Still got $60 spend.

          Will try to use your trick this time.

        • nick gets it.

          The other thing I have is two separate card, my wife has two as well (one with middlename+surname). Using gift cards, we can go on a 4 card rotation so that we are always on someone's offer cycle.

        • +2

          NickJ - totally agree with you. I have been getting the maximum benefit offer of 10,000 bonus points for Spend $50 for 4 weeks for over 2 years and this is the method I use exactly. It is because of all the comments on here that people can devise the best strategy. I also have several accounts and if I want to spend more I do it using one of the others. I also prefer Woolworths but have only shopped online since late March and Woolies allows you to use GC and reward points off shop online and Coles does not only case of the latter if you picked the dollars off shop option in the offer. However Woolies has stated in one of their deals that the spend had to be reached regardless of out of stock items and this is ridiculous. In Vic we have had a lot of OS items on and off. Whereas Coles will still honour the bonus if your spend is under due to OS and accept your word for it even for large amounts. This is very important for online shops.

        • +1

          This should be stickied or added to a wiki somewhere

  • Do offers stack? I've got a spend $160 earn 6.4k points as well as this offer of 4 weeks for 10k points

    • +2

      Yes they stack. I got a spend $80 by 25th Sept and get 3500 points.

  • If I use my existing flybuys points on the purchase, does it count towards the $XX amount?

    • +3

      If you pay for your purchase with converted points your purchase will count for the bonus as long it's the required spend on eligible goods. Method of payment does not affect the purchase.

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    This is what I received:

    Collect 10,000 bonus points
    Spend $190 in one shop at Coles, each week for 4 weeks!


    Collect 20,000 bonus points
    Spend $240 in one shop at Coles, each week for 4 weeks instead!

    • Similar here but the spends were 150 and 200.

  • Wish they bought back the multi spend flybuys bonus. That was a lot more achievable.

  • +4

    $330 per week for 10,000 bonus points.

    It's a no from me.

  • +1

    Last 10000 points was for $80 but now only $60.. It's not usually decreased

  • +1

    Recieved this
    Not long ago just got the last 10k(4x$50) on 10 Sept.

    And two lots of 2800 points for $70 one off spend each, on a 3 day window, since then.
    With one of those expires tomorrow, so will be a $70 shop tomorrow for stacking

    • As well as the 4x $50 spend/10k deal

      Today I have expiring (3 day deal) spend $70 for 2800 points… and just popped up this morning, starting tomorrow for four days, spend $60 for 2000 points.

      Trying to work out which is the best deal.


      • If these are for the same account be careful of spending more as you may loose the
        4 x $50 spend offer, which is the best ratio of bonus to spend IMO.

        • All the same account.

          I can sack two of them. The $50x4 starts today, the $70 ends today and the $60 starts tomorrow..

          • @albanyson: To my intuition, spend extra $10 to get extra $4 is better deal. Isn't it?

            • @O O: Thanks. I was doubting myself there for a bit

            • @O O: You basically get 40% cash back on the last $10 spent.

  • +2

    These come sporadically all the time if you're not a regular shopper. If you fancy it just change to Woolies (using 5% of Wish Cards of course paid for with a Coles credit card to get Flybuys points as well). After a while Flybuys tries to get you back into the habit of shopping at Coles.

    • +2

      Have barely made a dent in my woolies egiftcard balance as Coles keeps coming out with offers. Sigh. First world problems.

  • "Achieve your $50 spend in one shop or over multiple shops, each week for four weeks, it all adds up!"

    That is a bit misleading, it does add up if you change your shop each week, but you need to spend the amount asked in one time, not several time in a week. It wont add up.

    See the small line at the end the email. $100 for me :/
    "…$100 or more must be spent in one transaction…"

  • $60 spend :(

  • my offer today was spend $50 for 4 weeks and get $50 back…don't shop at Coles much anymore so they are just trying to lure me back, and yes I will for that!

    If you always shop strictly at Coles or WW they won't give you a good offer because you are already a loyal customer so why would they? - so for those who have partners get 2 seperate accounts and rotate cards each shop + swap between WW and Coles. I don't know what their formula is, but maybe if you ignore WW or Coles for a month or 2 they boost your offers…anyone know?

    • +1

      I'm a regular shopper at Coles and I get these offers all the time. I hardly shop at Woolies and I get next to nothing for their Everyday Rewards. Try working that one out!

      • Ok thanks titus so who knows!

  • Nice, I got either 10,000 points or $50.

    Got the same thing last month too, used up my $50 credit last week, now to do it all again.

