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ONIKUMA K8 Gaming Headsets with Noise Cancelling Microphone $27.59 Delivered @ Youngpioneer Amazon AU


I hassled the Rep and asked to bring cheapest-ever deal on these headsets. So here it is….

Apply coupon code PIPVFHEV to get these headsets for $27.59 from Amazon AU.

Also check out some great reviews on Amazon US.

High Quality Sound
√ With the high performanced 50mm magnetic neodymium driver,the headset provide better sound effect,which is more vivid and loud.Better experience for gaming;music listining or movie watching.

Decent Wire Length and Extention
√ With the length of 1.2M 3.5mm connector cable for most of the gaming devices like the Xbox one and PS4.The length can be extended to 2.4M with the Y splitter adapter for PC.

Easy to Operate
√ The microphone can be adjustable freely to make sure the sound picking up and transmission accurate and clear. In-line volume control,handy and easy.Microphone mute key can be operated quickly.

Noise-canceling Microphone
√ Omnidirectional microphone offers clearer voice quality and reduced background noise for better in-game chats.

Package Including
√ 1 x ONIKUMA K8 Gaming Headset
√ 1 x User Manual
√ 1 x Audio Adapter Cable

√ Impedance: 32ohm
√ Driver diameter: 50mm
√ Sensitivity: 105±3dB
√ Impedance: 32Ω±15%
√ Frequency range: 20~20000 Hz
√ LED working voltage: DC5V +/- 5%
√ Headset interface: USB (plug the USB connector, LED light is on, unplug for off) + 3.5mm stereo audio and mic plug
√ Cable length: Approx. 2.2m / 7.22ft
√ MIC dimension MIC: 6.0x2.7mm
√ MIC sensitivity: -42±3dB
√ Mic impedance: 2.2KΩ
√ Plug: 3.5mm (CTIA standard)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Want to get one for my son to use on hit Switch…will this do the job…Mainly want it for the microphone so he can talk with his amtes.

    • Yes mate it'll do the job.

      • +2

        No it won't. He specifically mentioned using the mic, and if that's the case then a splitter will be needed, which this does not appear to come with.

        It could be made to work with additional hardware, but ootb it will not do the job.

        • +3

          Sorry my bad, didn't read it properly. thanks for clarifying. :)

        • +1

          then a splitter will be needed, which this does not appear to come with.

          The Switch doesn’t need a Y splitter (the headset comes with a Y splitter anyway).

          It could be made to work with additional hardware, but ootb it will not do the job.

          How so?

          • @ShortyX: Switch voice chat is only available via the Switch app on your phone for first party Nintendo games, so if you want to use a mic to talk while also playing a game you need a splitter.

            It's an incredibly poor design and awful when doing TV mode, but Nintendo will do what Nintendo does.

    • Unless I'm mistaken you can't use a mic with the Switch. So he'd need to be on discord on his phone or something (and hence not getting the Switch's audio).

  • +1

    I'll give her a go!

    Need something to replace my hyper x stinger

    • +1

      Just curious, what's wrong with Hyperx? I'm thinking of buying one and based on review, it should be much better than this headset

  • +1

    Ordered, thanks! Perfect timing, as my existing pair just broke.

  • +2

    Giving this a go.

  • +2

    Ordered, thanks!

  • Is it equally good for Xbox ONe coz in place it says Gaming Headphones with Microphone for Playstation 4 Laptop Smartphones and PC (Black)

  • Does this work on pc?
    How are they for the price?
    For games like csgo etc?

    • Yes this works for PC.
      Very good for the price you will find it hard to find better but the price might fluctuate $4 up or down depending on the market and those savings depend on you.
      I use very similar SADES 7GT for over two years now works great in every game.

      The only thing I wish it had was wireless but for a corded mic it does the job at a very good price.

  • +1

    Camel has this at $30 for ages until the price went up from April, eventually landing now at $45.99. I was going to bite but for what's ultimately a $2.41 real saving I'm going to wait for something more familiar.

  • +2

    Little Unsure on the "cheapest-ever deal on these headsets". $21 earlier in the year. Was going to buy one, now not sure. If OP can get a better price…. just maybe I will buy a couple for the kids :)

  • -3

    1.2m? How's that long enough for PS4. 1.2M FROM MY 65" 😂😂😂

    • +11

      you plug it into your controller

    • +1

      unless you have freaking long arms, this will be ok since you plug it into your controller and not your tv.

      • +1

        It's Dhalsim

  • +2

    cheapest-ever deal on these headsets. So here it is….

    OP - you’ve posted it cheaper before though…


    • i will wait for price drop again. im in no rush. thank you.

  • Also good for Skype

  • Can the usb be used with ps4? As my controller headphone jack is destroyed

    • Also, does anyone know if the USB has audio interface or is it just to power the lights?

      • +2

        It just powers the lights, unfortunately the pair i bought has a coil type whine as the lights change colour on one side. Considering returning them.

        The sound quality is what you expect at this price point though which is adequate.

        • I've got the same whine. As I don't need the lights, I'll keep my sample.

  • +2

    FYI, sound quality is bad.

    • +2

      cant expect too much for 27$

    • +1

      Arrived today and it isn't any worse than other $50 headsets i've used.

  • Is this or the Onikuma K20 the better headset?

  • Code no longer works.

  • seems like nowhere to input the promotion code. The price is still $45

  • arrived today, but sound is only coming through the left speaker - any idea how to fix this?

    • Sorry to hear you've been having issues. Just make sure the audio connector isn't stuck in a position of halfway in the jack port. Are you able to test it on a different device at all?

      Once you have confirmed that it's faulty please get in touch with Amazon to initiate a return.

  • +1

    Just received mine. I'm happy with them for the price and what I want to do with them.

  • For some reason mine still has not shipped yet and it was supposed to be a birthday gift!

  • Got mine today, didnt even realise it came with an adapter. Thanks

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