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SteelSeries Arctis 7 - Lossless Wireless Gaming Headset $198.28 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


In stock Oct 7th, Delivery Oct 20th +

Looks to be a good price compared to local alternatives. Not the cheapest it's been, but this is a brave new covid world we live in where these are in much higher demand.
My 10 year old Turtle Beach headset broke recently, haven't decided on if to pull the trigger on this myself, be interested to see what other think of it.

*Designed for gaming, the 2.4G connection delivers rock solid, lossless wireless audio with ultra low latency and zero interference
*Widely recognized as the best mic in gaming, the Discord certified ClearCast microphone delivers studio quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation
*Sound is your competitive advantage with the S1 speaker drivers, engineered to produce ultra low distortion audio so you hear every detail
*Immerse yourself in 360 degrees of precision audio with next generation DTS Headphone: X v2.0 7.1 surround sound (PC only)
*24 hour battery life gives you enough continuous play for even your longest gaming sessions. Compatible only with PC,Mac,PS,Switch and Mobile

Review - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYbSGBi1bBA&ab_channel=Hardw...
Review - https://www.soundguys.com/steelseries-arctis-7-2019-review-w...

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +17

    Great headset, use mine everyday

    • Same here

    • Agreed, my only complaint with it is the ear cups weren't very comfortable after about a week. They lose a bit of their cushion and they're not very plush to begin with.

      Replace them with these:

      On top of being super comfortable now, I feel like the sound was improved a bit with them.

  • In stock 7th Oct and delivery end of October showing for me.

    Heads up for anyone needing it sooner

    • Edited, thanks!

  • +7

    Prime Day is October 13th, and this will almost certainly be on sale then. Historically that's been a price in the range of $130-$150, probably on the lower end due to current exchange rates.

    • +2

      I'd be partial to agree, but I think this will depend on stock levels.
      Really struggling to find stock of any of the SteelSeries Arctis range in AU or available online.
      I actually wanted to 3 Bluetooth, but it's OOS everywhere and almost the same price as this on Amazon.
      Do you think it's worth waiting? I need one sooner rather than later and don't want to be burned with no stock.

      • They've discounted a lot of wireless headsets 2 times a year like clockwork for several years now.

        The margins on these would appear to be ridiculous.

      • I've been trying to get the arctis 9x for a while now but it's also oos. I hit up SteelSeries on twitter and they said arctis stock is low everywhere and they're hoping to restock in Aus mid-October.

    • -1

      Looks like no sale, glad i purchased anyway.

      • US Prime Day starts in 6 hours… feel free to set another reminder for then.

        Go back and look at the deal sources.

        • -1

          Make that 9 hours (6 PM AEDT), or midnight PDT. My bad there.

          • @jasswolf: Kept an eye on it..only got more expensive.

            • @thedean: No US deal for Steelseries it seems. HyperX Cloud went on sale instead, which is the better choice longer term, especially with a pad change.

              Oh well?

  • +3

    Have had mine for 3 months and very happy with them. Mostly used for gaming and virtual calls for work. I usually have them on at least 5-7 hours a day since working from home and only slight discomfort around the back of the ear. The sound quality is great, but the beauty is being able to walk around the house while still on calls or listening to music.

    • are these the ones with Bluetooth too?

      • +1

        Afraid not friend. To use it with your phone, you'll need to plug in the 3.5mm cable that was supplied, otherwise on PC it uses a receiver plugged directly to your PC via USB. There is an Arctis 3 Bluetooth version or the Arctis Pro Wireless.

    • That sounds great. What kind of range do they have?

      • +1

        Looking at a 12 metre of interference-free range according to the Steelseries site, but I start to lose connection from the receiver at 10 metres, with bedroom/living room walls considered. The headset starts to beep to warn you it's out of range from the receiver.

  • +2

    Great headset with one caveat. The sound is very flat out of the box. It's possible they did this so that when you install the steelseries engine software and switch it to 7.1 mode it sounds great.