  • +4

    Every 5 weeks this offer comes around, and every 5 weeks some people are sad that their spend is too high… So I thought I'd share the algorithm that works for me. My offers have been spend $50 for 4 weeks and get 10,000 points for 6 years now.

    The spend seems to be averaged over 5 weeks = Shop the 4 weeks stopping once you get to $50 (finish the transaction, swipe the card & pay) and finish whatever shopping is remaining without scanning. In week 5 don't shop. The next week, the $50 shop offer cycle will be back and usually arrives Thursday afternoon.

    My last cycle I spent: $50.72, $50.48, $50.53 & $60.10 (you can afford to spend a little more if needed to stack offers - I stacked a spend $60 get 2400 points, you just need to make sure your average stays down). So $211.83 over 5 weeks = $42.37. They then bump you up to the next $ spend, depending on your average.

    Maybe those with higher spend requirements can do the maths using their transaction history and see if my theory checks out?

  • 10,000 points offer for me with a weekly $60 spend. I guess it is time to stock up on specials. Products for the freezer and stuff that doesn't expire.

    "Achieve your $60 spend in one shop or over multiple shops, each week for four weeks, it all adds up!"

  • I got the same offer (spend 50$ for 4 weeks to get 10,000 FB pts) for 2 weeks .. then for the next following 2 week got an offer spend 100$ in one shop to get 4000$ twice..
    Altogether I was able to get 50+50+50+50$ for those last 4 weeks ..
    However, for this week got an offer to spend 70$ for 4 weeks to get 10,000 FB pts..
    No thanks Coles…

  • Haven't done much shopping at Coles for a while - got offered 10,000 for $60

  • +1

    I got spend $230 x4 =10k or $280 x 4 = 20k.

    I really need to cash in my points - I hvae ~600k points.

    • $3k of Flybuys. How did you even manage that?

      • +1

        I've never cashed them in in like 10 years lol

  • I got 10,000 Points or $50 off for 60 spend each week for 4 weeks - so it seems like the $50 off is still an option to some people (targeted). Not sure why I get the choice!

  • I've always got the offer of 10k points or $50 off on $50 spent for 4 weeks. This time makes no exception. I think this is the best they can offer. Just one thing: the $50 each week must be spent in one transaction. Not sure if it's the same case for others.

    • I agree this is the best discount for the amount spent.

  • +1

    I used to get spend $50 each week for 4 weeks for 10k points, then it bumped up to $60 each week, then $70, $80. I couldn't keep it up anymore.

    Then for last few weeks, I mainly shopped at Woolies for those Ooshies, skip two rounds of spend $70 offers, and only made one shop at Coles. Now they offered me spend $50 for 4 weeks

    I used to meet the spending by charging the Opal card, only few Coles stores have the top up machine. Since the covid, no much uses of Opal though, still got $400 in balance in several cards, wish we can use Opal card to pay for coffee, petrol-station snacks….

    • Some people have spoken of cashing them out.

    • Apart from coles world square, which are the coles having top up machine?

      • Broadway

      • Wynyard Coles Express, Coles Liverpool also do opal topups.

  • +1

    The last 2months emailed me from spend $330 once purchase for $50 off then, $320 once purchase with $50 off then $310 once purchase for $50 off and this week got spend $300 for 4 weeks and gst $50 off, really stupid Ai or marketing team have to say.

  • back in many years ago. they have the lowest offer $20 spent for 4 weeks for 10K points. now $50 is minimum. we have $60 this round.

    • How many years ago was it?

      • +1

        can't recall but at least 7yrs+

    • Some have $50 in this round.

  • I have been getting this offer every month the last few months. The min spend keeps going up. Tired of it now. Can't be bothered.

    • +1

      Just do 2-3 small shops with your flybuys every other week for less than $10 each. Then they will give you good offers.

  • +1

    I've got 3000 bonus points for $160 stacked with 5600 points for $140 spend. I also had a deal for $20 off for $200 spend. So altogether $63 off for $200 spend. I think I'm going to give the 4 week shop ($130 spend over 4 weeks for 10000 points) a miss as this shop has a higher discount.

    • This is where multiple accounts come handy.
      Got $60 spend / week on 3 accounts. $90 on 1 and $80 on another.

      • You are right. Unfortunately I also purchase the $100 prepaid MasterCards when there's the 2000 bonus points. This always increases my minimum spend for these 4 weekly spend deals to be over $100.

        • Yes, Coles prepaid MasterCard is not worth. For $5 gain, your minimum spend will increase