How much did you sell RTX 2080/Super/Ti for?

Lot of people selling these card for cheap due to RTX 3080.. I also sold rtx 2080 super for $750.
How much did you guys sell your if you were one of those panick sellers?


  • literally two weeks before the announcement i sold my Aorus 2080 Super for $1100

  • My 980Ti is doing a fine job as the living room heater, WTH are you all doing?

  • Similar 2 weeks before RTX30 release sold my MSI Gaming X trio 2080S for $1100 (1 year old), and bought a panicked sold 2070S Gaming X for $500 (1 year old) on the day of RTX30 release…

    Needed a card to tide me over to the new year potentially. So I was pretty happy with that

  • Anyone sell off a 1080ti? Haven't checked recently but they were going for damn good money in the months leading up to release.

    Glad I held onto mine since I'd still be cardless and I'm pretty addicted to Anno 1800 at the moment.

  • Just bought a triple fan galax white 2070s for $550 because i kind of need a gpu now and dont want to wait months for rtx 3070's to actually be in stock(also i want one in white for my build colour scheme)