    If you install an equalizer they are fantastic, even for music. But without the response is pretty poor, far too much mids.

  • +2

    Bought these from Amazon US about 18-24 months ago and they’re still going strong. They might be a tad uncomfortable for those with bigger heads, but are quite lightweight and have an excellent battery life.

    Keep in mind that the surround sound is only available on PC, as listed in the description. When plugged into a console (my use case) it’s only stereo.

    I’ve pre ordered the PS5 and also pre ordered their “Pulse 3D” headset whilst awaiting reviews. If you’ve also pre ordered a PS5, it might be worth holding out from ordering these until there’s any confirmation that their new audio engine will be compatible.

    • +2

      When plugged into a console

      I believe Xbox does virtual surround with any headphone while PS4 does not.

      • You are correct. The headset needs to have surround support for xbox to work though

        • The headset needs to have surround support for xbox to work though

          The virtual surround (Atmos or Sonic) on Xbox works with any stereo headphones/headset.

  • I have this and I will say overall its a great headset but there are a few downsides.

    The ANC can be annoying
    They sometimes have issues remaining connected. Not so much lately but every now and then (monthly or longer lately), they will do cluster disconnects for a while. Ive tried a bunch of different fixes and nothing fixes it permanently.

    But overall, love wireless, battery life, sound quality, price, and comfort. Would still recommend.

    • +6

      You might have a defective pair, mine never disconnect - Only if you're inactive with no sound coming through for a while (power saving).

    • It doesn't have ANC though

      • My bad. You are correct. There is something that seems to tick in and out. Maybe I do have a defective pair.

  • +2

    Anyone familiar with quality audio tried these?
    I'm curious if they actually sound good or just sound like other gaming headsets.

    • +3

      I am not an audiophile but I do research a little bit on audio quality on this subreddit r/gaming_headsets. The reviewer says it fails the test super hard and not worth being on the list. Even the arctis pro wireless with separated DAC is nothing more than an "Amazing Feature set" headset and bad at everything else (including comfort, range, mic, QC and yes audio quality).

      • That's weird. I have noticed reddit tends towards 'this one is good, everything that's not this one is crap' with a lot of different hardware, not just gaming.
        That said, the Arctis Pro Wired is rated one of the best, as is the Arctis Pro Wireless once you plug it into the Wired's DAC.

        • +3

          Audiophiles love to shit on anything that isn't their preferred brand or $1K+. Got to rtings and look at the objective measurements.

  • Anyone use these for pubg mobile?

  • Using a Steelseries Arctics 3 for like 4.5 years now can def vouch for this company

  • +2

    Widely recognized as the best mic in gaming

    Who believes this stupidity LMAO.

  • +1

    Have been hanging out for the wireless pro that comes with two batteries. You used to be able to get it for sub $400 when on sale but now you'd be hard pressed to find under $500.

    • +2

      Pro-tip, when one of the batteries is dying email SteelSeries and you might get the whole lot replaced for free.

  • +5

    After having an Arctis 5 and now a 7, I can say I wouldn't repurchase one. The new Logitech G Pro’s have much better mic and sound quality.
    Me and four friends that I game with all had the Arctis 7s, and one has the Artcis Pro, for a while now, and I can say the mic sucks. It has to be in a particular spot to be clear. Otherwise, it sounds like the person is on the other side of the room. We got sick of frequently telling each other to adjust your mic, so we jumped on the G Pro’s (I even managed to get the wireless ones) and the Blue! mic leaves the Arctis in the dust. The audio quality on the G Pro is much better, too.

    • +1

      I paid $322 a couple of months ago for this headset after a fair amount of research, I wanted a wireless headset specifically which made my choices limited.

      Completely agree that the mic is finicky. I was having a lot of issues, lately I've been particular on aiming it straight towards my mouth and that has helped. It's very directional so keep that in mind. If I had the option now, I'd return it and would probably pickup the G Pro also.

