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15-27% off (Items above $50) @ BWS (App Only) - Pricing Glitch


Must be some kind of error but everything in my BWS cart above $50 is coming with a up to 27% discount on checkout!

so far ive tested and got
a $100 item down to $80
a $65 item down to $48
a $53 item down to $37
a $106 item down to $85
a $60 item down to $44
a $72 item down to $55

need to go right to the end to have the discount applied

worked on wine, beers, and spirits
as long as the cart total is above $50, the discount seems to apply
however a $1000 wine only gave me a $110 discount
works with wishcards

chance the orders wont be honoured, or sold out so dont have any expectations
I managed to get an order in and its processed
got a chivas mizunara on special from $99 down to $72 down to $54 with discount!
good luck!!

edit: looks like its changed to BWS APP ONLY

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  • I tried with Gordon’s Gin 1L showing as $53 in my cart.

    Please share what products you’re seeing this with.

  • Not working for me either 😔

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      Getting 10% off on final page. Everything I tried only came up as 10%

      • Same here, but better than nothing so I grabbed myself a case.

  • I don’t get it. Added a case of corona for $55. No discount on checkout?

  • m getting 10% discount on most the of the items..

  • i don't see the price as described, even with the Chivas, $100 down to $80 or so as a special, no further discount.

    Checked a number of whiskys, no extra discount :(

    • Worked on app too.

      Maker's Mark 46 special $60 - $16 = $44!

      And I used gift card which I got 7.5% off, so ends up $41!

      Thank you sir!

      • How do you get 7.5% on gifts card?

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          I have members advantage discount membership as work benefit. Just double check now and it is 5% off on giftcards. I was pretty sure it was 7.5%, still great way to save on grocery spendings.

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        Tried the same, only a 10% discount. :(

  • 3 sheets Lord nelson case was 10% off only at payment. Must have fixed the glitch

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      if its still working for you then best is to get 3 6packs as there is a 30% discount when ordering 3 6pks plus the additional discount so works out to be $13/pack..

  • Showing 10% discount for me on payment page after entering address details etc. Thanks for sharing OP.

    • Me too.

  • Ink gin 10% discount in cart via BWS on tAPP
    $83 >> $74.70

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    Not working for me. In any case, BWS tends to be so overpriced that even a 15-27% discount is still more expensive than Dan Murphy pricing.

    • I mean it Depends on the item but that's Certainly not true at 27% off for most of there stock.

  • I’m getting it on the app

  • sorry folks, looks like its been fixed on my side too,
    10% discount it looks like it is

    for the record I tested on
    corona case
    little creatures case
    penfolds grange 2015
    penfolds grange 2014
    Penfolds 387
    Chivas Mizunara
    tanqueray seville
    case of jackdaniels premixed bottles
    2x dimple 12 year old
    Johnnie walker double black
    Kracken 1L
    Gordons gin 1L
    Oban GOT
    Talisker storm

  • 4x sugar free berry mixer for the missus from $64 to $47.6

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      For the missus……

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    I'm getting 10% off on all products, but nothing cheap atm to make it worthwhile.
    Cheers OP for the midnight 'price glitch' excitement anyway!

  • 2 bottles of Glen Moray Peated Single Malt, $49 in store so $98, ready to pick up tomorrow for $78.20 via the phone app. $39.10 each, good value. Thanks OP!

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    It seems like your calculation is based on 10%off+$10off above 40 as in the targeted deal earlier

    • yeah, i think you are right! nice find

  • Makers mark 46 is $54 but at dans its $74 so not bad

    • +1

      Yeah bought last time when they had 25% cashback.

    • My order was $60 special, then -$16, so $44? I am in NSW

      • Yes mine changed to 44 each for 3 bottles last night new account

  • nothing here either

  • Thanks OP. Got some Guinness for 59.30 and Hollandia for 46.8. Cheaper than Dan's for me

  • +1

    Seems to work on anything above 50$ but only in the app.

  • Now the midnight search for coupons to stack - haven't been able to find any.

  • Also the discount works best when the order Total is between 50-60$.

    • ya..would say upto grey goose for $50..from $67

      • Still a rip off IMO - but maybe I just can't appreciate good vodka

  • I used the app and it worked for the first order but didn't for the second one. It does seem that the $10 off and the 10% stacked.

