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Lenovo Tab M8 8" FHD 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Tablet A$239.32 Delivered @ Banggood


Main Features:

8 inch 1920 x 1200 LCD IPS Sharp Screen
1920 x 1200 resolution brings you high contrast and more vivid visual experience.

4G large RAM to keep system running properly. Also 64G ROM can fully support all your apps and media needs.

Dual Band 2.4GHz/5.0GHz WiFi
More bands for you to choose.2.4GHz Band is better at penetrating obstacles while 5GHz band will offer faster connection speeds.

Long Time Battery Life
A powerful 5100mAh battery keeps this tablet working long time.

Note- Australian version only has 2GB RAM but is also cheaper…

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  • +1

    Teclast M30 might be a good alternative if you need larger screen or 4G connection imo.

    • Would also look at this or the Alldocube iplay20.

      Having 4g capabilities (any cellular) is good for trips and kids.

      • +1

        I think m30 is still better in every aspect.

        • Except for Android version and 4G connectivity?

    • +1

      I bought one (Teclast M30) for the wifey and its pretty good for the price (US$143.99) and replaced a Mi pad 3 but we are not using the 4G as its only for home use.

  • +9

    It will be cold day in hell before I buy another Lenovo tablet.

    • +3

      agreed. absolutely pathetic non existant customer service and never any updates. worthless piece of crap

      • was gunna pull the trigger, so thanks for the warning.

    • I've have two Lenovo tablets: Yoga 3 Pro and it's successor Lenovo Yoga 10.1" Smart Tab with Google Assistant. Both are still going strong and I really like the inbuilt stand.

      Updates are rare, which unfortunately is not uncommon for tablets.

      What I'm waiting for is a more reasonable price on https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/lenovo-duet-chromebook-128gb, because I prefer ChromeOS to Android for video conferencing.

    • -1

      Same here to never buying Lenovo again. Two out of two the charging ports failed and apparently it's very common.

  • Would these be suitable for kids (3yo) or are there cheaper alternatives

    • These are ok for a 3 year old.

    • +2

      If only youtube etc then Target has 7 inch tab Laser MID-787 for clearance $45 (that way even if they drop and break it you won't get a heartbreak). I think it's 1GB/8 GB config.
      If you are interested in M8 then for kids you can even go with the 2GB version which is available in TGG, Officeworks, Bing Lee etc. (you can check older posts for offers).
      Other alternative for peace of mind is Samsung Tab A 8 inch - usually available at edu store for under 200.

  • Can not see AU version, only US & HK, not that you want a 2 gb ram tablet anyway for over $130 ish.

    • +2

      AU version (2gb) is available in TGG, Bing Lee, Officeworks etc. Search old posts for to get offer history. (around 150ish)

  • Note: Google play store not loaded by default.

  • +2

    I am looking for a 7-8 inch to replace my 2013 Nexus 7 which is giving touch issues. The only thing holding me back from this is the Micro USB. Hope Lenovo comes with next gen in October with USB C charging. Wireless charging would be added benefit (my Nexus 7 usb hasn't been working since last 3 years and wireless charging has been a boon).

    • Get the alldocube iplay 20 if a 10" screen is okay. Great reviews and the specs are amazing for the price.

      • i already have a 10" ASUS Transformer. Am specifically looking at a smaller profile tablet to replace Nexus 7.

        • If you ever find something available in our market that isn't extremely expensive, I'd be very interested. Been trying to find a replacement for the Nexus 7 for ages too, I currently have a Galaxy Tab S 8.4 as a sort of "replacement" for it, but it's got an ageing processor and micro USB… everything nowadays seems to be 10"+, or low spec, or never a single update, etc.

          • @chihaeru: Add me to the list of people waiting to find a solid replacement for the Nexus 7. If I knew it at the time I would have bought more than one…

            Mine is still working fine, it's just the charge port that's busted and the whole worries charging only thing gets old…

            • @AncientWisdom: Yeah my Nexus 7 charge port busted 3 yrs back and have been managing with wireless charging. Now UI seem to play up time to time (have to tap hard to get response sometimes). Everything else is just fine.

        • My Nexus 7 2013 … has all sorts of odd issues… even after a factory reset it would…
          - be horribly slow after waking up from standby for a few minutes
          - occasionally self-drains its battery (in standby) on some days… its as if its CPU didnt go to sleep…
          - the Play Store doesnt do Auto Updates anymore… even after u flick if Off n On …

          I too have struggled to find an alternative replacement… coz theres literally nothing decent around the 7" size.
          So I ended up just buying a $300 6.67" phablet ….. a Poco X3

          The screen is alot narrower than the Nexus…. but nothing really comes close to its specs …. Snapdragon 732 … 6gb ram… 64gb storage …120hz screen… 5000mah battery… 33w charging… 4G LTE … and 4 cameras that i'll never use ….

  • Is there any bnew altenative for around $150 mark?

    • The same M8 in lower config (2/32 GB) is sold at Australia retailers and comes on sale at times for $159. If you can get a 10% TGG coupon with their sale price, then it will be under 150. Search for old posts and you can see the offer history.