    • How much are the g pros and where did you buy them from

  • This reminded me that I have a pair of these I was going to sell.

    Got them as a bday gift but had already bought a different pair a week before.
    Tried them on once to see which pair i preferred but stuck with the ones I had already been using.
    They still have the plastic on them, most of the cables are still packaged also, in original box.

    Looking for about $150.

    Local pick up in Melbourne West or can arrange delivery.

    PM me if interested.

    • Can you PM me? New PM's seems turned off on your profile.

    • also interested if the first guy falls through.

    • I have PMed you, let me know if everyone else defaults

    • Hi,

      To all those that have posted here and PMd me.

      These were sold today.

  • What's a good cheap alternative thats about $60?

    • +1

      You're not gonna get low latency, high quality, wireless audio for $60.
      Get a decent pair of wired cans instead

  • I like my Arctis Pro Wireless a lot which I think are quite similar to these. But pray you don’t have an issue with them as the steelseries support is useless. Thankfully Amazon’s is amazing.

  • +1

    Man I'm waiting for the audeze penrose to drop.

    • Do you know much about them? I can't seem to find any reviews that seem legit. They might not have sent review stock out yet though.
      I found a reddit account that looks like it's just there to shill for them so that's put me off a bit.

      • No reviews yet but go look at the audeze mobius should be very similar in performance for sound quality, maybe slightly worse.

        Should see reviews drop in 4weeks. Just audeze is in the headphone business trust them to produce a quality product.

        Alsoif you pre order you get the 100 discount.

  • I owned an Arctis 3 headset and the fit was pretty loose for me. It would slide from a comfortable position when I would tilt my head down or up and almost come off when I'd jerk my head (not roughly but also not lightly either). Is this headset a tighter fit? Or identical?

    idk where I can try headsets like I can try something like a keyboard. Do people just open the box and return it if they don't like it?

  • +1

    These have a neutral sound profile just for those that are wandering. So that means not ideal for bass heads unless you can tune the EQ.

    If you want a more "fun" sound profile then get either the ATH-G1WL (also has the best microphone for a wireless headset) or GSP 370 (also has the best battery life for a wireless headset).

  • good headset. can walk around the house + outside with them on and not lose connection to pc. plus physical mic mute button is great to have

  • I have these, they aren't great.

  • I have these and one of the reasons I love them is the dual channel audio with the fading switch so you can always get the perfect game volume and discord volume mix and change it so easily on the fly.

    On the headphone side of things the mic is annoying but I’m used to the spot it needs to be in now, the surround is also not as good as my old Logitechs, but the battery is much better.

  • +2

    bought the arctis pro wireless and its not particularly a comfortable headset for its high price point. Has a really strong clamping force and the top band is hard and non-stretchy. I have a smaller sized head and I have the velcro strap loosened to the absolute limit and its still really tight. Theres a very audible static sound if you're just voice chatting and not doing alot

  • +1

    I bought these for $260 and I hate them, per dollar. Obviously they aren't the end of the world. But they are incredibly loose and uncomfortable, slip right down the front of my head. Pretty peeved. I try not to think about it.

  • +2

    So many mixed reviews here..

  • Soonest you can get these with standard delivery is November…

  • are there any other similar price ranged headsets that h ave a retractable mic?

  • +1

    Waited till prime day to see if there are further discounts…. Nope, but the price went up to $230.

  • Is this still available at 198

    • link?

      I see them as $230

    • nope, still $230 atm, maybe should've gone for it yesterday, was $193. perhaps wait a little longer to see if they are going to discount it.

    • +1

      refresh the page, I am looking at $192 now

      • Yeah crazy.. price must have changed again. Checked few hours ago and it was $230 and now is down to $192.

        • +1

          I placed an order for it, which I'd recommended if you want this headset, and chatted with someone from Amazon.
          Cancel the order if the price drops again during prime day and reorder it with the cheaper price.