  • Case of Corona for $35.55…Looks pretty good to me

    • +1

      Flavored water

  • +1

    Thanks OP,. I just got a carton of Cooper's XPA cans for $44!!!! Nice one bro

    • Nice. XPAs are out of stock at my local so I just went with Little Creatures

    • Just copied you, I've been waiting for a deal to try it!

      • Second / Third time I've had a carton of XPA, have been getting an upset stomach from it? You get anything like that? May have just got a dirty can

        • Given Covid times, I would avoid drinking for bottles or cans if I can help it. Just pout it into a tall cold glass and enjoy from there. Just to stay safe.

  • +2

    the biggest hack is - the max discount which is close to 25% is only applicable on 1st order and works out best between 50 to 70 range…
    to get this 25% discount again..just signup for a new account and see the magic!!!

  • Thanks OP.

    Got JB White 1L for $37.70 (~29% off their discounted price; Dan is $50)

  • Got 3 x 6 packs of JS Ginger Beer for $49.40 (Normally $28 per 6 pack)

    Works out slightly cheaper than buying a case ($2.74 vs $2.84 per can. - Pretty big saving, I'll be calling the boss tomorrow to let him know I'm not coming in)

    • JS ginger beer?

      • James Squires

        • Yep sorry, I was just being lazy in typing so late!

          • @toshjammi: I really want to try that ginger beer now..

            • @albanyson: Its definitely one of the best I've found. That and Brooklyn Union both get my vote!

  • Got a case of Little Creatures for $42.20. Thanks mate

  • Can confirm still working for desktop.

    10% off and extra $10 for first order only. Discount applied at last stage of checkout.

  • Hmmm. $53 vodka only 10% off. Went all the way until final submit order button. In Perth.

  • Mountain goat steam ale for $44 from $60

  • Cheers OP. Got a few cases of TEDs bottles for $32.75 each using 5% off Wish gift cards

  • Thanks OP! Worked on the app. Snatched a case of Great Northern for $35.90!

  • My local has got a case of Mornington Peninsula Pale Ale which works out to be ~$41 when using my Wish gift card. Is it worth getting?

    Edit - seems like it’s a reasonably good pale ale based on the comments from previous deals, so I ended up jumping on it, thanks OP!

  • thanks!

  • Just got a case of Pure Blonde for $35. Down from $50!

  • partner has been wanted Captain Morgan for a while now, grabbed x2 700ml bottle $38 ($76) down to $58.40
    Looks like as a few have said the 10% and $10 off have stacked
    Thanks OP nice buy

  • +1

    Thanks for sharing OP.

    Love waking in the night, checking my phone, and finding a deal like this on OzBargain.

  • Thanks OP! Got a case of Bilpin original apple cider for $64.70! (~22% discount)

    Didn't work on desktop but worked in the app

    • +2

      I just got a mixed case of that when I recently passed through Bilpin, didn't know they sold it in BWS. Nice!

  • It worked when you create a new account. My existing account only gave 10%. New account got JW Double Black to $39.50

  • Not just on app. Used mobile, on Chrome webpage.
    Tia Maria $21.10, ($37.99 at Dan's)

  • Used 2 different existing accounts on the app, same phone, just signed in/out.
    1L Gordon's gin $37.50, from $53
    700ml tanqueray flor de seville $39.50, from $55
    Thanks OP. Hopefully it's honoured now.

  • One fifty lashes down to $37.70 a case from $53.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed two slabs of Asahi, stacked with 5% off e-gift card, paid $69.16. Cheers 🍻

  • Thanks swiped a carton of Coopers xpa cans for 46$

  • Also 2x Glen Moray peated $98 in-store, paid $78.20 in app.
    Full price at Dan's is 52.99 ea.


    Find of the year, go hard or go home! :-)

  • Seems like IT has fixed glitch. Now only 10% off. Missed again

    • Same here. We missed it :(

  • 10% off craft beer cases is still good value. Case of Feral Biggie is about $60 or Balter Hazy (my pick) around $64.

  • 10% off vodka over $50

  • Having a hard time figuring out how to maximise savings here, but went with:

    2x6 Coopers Extra Stout
    3x6 Guinness Extra Stout
    3x6 Kilkenny

    Came to $121 delivered or roughly $15 per 6 pack including delivery. Not too shabby.

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